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Top 7 Facts About Parrots

Top 7 facts about parrots

Parrot is the fourth preferred pets in the whole of American continent. They come after the dogs, cats and the fishes. They contain romantic colors and have the ability to grasp what human beings say and have some characters which are hard to resist. The rearing of parrots is one of the significant businesses that a person can engage in because the birds have their level of adaptability. Here are the top 7 facts about parrots.

Top 7 Facts You Might not Know About Parrots

1. They contain zygodactyl toe

They contain zygodactyl toe

Parrot has four toes like other bids, but the only difference is that the toes come in pair. The standard configuration of the birds is they have three toes in front and one at the back while the parrot contains two in front and two at the end. These toes structure makes the parrot have a paired toe for maximum hold on the tree.

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2. They match their mates

They match their mates

The unique character of these birds is that the male and the female look identical. It will take a lot of time to notice the male and female parrots when you have not put a make on each. Some years ago, people thought they are distinct species of one bird. Usually, the males are brighter than females; this makes one know the difference if you have experience.

3. They taste food with the tops of the beak

They taste food with the tops of the beak

Most of the birds just feed on the food making it hard to escape poisoned meals. To parrot, it is different. They taste the food before they eat. They have preferred meals that they feed making them the most sensitive birds in the earth.

Moreover, they show a preference for the food they love and indicate if they do not enjoy the meal.

4. They are heavy

They are heavy

Do not see the size of the body of the parrot and image; they weigh the same as a dove. The heftiest parrot, which is a full-grown male weighs as much as a cat with an average of nine ounces. The average weight of homegrown cats is about nine-ounce, which is equal to that of the parrot.

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5. Have a long lifespan

Have a long lifespan

Most parrots have a longer life than human beings. Most parrots live between 35-50 years old ranking them among the birds with a long lifespan. In the current world, the oldest parrot has 82 years while the life span of the people in the world is average at 50 years. A parrot can live these years under uncontrolled conditions.

6. They contain antibacterial pigment

They contain antibacterial pigment

Many birds suffer from bacterial infection, but this is history for the parrots. The feathers of the parrots contain an antibacterial pigment that keeps away bacterial in the body of the parrots.

This anti-bacteria makes it hard for bacteria to affect the parrot. For many occasions, the feathers kill bacteria when it drops in the water or on the bacteria-infested object.

7. The ability to recognize words

The ability to recognize words

Thinking of how parrots speak and can understand different concepts. In 1995, a parrot knew 1728 different names and directions, making it enter the world book of record. Many parrots even recognize different language tones and ideas.

It is excellent to rear the parrot, but one of the challenges that face these birds is that they are facing extinction. The world IUCN has shortlisted parrot on the red list of species that may extinct in the near feature.

The increase in the business of parrot has made hunter search for the day and night. Currently, 75 percent of the total species of the parrot is dead. The above translate that only 12 percent of the whole birds are in the forest while the remaining percent are at home

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