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Top 10 Best Zoo Med Turtle Docks In 2022

Turtles need to bask on any dry surface to imbibe sun rays which regulate their metabolism, growth, and breeding. Since we usually put our pet turtles underwater, getting a dry surface in their tank is highly necessary. Here, a turtle dock really comes in handy.

Now, if you’re wondering where to get a reasonable yet upright turtle dock, then the well-known pet products manufacturing brand zoo med is here to satiate your probing. Below we’ve created a list of zoo med turtle docks for you to check out and pick the most suitable one for your pet turtle.

Best Zoo Med Turtle Docks Review

10. Zoo Med Floating Turtle Dock 

Zoo Med Floating | Zoo Med Turtle Docks

[amazon box=”B00FJ5O0TI”]

If you are pursuing a turtle dock of minimal size and weight, then this zoo med floating turtle dock is the model you need. This model is lightweight yet hoards optimum stability. Not to mention, its construction material is of great quality.

  • Specialized for the basking of juvenile turtles
  • Measured dimension 9.5 x 6 x 2.4 inches

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9. Zoo Med Basking Area for All Types Aquatic Creature 

Zoo Med Basking Area for All Types Aquatic Creature | Zoo Med Turtle Docks

[amazon box=”B000KH7RFO”]

When you are on a budget but don’t want to compromise on quality, go for this model. This model is deftly designed to deliver proper basking space for all types of aquatic animals like turtles, frogs, etc.

  • Fairly durable yet economical
  • Build with 4 suction cups to ensure secure fitting

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8. Zoo Med 604704 Turtle Dock

Zoo Med 604704 | Zoo Med Turtle Docks

[amazon box=”B00068KAEM”]

Looking for a sturdy and long-lasting turtle dock option? Include this highly durable model on your bucket list. It is designed with customer satisfaction in mind and possesses all the upgraded facilities of an ideal turtle dock.

  • Has robust construction and great durability
  • 3+ years warranty
  • Easily cleanable

7. Zoo Med Turtle Docks – Pack of 3 

Zoo Med Turtle Docks - Pack of 3 | Zoo Med Turtle Docks

[amazon box=”B07SHW8FDG”]

You can get 3 individual turtle docks in one purchase by getting your hands on this model. This model is designed to provide secure and apposite basking areas for multiple aquatic animals at a time.

  • 3 pieces of docks
  • Has auto-leveling flair and easily accessible ramps

6. Zoo Med 15.5″ x 7″ Medium Turtle Dock – Pack of 3 

Zoo Med 15.5" x 7" Medium Turtle Dock - Pack of 3 | Zoo Med Turtle Docks

[amazon box=”B07RRZZVJX”]

This model carries almost all the same features of the previous entry, only here the dimensions of the turtle docks are relatively large. This zoo med turtle dock model will lend you with 3 standard turtle docks of 15.5 x 12.25 x 7 inches. Each of them are well built and of great quality.

  • 3 pieces of docks
  • Provide smooth and measuredly thick surface
  • Includes auto-leveling facility

5. Zoo Med All Reptile Basking Dock 

Zoo Med All Reptile Basking | Zoo Med Turtle Docks

[amazon box=”B00BUFU8RO”]

If you pet different aquatic animals in your aquarium, you need to put a strong basking dock that can lift different weights. This model offers exactly that. This model is carefully designed and manufactured to sustain considerable weight at once without breaking down.

  • Well-built and spacious
  • Has advanced self-leveling feature
  • Assures perfect balance even while carrying multiple reptiles

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4. Zoo Med Turtle Docks of Medium-Range

Zoo Med Turtle Docks of Medium Range | Zoo Med Turtle Docks

[amazon box=”B000256ELW”]

This model offers a great balance of functionality and durability. A great choice for anyone who is looking for a zoo med turtle dock of medium range. It occupies a very standard shape and outlook. Aside from that, its sustainability and performance are also praiseworthy.

  • Has anti-eroding shield protection
  • Impressively stable and long-lasting

3. Zoo Med Basking Space for All Aquatic Creatures

Zoo Med Basking Space for All Aquatic Creatures | Zoo Med Turtle Docks

[amazon box=”B000256ELM”]

Another turtle dock of moderate size for your midi aquarium with a few advanced facilities. This model is built by putting non-corrosive brackets all around for assuring prolonged existence.

  • Easily installable and usable for all aquatic animal
  • Partially immersed ramps assure easy access to the dry area

2. Zoo Med Turtle Docks – King Size 

Zoo Med Turtle Docks - King Size | Zoo Med Turtle Docks

[amazon box=”B00178LI50″]

To ensure a wider basking space for your favorite turtle, this model might be the perfect option for you. It occupies a dimension of 23.5 x 14.4 x 4.5 inches. Along with hosting ample space, this model possesses heavy-duty resilience and strength.

  • Imparts roomy basking area for comfortable movement
  • Confirms proper exposure and sound basking
  • Can house multiple aquatic animals at a time

1. Zoo Med X-Large 78098 Turtle Dock 

Zoo Med X-Large 78098 | Zoo Med Turtle Docks

[amazon box=”B01AYBRVN8″]

Our number one selection hoards the best quality and functionality of all. Also, it offers pretty easy installation and guarantees perfect exposure to outside heat. This model of zoo med turtle dock packs everything that one possibly looks for in a turtle dock! It also comes designed in 3 different sizes to fit into versatile sizes of aquariums.

  • Packs auto self-leveling feature to adjust with all water levels
  • Spacious and its measured dimension is 23.5 x 14.4 x 4.5 inches
  • Provide smooth edges for ensuring harm-free access
  • Anti-rusting protection retains its stability for years

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Turtle Docks are inevitable if you’re taming turtles in an aquarium or planning to get started. However, you cannot just pick any turtle dock randomly, you need to pick it considering the number of your turtle, their growth, and the size of your aquarium. Our article covers various zoo med turtle docks so that you can easily pick one of your choices!

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