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Top 10 Best Snake Hooks In 2022

snake hooks

When handling a snake, you have to be really careful. Some snakes are venomous and very dangerous. So when you’re not being careful, things can go terribly wrong. If you have a snake pet, having a snake hook is very essential. It allows you to catch them, move them, and feed them easier.

So if you’re on the hunt for a good snake hook, you have come to the right place. We did a lot of research and reviews and here are the top ten best snake hooks of 2022.

Best Snake Hooks Review

10. DocSeward Snake Hook

DocSeward Snake Hook

[amazon box=”B01MZH6TPT”]

DocSeward snake hook is a really reliable tool to use with a snake. Plus, the craftsmanship on this snake hook is really beautiful. It is also lightweight which makes it easy to catch the snake as well. Moreover, it offers a very secure grip that is easy to hold too.

Furthermore, the material of this snake hook is copper and stainless steel so it is highly really durable. So if you’re looking for a snake hook that is really safe, this is a great option.

  • secure grip
  • Lightweight

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9. REPTI ZOO 57″ Professional Stainless Steel Retractable Snake Hook

REPTI ZOO 57" Professional Stainless Steel Retractable Snake Hook

[amazon box=”B07M8M1P68″]

REPTI ZOO snake hook is very comfortable to hold. It has a secure grip and an anti-skid handle which is perfect for moving snakes. Plus, this snake hook is not going to hurt the snake.

You can also use it for different purposes like hiking or trekking as well. Moreover, the material of this snake hook is aluminum alloy which is super stainless and sturdy. Furthermore, it is extendable up to 57’’ which is very convenient. You can fold it into a compact size as well.

  • durable

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8. V-Cheetong 53 Inch Extensible Snake Hook

V-Cheetong 53 Inch Extensible Snake Hook

[amazon box=”B07WZS3RP4″]

This is one of the easiest snake hooks to use. This snake hook allows you to move the snake easily without hurting them. Its material is stainless steel with excellent craftsmanship so it is really sturdy and durable.

It is adjustable and it is able to support up to 5.5 pounds. It also has an anti-skid handle and a comfortable grip. Also, it is easy to hold and the sweat absorbed sponge of this snake hook offers extra comfort when holding too.

  • adjustable
  • Anti-skid

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7. DocSeward Snake HookDocSeward Snake Hook, Copperhead Series for Snakes

[amazon box=”B01NC1Z3RB”]

Hook design of snake tongs doesn’t give you a safe and secure feeling while lifting the snake up and bagging it at all. Not to worry any longer, you would feel a lot better knowing that this is made with a rubber grip (non-slipping factor) and with a combination of copper and stainless steel. Trust me and get this, it has a full 5 of 5 stars rating on Amazon.

  • Made – Copper & Stainless steel
  • Light-weighted
  • Hook designed
  • Balance and durable
  • Rubber grip for non-slipping
  • Length – 33 inches

6. Snake Hook (44-1/2″ snake hook)

Snake Hook (44-1/2" snake hook)

[amazon box=”B003TLW5FA”]

Speaking from the perspective of a person who fears snakes, snake tongs are very essential to have around just in case. Because you never know when one might just decide to show up.

Being well prepared with this specific tong would do you a world of good. Plus, it’s cheap as well.

  • Hook designed
  • Made – Stainless steel
  • Rubber grip for non-slipping
  • Length – 44 ½ inches

5 . Collapsible Snake Hook-Red 17-39 Inches

Collapsible Snake Hook-Red 17-39 Inches

[amazon box=”B002GEQKMK”]

Normally, snake tongs are made in a longer length. The longer the better. Since the customers don’t want to be anywhere near it. Making them extremely non-portable, but not this snake tong. It’s made collapsible, differentiating it completely from the rest of its rivals.

  • Hook designed
  • Made – Graded Aluminum
  • The shaft that is non-rotating
  • Rubber grip
  • The hook-end is red anodized
  • Made Collapsible
  • Length – 17-39 inches

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4. Midwest 40 Inch Standard Snake Hook

Midwest 40 Inch Standard Snake Hook

[amazon box=”B00MMQ6VSK”]

You live in an area which is mostly surrounded by empty land which is filled with tall bushes and trees. Therefore, they’re bound to be snakes and other forms of reptiles living in those bushes. Well, snake tongs are required then. No need to say more, get this one.

  • Hook designed
  • Non-slip rubber grip
  • The hook-end is blue anodized
  • Length – 40 inches

3. (2 Pack) Zoo Med Deluxe Collapsible Snake Hook

(2 Pack) Zoo Med Deluxe Collapsible Snake Hook

[amazon box=”B075MHBQJ4″]

If one snake tong isn’t enough, or you are a person who keeps losing or misplacing stuff, then a pack of 2 snake tongs might be just right for you. Anyways, the more the merrier, as the saying goes. So, why not just get these and keep them around the house just as protection.

  • Pack of 2
  • Collapsible from 18 to 66 cm (7 ¼’’ to 26’’)
  • Easily gripped handle
  • Portable
  • Hook designed
  • Made – stainless steel

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[amazon box=”B071XSNC4Q”]

Alright, the fact that snakes are dangerous doesn’t need more clarifying to it. Likewise, securing one’s home or the living environment from these creatures with snake tongs, this, in particular, is one of the wiser choices you’ll ever make. Seriously!

  • Made of Stainless steel
  • The hook-end is blue anodized
  • Durable
  • Steel handle for grip
  • Hook design
  • Length – 30 inches

1. Get Hooked Viper Series Snake Hooks

Get Hooked Viper Series Snake Hooks

[amazon box=”B07P7LDSHY”]

Did your camping trip just get ruined because there was a snake roaming around outside your tent? Venomous or not if you went well prepared with snake tongs, such as this, you would have easily hooked it up and put it a bag and throw it out into the wild, where it belongs. See, easy.

  • Hook design
  • Collapsible from 22 to 24 inches
  • Rubber handled grip
  • For venomous or non-venomous snakes
  • Made – Strong Aluminum

If you’re on the search for a snake hook, we hope you are able to find one within this article. These are the top ten best snake hooks of 2022 as they are very secure, durable and comfortable to hold. They are great for many purposes.

For instance, it is the perfect tool for catching snakes, moving snakes and more. Also, having the right tool to handle snakes is really important so we highly recommend checking these snake hooks out.

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