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Types of Aquarium Fish

Types of Aquarium Fish

Fishkeeping in the home has become one of the ornaments at home. The fish vary from the nature of the food they eat and the size when they grow. Most of the aquarium fish are of different colors compared to the typical fish in the ponds.

The fish are ornamental because the aquarium is of varying size and shape, and people keep them in various places. Some people keep the fish on the house others on the other part in the compound of the living room.

Types of aquarium fish

1. Rasboras


There are various types of this aquarium rasbora fish, but the favorite one is harlequin rasbora. The aquarium is ordinary in orange color with a distinctive black triangular shape. It is common in many homes in working places.

The aquarium keeps nano fish until they reach two inches when they move to the other aquarium. It majorly keeps the fish for ornamental purposes. People love keeping these types of fish because of their slow growth.

2. Common Goldfish

Common Goldfish

Most of the farmers who rear fish have warned the new entrances not to keep this type of fish in the aquarium. Common goldfish grow faster than other types of fish. The fish is high resilience and easy to care for it. It grows to about 14 inches, and one fish need 55 gallons of water.

The goldfish survive at any condition even at the outside ponds. They are mainly fed on algae and vegetables; they love carbohydrates. To keep this fish in a large amount, you need to change the water every month.

3. Tetras


These fish come in various species, such as rasboras. The scientific name of the common species of this fish is Paracheirodon Innesi. It is easy to rear this fish because they survive well on the pH between 7.0 and 7.8, which is a high pH than most of the African waters.

The fish live in groups of six; they love to live in numbers so that they can feel safe. They have a slow growth making them the best aquarium fish to keep.

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4. Corydoras


This fish is one of the species of the catfish. They are small fish that dwell at the bottom of the aquarium. Moreover, they grow up to three inches, and they prefer to scavenge on the floor of the tank, making them too appear as crumbs.

They prefer a different variety of foods that causes them to sink at the bottom of the tank to receive maximum nutrition. They are over 150 species of these fish, but the most reared one is bronze and albino cory.

5. Platies


This aquarium fish bear lives young ones; it grows up to 3- inches. They are highly convenient because they live in a wide range of pH, which is 7.0 and above.

The fish live comfortably on hard water well compared to the soft water because they are voracious eaters and feeds on any omnivore food. The best specie to keep in the aquarium is the Xiphorus variatus.

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6. Betta fish

Betta fish

This type of fish looks like a king on a beginner because of their colorful appearance and small size body. They use little water of about five gallons and feeds on the meats; thus, the most preferred type of food is frozen bloodworms.

Before you start to rear fish in the aquarium, one should consider the type of fish and the size of the aquarium. These aquarium fishes have different species and behave differently during growth.

The best fish should consume less food and colorful so that to produce beautiful shows in the living room. There are various types of aquarium fish with different characters and growth inches.

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