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Things You Should Not Do With Your Dog

Things You Should Not Do With Your Dog

Dog’s are man’s best friend, and we love them with all our heart. As a dog owner, you love your dog, but with this love also comes responsibility. You want your furry friend healthy and happy. However, sometimes out of love, we do things with our dogs that might be harmful.

When we get a dog, we always look for the things and activities that will make it happy, but we often don’t read the things we shouldn’t do. That’s why we might do something with our dogs that look innocent but actually harm our dogs.

So, as dog owners, we should ensure our dog’s health and have fun with them. Here are some of the things you should not do with your dog.

Things You Should Not Do With Your Dog

1. Skipping Vets Visits

Skipping Vets Visits | Things You Should Not Do With Your Dog

As humans, we need to visit the doctor every now and then; it might not be for something serious but for a check-up. The same goes for it. You should not skip vet visits. Vet visits should be a regular practice even if your furry companion looks happy and well.

There are merits to this practice. If you’re visiting the vet regularly, you might prevent any fatal disease before it strikes. Through this practice, you’re ensuring your dog’s health and saving your wallet from an expensive treatment.

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2. Skipping Flee Treatment

Skipping Flee Treatment | Things You Should Not Do With Your Dog

Cats are not the only curious creatures; your dogs are too. Dogs are curious, adventurous, and might spend a lot of time outdoors. Even if your dog doesn’t spend a lot of time outdoors, it might still suffer from flea, tick, and worm attacks. Flea, ticks, and worming infections are very painful for your dog.

That’s why you should ensure their flea treatment regularly. Maintaining a regular check-up will help prevent these attacks. Also, there are many treatment products available to help you do that. Before buying and using one of these treatment products, be sure to consult the vet. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

3. Neglecting Your Dogs Teeth

Neglecting Your Dogs Teeth | Things You Should Not Do With Your Dog

One of the things you should not do with your dog is to neglect its teeth. It is advised that you brush your dog’s teeth regularly; sadly, only a few dog owners follow that advice. Due to this negligence, your dog’s dental problems may go untreated.

Some believe that dogs chewing a stick is a replacement for brushing their teeth, but that’s not true. You should practice brushing their teeth as a pup so that they get used to it. Also, while at the vet, make sure they perform a check-up on your dog’s oral health. This helps prevent many oral diseases and infections.

You should use the toothbrush and toothpaste we use to brush your dog’s teeth. Their brush and paste are very different from ours.

4. Running With A Stick in Its Mouth

Running With A Stick in Its Mouth | Things You Should Not Do With Your Dog

Some dogs are more adventurous than others and love to play fetch. While playing, you should not throw a stick for your dog to bring. Every year many dogs hurt themselves while carrying a stick in their mouth; it might even result in their death.

The pain the dog suffers is distressing for the dog as well as the owner. To ensure that an exciting playtime doesn’t turn into a tragedy, you should not use sticks while playing. Instead, you should use soft rubber balls or toys.

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5. Using A Retractable Leash

Using A Retractable Leash | Things You Should Not Do With Your Dog

This advice goes out to you, your dog, and others around you. There are many reasons not to use a retractable leash. When your dog suddenly leaps, you might lose control and hurt your wrist. Also, there’s no way to suddenly stop these leashes, which might lead to your dog getting injured or others around you.

Some of these retractable leashes come with long thin wires. If you try to stop your dogs by griping on to the wire, you might seriously injure yourself; it might even result in amputation. That’s why you should never use retractable leashes.

6. Choosing the Wrong Collar

Choosing the Wrong Collar | Things You Should Not Do With Your Dog

Since we are on the topic of leashes, you should not choose the wrong collar for your furry companion. The first decision you need to make is whether you want a collar or a harness; whatever you choose, it’s your personal choice.

If your dog loves to run and play a lot, a harness might be the better choice. The reason being a sudden pull to the collar might injure your dog’s neck. Depending on the playful nature of your dog, it’s wise to choose between a collar or a harness.

If you’re planning on getting a collar, make sure it’s not sitting too tightly on your dog’s neck, as it will be very uncomfortable. When buying a collar, if you have a small dog, make sure there’s at least a finger gap between the collar and the neck.

If you’re buying the collar for a large dog, make sure there’s at least two finger gap between the collar and the neck. Purchasing a larger collar for your small dog won’t help, as it will escape the collar very easily.

7. Access to the Bathroom

Access to the Bathroom | Things You Should Not Do With Your Dog

Another thing you should not do with your dog is to give them access to the bathroom. Your toilet bowl doesn’t contain clean water, and without unprohibited access, your dog might consume that. Not giving your dog access to the bathroom will ensure that it won’t consume the dirty water.

However, if your dog has uninterrupted access to the bathroom, ensure that the lid is closed at all times and it is pet friendly, especially if you have a large dog. Another reason why your dog shouldn’t have access to the bathroom is because of the cleaning materials.

Consuming these chemicals will be incredibly harmful to your dog. That’s why you should ensure that the bathroom door is kept closed.

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We love our furry friends and want to ensure that they live happily and well. To ensure that, we must read both the dos and don’ts. These are some of the things you should not do with your dog; following these will further ensure its happiness and wellbeing.

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