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Toxic Foods For Dog

Toxic Foods For Dog

Dogs are an incredible species and are known to be one of the smartest household pets out there. They make great companions and are often referred to as “A man’s best friend”. Because of their adorable nature makes them so utterly attractive and cute, one as the owner will always feel tempted to reward them with treats.

Mind you, do bear in mind that, everything you consume won’t necessarily be okay for dogs. If you have a food item in hand and can’t stop yourself from giving him a bite of it, please always refer to any article first to figure out if that specific food could be toxic foods for your dog.

Toxic Foods For Dog You Should Avoid

Here is a compilation of several foods, which are never ever known to be toxic for humans, but would do a world of harm for your fellow dogs. So, one shall keep them away from them.

1. Alcohol added foods

Alcohol added foods

The fact that alcohol is toxic for dogs isn’t of many surprises. For too many reasons, it is definitely harmful to even humans. So, imagine a dog consuming alcohol, when they have an even lower tolerance than we do, it would obviously cause them more harm than it does to us.

Those effects would be done to their brain, the liver that would cause vomiting, diarrhea, lunge problems, balance difficulties, and could even be fatal. So, just avoid it at all cause.

2. Caffeine


Coffee, tea, sodas, energy drinks basically anything with caffeine included in it must not be left near or close to a dog. No consumption of caffeine, in any form, whatsoever.

Mainly, it is because caffeine contains a substance called “Theobromine”, which could be extremely toxic for dogs. It might lead to damage to the nervous system and serious heart conditions. Beware and keep your dogs away from it.

3. Chocolate


Chocolate of any form should also be avoided, purely because they also contain theobromine (since there’s caffeine in chocolate). But, they also possess another harmful toxic substance to dogs, and that is “Methylxathines”.

When this substance enters a dog’s body, it would stop the metabolism of the body from functioning. On top of that, it causes vomit, diarrhea, seizure, heart problems which could lead to death as well.

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4. Cinnamon


There’s a certain type of oil in cinnamon that doesn’t agree with dogs at all. It irritates the dog’s senses and starts lowering the blood sugar levels which affects the liver and heart functions too. Furthermore, the powder format of cinnamon is not ideal as well. Choking, coughing, and sneezing might be of problem.

5. Macadamia and Almond nuts

Macadamia and Almond nuts

Mostly, macadamia nuts are the ones people know to have dogs shy away from, but almonds are also just as bad. These two nuts would initiate problematic body issues such as water retention, bladder stones, weakening bones, and death which could also involve in certain situations.

6. Onions, Garlic, Leeks, and Chives

Onions, Garlics, Leeks and Chives

Causing anemia for your dogs would be thanks to onions, garlic, leeks, and chives. Killing off the red blood cells won’t be a pleasant thing for anyone, because it’s so dangerous.

Red blood cells in the body are so important since they transmit oxygen to the heart and every other part of the body. Hence, it could be fatal in this aspect as well.

7. Sweeteners – sugary foods and drinks

Sweeteners – sugary foods and drinks

Sugary foods and drinks often has sweeteners added in them. Those sweeteners contain a chemical substance called “Xylitol”, which isn’t what the body of a dog desires.

Treats like candy, diet sweet treats, baked goods, and many more should not be given to dogs since it would make their blood sugar level drop and seizures and liver issues would come along next. Be careful.

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Finally, you now know what treats to properly feed your dogs. Even when they give you a sad expression of wanting to try that chocolate dessert of yours, you can now refrain from giving it to them.

Apparently, it’s all for their own good and their health anyways. So, better memorize these toxic foods for a dog, and also beware of what they eat to keep them safe.

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