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Steps To Gain Weight on Skinny Dog

Steps To Gain Weight on Skinny Dog

Some dogs are just basically skinny naturally from birth, which doesn’t necessarily indicate an unhealthy weight or body. And some dogs are skinny for apparent reasons such as the lack of nutrients, unbalanced food portions, unhealthy ingredients, too many physical activities, and the list goes on.

Hence, to figure out how to put some weight on your skinny, unhealthy, or even skinny healthy dogs in a healthy manner, you need to understand the sources of their problem. Figure out about their genetics, food, medications, exercise, and so on. Then, the solution will bring you maximum results.

Steps To Put Some Weight on Skinny Dog

Step 1: Consult a Veterinarian

Step 1: Consult a Veterinarian

Honestly, this first step might just be the most important step to ever take. Please, whatever you do, consult with your dog’s vet first. They are called veterinarians for a reason because they know how to perfectly examine and care for your pets. Go get a full check-up with your dog at the vet, then they will tell you what condition your dog is in and why your dog is skinny.

After finding out the reasons as to why your dog is skinny, then they will also advise you about what your dog’s body needs to gain and put on healthy amounts of weight. Whether it’s through switching out their diets or regular physical activities, you know it would be safe to do so, since the advice is based upon science and facts. So, please remember to always consult a vet first.

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Step 2: Extra carbs, healthy fats, and protein

Step 2: Extra carbs, healthy fats and protein

Here’s the thing, after the full examination of your dog’s physique and the vet tells you that he’s fine, and all you need to do is change his diet a bit, then here is a pro tip for you. Much like what most bodybuilders do, it is actually incorporating the extra amounts of protein, healthy fats, and carbs into their diet.

They would portion it out perfectly and would not be over-eating. Bear this fact in mind, choose a much better dog food for them as well. Ones with actual natural ingredients in order to provide the body with enough nutrition.

But, it won’t just be food portioning and macros increasing. It also requires physical activities, which leads us to the next step.

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Step 3: Regular physical activities

Step 3: Regular physical activities

As mentioned, like what bodybuilders do with their hefty amounts of proteins, carbs, and healthy fats consumption, they workout to compliment it as well. Here’s how it works. As your body performs exercises, the muscles rip and you need to have enough protein to repair those ripped muscles.

Hence, the bulker you become when you consume a lot of protein. As for healthy fats and carbs, they act as an energy provider. Everything the body does on a daily basis requires energy and the main source of most comes from carbs and healthy fats.

The fact that it’s called healthy fats, means it is different from normal fats. Normal fats are bad for the body since they can’t fully be broken down to fuel the body. But healthy fats are the exact opposite, and it is what the body requires as fuel.

All of this translates to every species with a functioning body, not just for humans. Therefore, it’s important for your dogs to get regular physical activities and not just sit around after consuming their new and improved diet. Or else, they would gain weight unhealthily.

Get them up and moving, play fetch, or go for a run or walk in the park with them regularly. Then, you would see a new and improve version of your dogs. They would gain weight in the form of muscle and won’t be looking too sickly anymore.

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To wrap this up, in order to see positive results, you need to follow the steps above the indirect order. Walking your dogs through step 1 till 3, I guarantee you’ll see maximum results in helping you to gain weight on skinny dog and healthily.

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