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Tricks You Can Teach Your Pet Bird

Tricks You Can Teach Your Pet Bird

Bird lovers are always dedicated to training their pet birds better skills that will impress anyone. Indeed, pet birds are usually talented. Teaching your pet some tricks may be hard at the beginning, but you will be amazed that pet birds are good learners.

All you need is to take your time and have patience with your bird. Start by teaching straightforward tricks before going to advanced ones since birds learn through observations. Make sure you choose a calm training environment that does not have any destruction.

Also, ensure that the sessions are not as long as this will cause fatigue to your pet bird instead of having fun. The following are some of the tricks you can teach your pet bird.

Tricks You Can Teach Your Pet Bird

1. Teach your bird to fetch

Teach your bird to fetch

Select an ideal object that corresponds to the beak’s size of your bird. While holding the object say “fetch” until the bird picks that object. If your bird picks the object, allow him to play with it till he drops it. Then say “drop it” and reward him accordingly.

Put the object on the ground, say “fetch” and if your bird picks the object, say “drop it” and when he drops, give him a treat reward. Repeat this several times until you see your bird is responding well and is following what you are telling him.

2. Teach your bird to dance

Teach your bird to dance

Dancing is one of the simplest tricks you can teach your bird. But it is only useful if your bird is willing and cooperates with the latter. You need to select ideal music for your pet; start making some movements, and your bird will look at you interestingly.

You will realize that your bird will join you in dancing by stepping foot on foot or bobbing his head. After some time, your bird will dance every time he hears the music.

3. Teach your bird to wave

Teach your bird to wave

This trick is also simple, and your bird learns very fast. Let your pet be on the perch, say “wave”, and give him your finger to act as a stepping stone. Your bird will lift afoot to step on your finger but do not allow him to step on it. Your bird’s foot will stay in the air for a while. Reward him and show him he has done well.

Repeat this procedure again and again until your bird responds the way you want rewarding him any time he does it better. After a while, you will realize your bird is waving well anytime you tell him to wave. Always be patient with your bird and give him time to learn.

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4.  Teach your bird to turn around

Teach your bird to turn around

Let your bird be on the perch, and then hold a treat reward at the eye-level of your bird while ensuring it is out of reach. Turn the treat around your bird saying “turn-around” and let the bird know there are actions and the command.

You will realize your bird will try to reach the treat as you turn your hands around, and eventually turn his whole body to maintain the eye contact with the reward. Ensure you stop at 180 degrees and let him have the treat. Then move the full circle of 360 degrees. Repeat this several times until your bird responds to command.


Teaching your pet birds some tricks is essential. It is more fun, and your bird will enjoy it. Most birds are friendly and harmless, and therefore, teaching them is easy and straightforward. It would be best if you were patient for your bird to grasp what you are teaching him entirely.

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