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Best Under Gravel Filters in 2022

Under-gravel Filters

You probably have a lot of pet fish or maybe turtles. Aquariums that you use for pets need filters. The more popular kind is the under-gravel filters. The installation process is easy but you still need to put in the right amount of gravel and the right air pump in your aquarium. It is basically a rectangular plate that sits on the bottom of the aquarium.

The filters are inexpensive and they can save space at the same time. They are mostly quiet and look very aesthetically pleasing from the outside. You can choose these filters for your medium-sized aquarium but the professionals have been using it for the larger aquariums as well. If you can use them properly, they can give you an effective biological and mechanical filtration. So, here are the top best under-gravel filters of 2022 that you can take a look at.

 Best Under-gravel Filters in 2022 Review 

9. Aquarium ISTA  Under Gravel Filters

Aquarium ISTA Undrgrave l Under-gravel filters

[amazon box=”B06ZYL2CYH”]

This filter from Aquarium ISTA is great as it circulates the water very well and you won’t have to break the bank while buying this. It is affordable and ensures the best circulation of water in your aquarium. You can connect the plates to the tubes as well.

  • The installation process is simple and easy.
  • You can make it work with an air pump, air stones.
  • It doesn’t have any chemical filtration.

8. XMHF Aquarium Under-gravel Filter

XMHF Aquarium Under-gravel Filter l Under-gravel filters

[amazon box=”B07BWKKNVH”]

The XMHF Filter uses UGF boards, air pumps, and air stones so that it can effectively use its filtration capability to circulate the water inside your aquarium. It doesn’t have any chemical filter which is why you won’t be able to conduct any chemical filtration out of this filter.

  • You will get air stones included with it.
  • The installation process is easy.
  • You can assemble everything quite easily.
  • Chemical Filtration isn’t possible.

7. Aquarium Equip Filtration Bottom Under Gravel Filters 

Aquarium Equip Filtration Bottom l Under-gravel filters

[amazon box=”B00ZUIRGOU”]

If you want something discreet for your aquarium which will still perform the filtration effectively then this filter is for you. You can easily put it in aquariums that have the size up to 55 gallons, it is also compatible with salt and freshwater. However, standard air pumps don’t work with this filter so you might have to set up differently.

  • The filter is discreet.
  • Works with aquariums up to 55 gallons.
  • You can attach it to a filter inlet.
  • You can customize it according to your will.

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6. Lee’s 15/20 Original Under Gravel Filters

Lee's 15/20 Original Undergravel l Under-gravel filters

[amazon box=”B0002APVTS”]

This is a great filter if you don’t want to spend a lot of money behind your filter and want the biological filtration done only. It is quite an economical filter and won’t let you break your bank while buying it.

  • This is made of sturdy plastic construction.
  • This product is crack-resistant.
  • You can easily assemble it due to the multi-plate construction.
  • It is made for medium and large aquariums.

5. Penn Plax Filter

Penn Plax Filter l Under-gravel filters

[amazon box=”B0002DJ9NY”]

The filter is suitable for aquariums that are 40-50 gallons. It has 4 filter plates and a rise-tube that can be adjusted. You can use this filter in salt or freshwater as well. It includes 2 carbon cartridges that remove odor and discoloration.

  • Includes chemical filtration.
  • It is really easy to set up.
  • The pieces of the tube are thin.
  • Suitable in fresh and saltwater.

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4. Lee’s Premium Under Gravel Filters

Lee’s Premium Under-gravel Filter l Under-gravel filters

[amazon box=”B0002APVAC”]

The filter is made of a multi-level plastic that features a crack-resistant construction. It can easily support the weight of the water column. You can use this filter with an air pump, filter inlet, and an aerator. The plates in this filter can be put in an aquarium of 48-inch.

  • It has carbon cartridges.
  • The filter tubes are a bit small.
  • Under-gravel filters is made of crack-resistant plastic.
  • It comes with multiple tube ports.
  • It supports chemical filtration along with biological and mechanical filtration.

3. Penn Plax Premium Under-gravel Filter

Penn Plax Premium Under-gravel Filter l Under-gravel filters

[amazon box=”B003UTNOU6″]

The premium filter from Penn Plax is a strong, powerful filter that can be put in an aquarium of any sizes. You can place it easily in your aquarium and it has several plates in it.

  • Suits best with a 50-gallon aquarium but is still compatible with any sizes.
  • It requires a powerful pump.
  • You can place it easily.

2. Lee’s 70/90 Under-gravel Filter

Lee’s 70/90 Under-gravel Filter l Under-gravel filters

[amazon box=”B0002APVAW”]

This is a filter mainly used by saltwater aquarists because of the large plates it provides with it. The dimension of this product is 22.9 x 3 x 16.2 inches. It weighs around 2 pounds.

  • The number of plates required in this device is reduced because of the presence of the large plates in this filter.
  • The UGF plates in this filter are really strong.
  • Preferred by my saltwater aquarists.
  • The size is 18 by 48-inches.

1. Penn Plax Fish Bowl Filter

Penn Plax Fishbowl Filter Kit l Under-gravel filters

[amazon box=”B0002AQ1OC”]

The filters are compatible and even suitable with fish bowls. It can be easily put together with small cylindrical tanks. The plates in this filter are adjustable and can fit with any opening of four inches.

  • The price is affordable.
  • Airstone, filter cartridge comes with a replacement.
  • The small spaces make the flow feel a bit too powerful.
  • The plate is adjustable and has an opening of four inches.
  • Suitable for fish tanks and even small cylindrical tanks.

Still confused as to which one you should go for? Go out and check these Under-gravel filters out. Pick the one you prefer and suits your house well. You can’t go wrong with any of these filters really. You will be satisfied regardless of which one you end up buying.

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