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Things You Should Have to Test Water For Your Fish Tank

Aquarium test strips Things You Should Have to Test Water For Your Fish Tank

Water in a fish tank must be kept in the best conditions possible at all times. It might not be possible to test the water or detect any abnormalities merely using your eyes. There is a need to have a special apparatus and substances to examine the condition of water in the aquarium.

In this discussion, we have a look at the things you should have to test the water in a fish tank.

Things You Should Have to Test Water

1. Thermostat

Thermostat Things You Should Have to Test Water For Your Fish Tank

One of the essential items when it comes to testing the water in a fish tank is a thermostat. This item is used way from the start at the installation stage. Ensure that this device is there and always fitted on the aquarium. It will be used to test and regulate the temperatures of water. Maintain conducive water temperature all through will only be done effectively when this device is present hence its importance.

Due to the presence of the heating element, this device is necessary to prevent overheating. This item helps to keep the water well regulated with some new and advanced ones having alerts when the temperature goes way below or are above the required ranges. Having it functional is paramount for an aquarium owner who wants to have their fish comfortably living.

2. Aquarium test strips

Aquarium test strips Things You Should Have to Test Water For Your Fish Tank

Testing the water for ammonia, nitrate, and nitrate is essential and especially during a refill. These test strips are crucial in determining crucial aspects, among them the PH value, water hardness, and alkalinity. In a concise time, the test strips will avail detailed information of what is in the water. There are different types of test strips with each measuring various aspects of the water to ensure it is safe at all times.

· Ammonia

Ammonia is one of the most toxic substances to fish, killing them instantly. Ammonia is naturally produced from things such as fish food and especially for new fish tanks. It is advised that regular checks using available ammonia testing strips are carried out regularly. Moreover, add hard fish, Mollys being some f the best to stand this condition until the levels have gone down to safety.

· Water hardness

Water hardness is the concentration of vast amounts of dissolved hard minerals such as calcium given volume of water. The market offers different types of these strips with each bearing different levels of effectiveness. Testing this component will be done using a reagent test or dip tests.

· Nitrates

Nitrates come as a result of having the nitrites being broken down the chain by the good bacteria in the filtration system. Although they are not overly harmful to the fish, they could cause the water to turn cloudy, which is stressful to the fish. Use a nitrate test strip to determine their level, ensuring that they stay in a range of 20 to 40 ppm.

· Nitrites

Nitrites result from the breaking down of ammonia by the beneficial bacteria. Note that in high volumes, it is highly toxic to particular types of fish, such as the tropical fish. Have nitrite test strips to check its levels regularly, and when it hits extreme levels, have a water change.


Maintain excellent water conditions is one of the most crucial components for creating and sustaining a great aquarium. Testing sounds hard, especially when you are unaware of what to use and how to do so effectively. However, the above items will come in handy in ensuring that the aquarium is in great shape at all times.

Ensure that each of the above is used as directed for maximum or desired positive results. Doing this will work towards maintaining your fish in excellent shape and health.

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