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Top 10 Best Reptile Tanks in 2022

Reptile Tanks

Domesticating reptiles is becoming increasingly popular. Though daunting at first sight, but once they grow on you, these cold-blooded hard-backed creatures are extremely endearing! A lot of lizard and amphibian lovers take their pet lizard to the park or let their ball pythons bask in the sun in their gardens.

Snakes swim in some people’s pools and geckos lay perched on the sofa! Though some reptiles and amphibians could be high maintenance, a little research into their private life will definitely help you in building a comfortable habitat for them. Why wait? Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting looking reptile tanks for your pet!

Top Best Reptile Tanks Reviews

7. Hagen Exo Terra Short All Glass Terrarium

Hagen Exo Terra Short All Glass Terrarium

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This is a low-sized terrarium great for accommodating ground dwelling amphibians and reptiles.

It is a glass terrarium. The front doors could be opened separately for feeding and maintenance.

  • Size—24”x 18”x 12”.
  • There are inlets for wires or tubes that allow waterfalls and sensors to be installed.
  • The lower side of the terrarium has been deliberate to mock the desert environment.
  • Designed by European herpetologists
  • A specially designed lock system activates when necessary
  • A top ventilation mechanism allows UV and IR penetration.
  • The front window is extra high to place thick layers of substrates.

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6. REPTI ZOO Reptile Glass Terrarium

REPTI ZOO Reptile Glass Terrarium

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This reptile tank can provide an environment that closely mimics the natural surroundings of reptiles.

Designed by herpetologists, glass tanks are the best because it allows viewing and are also suitable for a damp and humid atmosphere.

  • Heat gradient is critical for a reptile’s survival and a glass tank can successfully do that.
  • The glass panel at the bottom is raised to mount a substrate heater.
  • The base is watertight and the meshed top is removable and allows maximum ventilation.
  • A rotating cable structure allows 4 lines to be connected easily.
  • Size—36”x18”x18”.

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5. CALPALMY Large Reptile Tank 

CALPALMY Large Reptile Tank 

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This adorable looking reptile tank is suitable for housing amphibians and rodents too! This tank is just the right size for a wide range of animals like tortoise, gecko, frog, snake, or a hamster.

  • The tank is made of strong ABS plastic—very lightweight as well.
  • A movable mesh allows for accessories to be hung—like lights or lamps.
  • Measurements—19” long x 10” high x 10” deep
  • The front door is made of acrylic for clear viewing.
  • There is a built-in food plate inside the terrarium.

4. EXO TERRA Outback Terrarium

Exo Terra Outback Terrarium

[amazon box=”B07BL2TGLG”]

This is a premium reptile tank that is huge and ideal for those cold-blooded creatures! The terrarium has a glass exterior with a stainless steel mesh cover.

  • The front door is easily accessible for feeding and maintenance.
  • Full-screen top ventilation allows easy UV and IR penetration.
  • The bottom plate is raised to mount a substrate heater.
  • The front window is highly fixed to place thick layers of substrates for reptiles to burrow into.


3. Zilla Front Opening Terrarium Black

Zilla Front Opening Terrarium Black

[amazon box=”B07C6386LH”]

Providing easy access to pets, now you can house your geckos and bearded dragons and pet them whenever you desire!

This terrarium has a dual-hinged door lid which gives easy access to the pet owners for feeding and petting.

  • The terrarium comes with an attached rock foam background.
  • Locking pins to close the doors securely
  • The bottom of the tank is water-tight and 3” deep.
  • The top is hinged-lidded for easy access, also powder-coated for rust-resistance.
  • Dimension is 18”x18”x25”.

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2. crapelles Reptile Snake Terrarium

crapelles Reptile Snake Terrarium

[amazon box=”B07ZFLDTXM”]

The rustic look of this tank is befitting for outdoor placement in your garden or patio!

The all-new and refreshing imitation wood-villa styled terrarium has a strong plastic exterior with glass windows and metal mesh.

  • Plastic flame makes the tank light-weight.
  • Transparent glass windows ensure penetration of light.
  • Removable iron mesh top allows ventilation, UV, and IR penetration.
  • There is a rotary knob on the top mesh which locks the reptile in.
  • The bottom is made of iron mesh.
  • There is a plastic plate at the lowest bottom which collects waste or residue.

1. AIVITUVIN Wooden Tortoise House

Aivituvin Wooden Tortoise House Large

[amazon box=”B07VRY6X58″]

This tank is like a 2-roomed apartment for your turtle or gecko! The tank is structured with wood and acrylic and bears a rustic look. There are two compartments separated by a wall, so you can keep two animals safeguarding each one’s privacy.

  • The outer exterior is made of 100% solid wood.
  • Great for outdoor placement because of its wooden and farmhouse style
  • The top mesh door is hinged for easy access and your animal’s viewing.
  • The wire lid of the top is quite strong thus protecting your animal from predators.
  • The bottom has a plastic waterproof covering.

In conclusion, reptiles like tortoises, turtles, bearded dragons, leopard gecko, ball pythons could be domesticated. They have becomes quite comfortable living with human beings in their backyards.

These animals are extremely adorable and people are giving them shelter in cozy-looking reptile tanks where they can live the rest of their life happily!

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