Low-Fat Dog Foods

Top 10 Best Low Fat Dog Foods in 2021

Fats or lipids, though frowned upon, are actually a very important part of a Low Fat Dog Foods. Firstly, they are molecules of extra energy that get stored in an animal’s body for later use. They form a layer called blubber or adipose tissue which insulates animals in colder regions. Too little or too much […]

Frozen Reptile Food

Top 10 Best Frozen Reptile Foods In 2021

Feeding your reptile pet can be quite challenging. So it is really important that you find the right food for them. One of the best and easiest way to feed your pet is with frozen reptile food. It is long lasting, easy to prepare and it doesn’t create a mess. Moreover, since it is frozen […]

Best Diabetic Cat Food

Top 10 Best Diabetic Cat Foods In 2021

If your cat suffers from diabetes, it is really important that you feed them the right food. Diabetes can come for many reasons. Some of the reasons include age, lack of exercise, and overeating. To help them live longer and healthier, you as an owner need to be very conscious of what to feed them. […]

Chinchilla foods

Best Chinchilla Foods In 2021

Chinchilla is a very active animal. However, their digestive health function is quite sensitive. So if you have a chinchilla you need to be very careful with what you feed them. To keep your pet healthy and happy, it is really important that you provide them with a balanced and nutritious diet. So without further […]

Toxic Foods For Dog

Toxic Foods For Dog

Dogs are an incredible species and are known to be one of the smartest household pets out there. They make great companions and are often referred to as “A man’s best friend”. Because of their adorable nature makes them so utterly attractive and cute, one as the owner will always feel tempted to reward them […]

Holistic dog foods

Top 10 Best Holistic Dog Foods of 2021

Dogs are the best. They fool around in your house and give you a few laugh here and there. Everyone appreciates the company of dogs. Their tantrums are the cutest and they can easily live up the gloomy moments. They are cute and cuddly and they come in all sizes. Your dog is the only […]

Dog Foods for Pancreatitis

Top 10 Best Dog Foods for Pancreatitis In 2021

The pancreas is an organ that releases digestion-facilitating enzymes. When a pancreas in a dog is healthy, the enzymes it releases activates only after they reach the small intestine. In a sick dog, however, the enzymes activate as soon as they are released, starting to chew on the walls of the pancreas, resulting in tissue-inflammation, […]

Soft Cat Food

Top 10 Best Soft Cat Foods in 2021

Feeding your cat with a healthy and delicious is important but what’s more important is knowing what food is suitable for your pet. It is no surprise that every cat requires a different diet. If your pet struggles to eat, chew, or digest food, there is no better option than to feed them soft cat […]

Diabetic Dog Foods

Top 10 Best Diabetic Dog Foods in 2021

In America, since the 1970s, the rate of diabetes in dogs has gone up by 3 folds. In that rate, 1 out of every 160 dogs is getting affected with this disease which is quite alarming. When the canine’s body fails to produce or absorb insulin, it shows signs of diabetes mellitus. Among other symptoms, […]

cheap cat foods

Top 10 Best Cheap Cat Foods in 2021

Providing your cat with a healthy and nutritious diet is very important. It contributes to their growth, well-being, and health. As pet owners, we always want to feed our pets with the best food but it isn’t cheap. Cat foods can be very pricy these days. So today we are here to help you out. […]