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Top 10 Best Zilla UVB Bulbs In 2022

Zilla UVB Bulbs

If you are a pet reptile owner, then you’ve probably heard about UVB bulbs for reptiles. These bulbs are not your regular light bulbs at home. They give off ultraviolet rays that allow reptiles to get the proper vitamins (especially D3), calcium, and exposes them in the perfect temperature. Just like us, reptiles need sunlight and appropriate temperature to function well. Zilla UVB bulbs give the opportunity to your reptile to thrive and develop under a good environment. To save you from confusion, below we’ve selected the top ten Zilla UVB Bulbs for your reptile buddy.

Best Zilla UVB Bulbs Review

10. Zilla UVB Fluorescent Bulb 18 inch

Zilla UVB Fluorescent Bulb 18 inch | Zilla UVB Bulbs

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Zilla’s UVB Fluorescent Bulb is perfect for your baby bearded dragon. The light coverage is comparatively smaller than other UVB Bulbs. So, we don’t recommend it for the bigger reptiles. It’s amazing for calcium absorption which will immensely help in your reptile’s development. The fluorescent bulb is designed in a special way that makes the reptile’s skin color look more vibrant. It enhances the viewable quality to a greater extent.

  • Comprised of Desert series 50T8 Bulb
  • 15-Watt working voltage of 110v
  • Provides full spectrum lighting

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9. Zilla Reptile Slimeline Reptile Lighting Fixture with UVB Lamp

Zilla Reptile Slimeline Reptile Lighting Fixture with | Zilla UVB Bulbs

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This Zilla UVB Bulb is made of plastic metal and glass. It is best suitable for a tank or you can hang it under a counter or a wall. In black color, this product has a slim profile fixture that allows the bulb to be easily set up on top of a tank.

  • Contains ultra-economical fluorescent strip lights
  • Has 18 desert with 7 percent UVB reptile 7 fluorescent lamps
  • Comes with on/off switch with bulb

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8. Zilla Tropical Fluorescent UVB/UVA Bulb, 13 Watts

Zilla Tropical Fluorescent UVB/UVA Bulb, 13 Watts | Zilla UVB Bulbs

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If you’re particularly looking for UVB bulbs for tropical frogs, snakes, or nocturnal geckos, then Zilla’s Tropical Fluorescent UVB is the right choice for you. The light is bluer in color than yellow and will give little heat to your reptile. These tropical Canopy Series bulbs are designed specially to recreate an environment like the forest canopies or rock crevices to give your reptile an opportunity to thrive smoothly.

  • Suitable for lower intensity reptiles
  • Comes with 6 to 8 microwatts of UVB

7. Zilla UVB Fluorescent Coil Bulb

Zilla UVB Fluorescent Coil | Zilla UVB Bulbs

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Zilla UVB Fluorescent Coil Bulb is ideal for animals especially lizards which live in deserts. Under this fluorescent light, your reptile can develop under 20-watt desert light. The coil bulb has the most standardized design that will fit an A19 socket. It is nine inches in size which will perfectly cover the reptile movement area.

  • Provides full spectrum lighting
  • Minimizes energy costs
  • Offers full coverage of UVB with UVA light to some extent

6. R-Zilla SRZ100011869 Tropical 25 UVB Reptile Fluorescent T8 Bulb

R-Zilla SRZ100011869 Tropical 25 UVB Reptile Fluorescent T8 | Zilla UVB Bulbs

[amazon box=”B001F97IW8″]

This tropical series bulb offers a similar environment to temperate dwelling reptiles just like a tropical rainforest. It gives a dramatic effect to the skin of the reptile and works perfect for bone development. The bulb is built in an efficient way which works as one of the best fluorescent fixtures.

  • Consists of full dosage of UVB
  • Comes with a 17-watt bulb
  • Provides radiation that enhances bone development

5. Zilla Desert Fluorescent UVB/UVA Bulb, 20 Watts

Zilla Desert Fluorescent UVB/UVA Bulb, 20 Watts | Zilla UVB Bulbs

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These Zilla bulbs are outstanding for creating tropical environment. Undoubtedly, reptiles like snake and all types of desert geckos will feel comfortable under these lights. Better than Zilla fluorescent Coil bulbs, these UVB bulbs spreads the exact amount of UVB and UVA light needed for the reptiles.

  • Contains UVB/UVA bulb in lower intensity
  • Ideal for desert rock crevices reptile
  • Consists of 12 to 16 microwatts of UVB power dosage

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4. Zilla Heat and UVB Basking Fixture

Zilla Heat and UVB Basking Fixture | Zilla UVB Bulbs

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This Zilla product is a combination of both Halogen and UVB. Although this fixture provides essential amount of light and heat, the reptile might have to physically change its place for basking. These bulbs are perfectly compatible in desert and tropical environment for reptiles.

  • Provides energy-efficient heat
  • Uses a concentrated basking spot for lamp
  • Height: 5 inches, Width: 6 inches

3. Zilla Single Low-Profile Reptile Terrarium Fixture

Zilla Single Low-Profile Reptile Terrarium Fixture | Zilla UVB Bulbs

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Zilla Single Low-Profile lights are perfectly suitable for any reptiles which need light and heating fixtures. The single low-profile terrarium fixture requires one G9 socket to be set properly.

  • Contains energy saving technology
  • Comes with spring clips
  • Converts dual fixtures into single fixtures

2. Zilla Reptile Terrarium Heat Lamps Mini Halogen Bulb

Zilla Reptile Terrarium Heat Lamps Mini Halogen | Zilla UVB Bulbs

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If you’re looking for the perfect warm effect, then this Zilla product would be the best match for your reptile. These bulbs are designed carefully, and are more efficient than incandescent lights.

  • Compatible with Zilla fixtures
  • Contains 50Watt voltage
  • Made of thick glass and strong filament

1. Zilla Pro Sol Light Fixture

Zilla Pro Sol Light Fixture | Zilla UVB Bulbs

[amazon box=”B06XRB9NZH”]

The Pro Sol Light Fixture is Zilla’s newest invention that has modern technology of providing heat and light through one low-profile system. The product is designed accurately to provide full heat coverage to your reptile.

  • Consists of multiple heating sockets
  • Comes with a backup battery
  • Can be combined with Zilla Mini Halogen & Mini UVA/UVB bulbs

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Having reptiles as pets is cute, but the pet owner must provide them with a proper environment. If the reptiles don’t get enough heat and light, they might suffer from various disorders. So, keep your reptiles safe and healthy using the Zilla UVB Bulbs.

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