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Top 10 Best Snake UVB Lights In 2022

Snake UVB Lights

Reptiles require Vitamin D and calcium for health and comprehensive well-being. Deficiency of these nutrients will affect their movement, growth, and reproduction. This will ultimately kill the poor species. Generally, they absorb Vitamin D via sunbathing or supplements. However, this is not sufficient to meet their needs.

This is where the UVB light comes in. It assists them to absorb maximum vitamin D and calcium. The UVB light functions as an alternative to sunlight. Hence, they can take up essential nutrients through the skin.

In order to provide your snake adequate levels of UVB light, you have to identify which option is the most suitable for your snake. This article is here to help you in your quest. Some of the best snake UVB lights have been listed out below to assist you in your purchase.

Best Snake UVB Lights Review

10. Zoo Med ReptiSun T8 10.0 UVB Lamp

Zoo Med ReptiSun T8 10.0 | Snake UVB Lights

[amazon box=”B0009YJ3BE”]

The Zoo Med ReptiSun T8 10.0 UVB Lamp is a product of high demand in the market. It is 18 inches in size and is optimum for big terrariums.

  • Long-lasting
  • Reverses or avoids metabolic bone diseases in reptiles
  • Consists of 10% UVB and 30% UVA
  • Safe and bright
  • Recommended to be used on top of screen covers
  • Reasonable price

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9. Mega-Ray Mercury Vapor Bulb

Mega-Ray Mercury Vapor Bulb | Snake UVB Lights

[amazon box=”B00TRI4NPY”]

The mercury valor bulb operates at 120V and has tuned peaks to ensure activity, calcium absorption, Vitamin d3 production etc.

  • Has proper balance of different lights
  • Better than fluorescent bulbs
  • Great for many amphibians and reptiles
  • Good heat and light source
  • Economical option
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

8. Honpal Led Reptile Light

Honpal Led Reptile Light | Snake UVB Lights

[amazon box=”B0882WJ69K”]

The Honpal Led Reptile Light is constructed from high-quality aluminum and LEDs. The UVB increases activity, appetite, absorption, blood circulation, reproduction, and metabolism of calcium for essential bone development in your pet snake.

  • Energy efficient and durable
  • Heals and promotes health of amphibians
  • Simple to install and use
  • Very powerful
  • Safe to use
  • Multipurpose

7.  Fluker’s 27004 Mini Sun Dome Snake UVB Lights

Fluker's 27004 Mini Sun Dome Reptile | Snake UVB Lights

[amazon box=”B003I5QNGY”]

 In the Fluker’s lamp the interior of the dome is made from polished aluminum, hence it enhances UVB and UVA output.

  • Supports power of 100 Watt
  • Fits larger bulbs for more light
  • Provides warmth
  • Includes on and off switch
  • Enriched quality
  • Good value

6. Exo Terra Repti-Glo 10.0 Compact Fluorescent Desert

Exo Terra Repti-Glo 10.0 Compact Fluorescent Desert | Snake UVB Lights

[amazon box=”B00101GDIG”]

 The Exo Terra Repti-Glo 10.0 Compact Fluorescent Desert Terrarium Lamp is 50 inches and effectively gives out Ultra High UVB. If it is used with Repti Glo 2.0, it will give stronger visual light.

  • Ideal choice for desert reptiles
  • Provides a natural desert habitat
  • Good for calcium metabolism
  • Can be used with dense screened terrariums
  • Dense screens allow 50% of the UVB rays to be filtered

5. BOEESPAT 75W Full Spectrum Sun Lamp

BOEESPAT 75W Full Spectrum Sun | Snake UVB Lights

[amazon box=”B07YXWKFZT”]

The BOEESPAT 75W Full Spectrum Sun Lamp is manufactured from quartz glass. It contains 3% UVB for vitamin d3 synthesis.

  • Prevent calcium deficiency, soft shells, weakness, etc.
  • Halogen lamps generate more heat than normal ones
  • Long-lasting as each bead operate for 800-1000 hours
  • 3D convex surface reflection to strengthen the ultraviolet spectrum
  • Environment-friendly product
  • Simple installation

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4. LUCKY HERP 10.0 UVB Fluorescent Desert Terrarium Lamp

LUCKY HERP 10.0 UVB Fluorescent Desert | Snake UVB Lights

[amazon box=”B06ZZZYDBR”]

The LUCKY HERP 10.0 UVB Fluorescent Desert Terrarium Lamp allows essential nutrients to be produced in reptiles. It stimulates reproductive behavior, consumption, metabolism, etc., helping the development of your pet snake.

  • Provides just the right portion of UVB rays for calcium metabolism
  • Perfect for reptiles dwelling in the desert
  • Can be merged with natural light or reptile vision for enhanced visual light output
  • Optimal UVB and UVA emission
  • Has long lifespan
  • Cheap

3. MyComfyPets UVB Light and UVA 2-in-1 Reptile Bulb

MyComfyPets UVB Light and UVA 2-in-1 Reptile Bulb | Snake UVB Lights

[amazon box=”B01LWSJKJ6″]

The MyComfyPets Snake UVB Light is a great choice for your snake basking in UVB and UVA rays.

  • Self-ballasted mercury vapor bulb regulates on its own
  • No harmful UVC radiation
  • Prevents metabolic bone diseases
  • Develops beautiful colors
  • Works for a wide range of reptiles
  • Has a large lifespan of 10,000 hours

2. Zilla UVB Fluorescent Bulb Snake UVB Lights

Zilla UVB Fluorescent Bulb 18 inch | Snake UVB Lights

[amazon box=”B000QFROMQ”]

These Zilla bulbs emit full spectrum light that is natural for pets and captivity. This light doesn’t affect the reptile’s sight or cause any disturbance to others.

  • Made for desert reptiles
  • Gives out UVB rays essential for calcium metabolism
  • Provides a natural colored environment
  • Skin coloration becomes more vivid and noticeable
  • Recommended to be used alongside Zilla T8 Strip Light Fixtures
  • Needs to be replaced every 12 months for best results

1. TEKIZOO UVA UVB Sun Lamp Snake UVB Lights

TEKIZOO UVA UVB Sun | Snake UVB Lights

[amazon box=”B07Y9JXT2H”]

The TEKIZOO UVA UVB Sun Lamp is a premium mercury vapor bulb that is suitable for use in various enclosures for several different amphibians and reptiles. It effectively supplies UVB light to your snakes, helping to keep them healthy.

  • Helps keep reptiles in good health
  • Functions as a heating device
  • Emits bright light
  • All in one lamp
  • Compatible with multiple enclosures

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Besides having a pet snake, it’s crucial to provide the best environment for its survival. UVB lights can not only keep your snake healthy but also make it appear lively and appealing. Just as how you want your pet to be.

After going through this article, hopefully you have gained helpful insights onto the best lights available in the shops. Plan your budget carefully and you will be ready to make a purchase of your suited snake UVB light in no time.

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