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Types of Safe Fruits For Pet Birds

Types of Safe Fruits For Pet Birds

The health and safety of your birds will be achieved by the variety of foods that they feed each day. There are those fruits that are healthy and which they should feed while are those that they shouldn’t as they are likely to cause them harm. Ensure that there has been a careful selection of these items to render them healthy and prolong their life. If you are looking for the most effective and safe fruits for pet birds, here are some selections that you should try out.

Type of Safe Fruits For Pet Birds

1. Blueberries

Blueberries - Safe Fruits For Pet Birds

Birds love blueberries as they are sweet and easy to feed on. Giving them this type of fruit helps in the addition of vitamin C and K. they also help to boost their immune system to help them fight diseases. Feeding them on this fruit is essential to bettering their feathers as it makes them shiny and beautiful.

However, avoid overfeeding them on this type as they cause health complications in large amounts since they contain large amounts of sugars.

2. Melon

Melon - Safe Fruits For Pet Birds

Melons come in different varieties such as honeydew and cantaloupe. They are packed with enormous amounts of fiber, which is good for bettering the digestive system.

Being rich in vitamin C, they are important to enable the building of their immune system, especially when exposed to diseases and infections. While feeding them with melons ensure that the seeds are removed to simplify digestion,

3. Apples

Apples - Safe Fruits For Pet Birds

Apples are sweet and delicious, and just as humans enjoy eating them, birds too love feeding on them once in a while. They will be essential in the addition of vitamins to the animal, helping them battle infections and diseases.

However, be keen when feeding them with apples as the seeds are very dangerous when consumed. Slice them into small pieces and remove the seeds before giving them the apples.

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4. Grapes

 grapes - Safe Fruits For Pet Birds

Grapes are sweet and highly nutritious to feed the birds. They deliver a substantial and healthy level of fructose when consumed, which is good for giving your bird an energy boost. They tend to love them over others as they are not only sweet but create an energy boost to help them function better.

However, note that a bird might decide to pick them out when put in mixes as they are very sweet and eventually cause nutrients deficiencies. To prevent such an occurrence, feed them on this type once in a while, giving them other selections.

5. Oranges

Oranges - Safe Fruits For Pet Birds

Oranges are sweet and should be fed to your pet bird once in a while. Each piece is packed with huge amounts of vitamin C that will be a boost in their immune system when consumed.

When feeding them on oranges, peel them and remove seeds as they are not good in their digestive system. Feeding them on this fruit is a great idea, especially when they are about to visit a vet or when having a rowdy cloud visiting.

6. Bananas

Bananas - Safe Fruits For Pet Birds

Just like human beings, your feathered friends will definitely love the sweet, fresh yellow fruit. It is packed with essential vitamins to keep their immune system at its best.

Additionally, they keep your bird busy as they peck on the fruit as a foraging activity. The long yellow one is a favorite pick for many types of birds, which you should try and have them not only healthy but happy and satisfied.

Each bite of any fruit listed above is a great idea to eliminate the need to regularly visit a vet.

Have your feathered friends eating at least one of the above or mixture of the same to supplement their diet. Having known the varieties that are safe and healthy, it is time to make your pet bird happy and healthier.

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