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Should You Get A Hamster or A Guinea Pig ?

Should You Get A Hamster or A Guinea Pig ?

Are you looking for the perfect pocket pet? Pocket pets are fluffy and adorable especially Guinea pigs and Hamsters. Many people have a very tough time deciding which one they should adopt as pets.

To be honest, they are both charming and captivate our hearts at first sight. These rodents do appear similar and an untrained eye might not be able to tell the difference between a hamster and a guinea pig.

Hamsters are two to four times smaller than chubby guinea pigs. They are both perfect as family pets but if you are having mixed opinions on which to get for as a house pet read our article.

We have highlighted all the points in terms of food resources, the time required for each pet, social needs, and the equipment needed for each of them. At the end of this article, you should be able to decide whether you should get a hamster or a guinea pig.

Should You Get A Hamster or A Guinea Pig?

1. How Much Space Does Each of These House Pets Need?

How Much Space Does Each of These House Pets Need | Should You Get A Hamster or A Guinea Pig ?

Hamsters are smaller than guinea pigs and as a result, they need less space to live. Hamsters will be your loveable companions for three to four years with regular feeding, good exercise, and close enclosure. However, Guinea Pigs require much more space.

In terms of space you do not necessarily need to build a cage for them, rather they can stay outdoors. They need space to run, play and forage. You need to build an outdoor hutch for them one that has a run. Guinea pigs can live for 6 to 10 years, they are a better-suited pet for adults than children.

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2. How Noisy Are They?

How Noisy Are They | Should You Get A Hamster or A Guinea Pig ?

Guinea Pigs love causing a commotion now and then. Your house will be filled with lots of different kinds of sounds. Hamsters are not as noisy as Guinea Pigs, but they love weeing in the early hours every morning and spend their entire day spinning in their wheels.

These activities do produce some noise. On the other hand, Guinea pics are fluff balls, fragile, and much more delicate to handle than regular Hamsters who are temperamental. Hamsters also tend to bite or nip so if you have children at your place Guinea pics would be a safer choice despite the commotion they will be arising every day.

3. Time and Attention Required for a Guinea Pig and a Hamster

Time and Attention Required for a Guinea Pig and a Hamster | Should You Get A Hamster or A Guinea Pig ?

If you want social creatures to build lifelong bonds of friendship with you should get yourself a Guinea pig. Guinea Pigs require a lot of attention and social interaction, as a result, other Guinea pig owners advise getting Guinea Pigs in pairs. Guinea Pigs crave attention, they will try to converse in their way with you. Even when you will be having a conversation in front of them they will make all sorts of noise, as if they are yearning for your undivided attention.

Hamsters are quiet and solitary little creatures. They do not crave attention but do require a little amount of daily social interaction. If you are a busy person and come home at night and spend 15 – 20 minutes with them, it’ll be plenty enough for these little hamsters to go on with.

There are 12 breeds of Guinea Pigs and 24 breeds of hamsters. You may think there are more breeds of hamsters but, out of those 24, only 5 breeds can be kept as pets.

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4. Benefits of Owning a Hamster & a Guinea pig

Benefits of Owning a Hamster & a Guinea pig | Should You Get A Hamster or A Guinea Pig ?


  • If you are looking for a long-term responsibility and want a pet for a brief time to have a change in your life you should choose hamsters as they live for less than 5-6 years.
  • Hamsters are inactive during the day, so if you fear can’t spend much time with your pet during the day, there is nothing to worry about in this case then.
  • They do not make a mess of their cage and you do not have to clean them every day
  • They are usually quiet and make little noise.
  • Require less attention than a guinea pig
  • Hamsters are very affectionate and warm creatures
  • Hamsters are omnivores and can feed on both plants and meat.

Guinea Pigs

  • They can be your companions for a long time as they have a lifespan of 6 to 10 years
  • They can mend along with other animals such as rabbits, thus you can also keep other pets too.
  • If you have lack space, you can keep guinea pigs outdoors as they prefer playing and running all day.
  • Guinea pigs rarely bite or scratch
  • They are very social and would crave your attention most of the time
  • They are fun-loving, warm, fluffy creatures.

5. Are You Allergic?

Are You Allergic | Should You Get A Hamster or A Guinea Pig ?

Many of us have hyperinflammatory response complications. Guinea pigs can cause allergies, especially to young children. Allergies result from a protein produced from guinea pigs’ saliva and/or urine. If you do not have problems with allergies you can adopt a guinea pig. If you are unsure you can the water from the pet store or a household that previously had or still has guinea pigs.

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Now that you have read this article you will know there are plenty of reasons whether should you choose a guinea pig or a hamster. It all depends on your budget, your indoor spacing, and the amount of time you can spend with your pet every day.

If you are a very busy person we would suggest you get yourself a hamster, as they require little maintenance. On the other hand, if you are a young adult and have plenty of time on your hands you can adopt a guinea pig. Their attention and warmth would help you get over all your problems.

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