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Top 10 Best Reptile Sand In 2022

Reptile sand is an essential element to ensure your pets are all safe and healthy in their den. Adding reptile sands in the aquarium triggers the digging and burrowing behavior of snakes, turtles, iguana, lizards, tuatara, and other desert reptiles. This sand also creates a natural desert environment for the tank that keeps your pet in their habitat. Reptile sands are all-natural and available in different colors and grain sizes.

If you are worried that your reptile might swallow the sand and develop health issues, no biggie because we have reviewed some of the 100% natural, digestible, healthy, and bio-degradable reptile sands available. Give this article a read to get your desired one.

Best Reptile Sand Review

10. Exo Terra Desert Sand

Exo Terra Desert Sand | Reptile Sand

[amazon box=”B0017JG1H4″]

An original desert-like sand for reptiles and desert-loving species. This sand works well in removing impurities and helps stimulate digging behavior.

The fine texture and terrarium look is enough to create an attractive desert habitat for reptiles. The Exo Terra dessert sand also serves as an egg-laying substrate. The package weighs 10 pounds and claims to remove impurities.

  • Soft nature
  • Easy and quick cleaning
  • Hold heat for long periods

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9. Hermit Habitat Terrarium Sand

Hermit Habitat Terrarium Sand | Reptile Sand

[amazon box=”B00F8DUWL6″]

If you are looking for a healthier solution for your terrarium, Hermit Habitat Terrarium Sand includes pro-calcium for the well-being of hermit crabs, terrariums, and aquariums. This sand creates a unique, colorful, and odorless environment.

It’s an unrefined sand which is phosphate and silica free. It looks pretty amazing in a non-toxic purple color.

  • Source of calcium
  • Digestible
  • Pretty looks

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8. Zilla Dry Ground English Walnut Shell, Desert Sand 

Zilla Dry Ground English Walnut Shell, Desert Sand | Reptile Sand

[amazon box=”B001D740Q4″]

To create a home-like environment for your pets, Zilla Dry Ground Desert Sand helps recreate a natural homely environment. Maintains heat properly and is fun for pets to dig in.

This has crushed shells and ground fined for comfort living. Zilla Dry Ground lightweight and is a great heat conductor.

  • Smells fantastic
  • Works perfect

7. Exo Terra Jungle Earth Terrarium Substrate 

Exo Terra Jungle Earth Terrarium Substrate | Reptile Sand

[amazon box=”B0002AR4AM”]

It’s quite a headache to maintain a balanced moisture level for humidity-loving reptiles. Exo Terra Jungle Earth Terrarium Substrate is a heat-treated sand that absorbs and gradually releases moisture to regulate reptile’s humidity naturally.

Exo Terra Jungle is an ideal, biodegradable reptile sand that has a tropical vibe. The sand has an absorption property and contributes to reducing contamination.

  • Odor absorber
  • No added chemicals

6. Reptile Sciences Terrarium Sand 

Reptile Sciences Terrarium Sand | Reptile Sand

[amazon box=”B005J1OR72″]

Reptile Sciences Terrarium Sand is the sand where your turtle, snake, reptiles, iguanas, and bearded dragons would love to wiggle around all day. The sand is flexible enough to play around and keeps warm.

This amazing warm sand has a great texture and neutralizes odor in a few seconds. It is digestible and the enlarged grains contain essential nutrients.

  • All-natural ingredients
  • Good value of money

5. Exo Terra Riverbed Sand 

Exo Terra Riverbed Sand | Reptile Sand

[amazon box=”B001B599D2″]

Gravel and pebbles can cause indigestion to ground-dwelling reptiles, turtles, and aqua-terrarium. Exo Terra Riverbed Sand is a fine-textured sand that is enjoyable for reptiles to dig and burrow.

The sand is made in a way to create an aquatic, fresh environment. It’s a safe deal for terrariums that includes no chemical and dye.

  • Premium quality
  • Maintains humidity

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4. HOSOM Walnut Shells 

HOSOM Walnut Shells | Reptile Sand

[amazon box=”B07X2JF9TR”]

HOSOM walnut shells are ideal for desert dwelling reptiles such as monitors, gecko, and bearded dragons. The walnut shells are perfect in size and release a pleasant fragrance.

The walnut shells are a good heat conductor and light in weight. The size of the walnut shell is 1.4mm and the packet weighs 10 pounds. The shells are reusable.

  • Versatile applications
  • Biodegradable

3. Nature’s Ocean No.0 Bio-Activ Live 

Nature's Ocean No.0 Bio-Activ Live | Reptile Sand

[amazon box=”B0018CLX9Q”]

Looking for a healthy solution for your tank members? Nature’s Ocean No.0 Bio-Activ Live Aragonite immediately removes wastes and ensures a balanced PH for crabs and other reptiles.

Nature’s Ocean Live Sand is a ready to use solution and recommended to be used in saltwater aquarium. Ammonian nitrates are cycled instantly after pouring this into the tank.

  • Comes with few shells
  • Natural state

2. Reptile Sciences Terrarium Sand 

Reptile Sciences Terrarium Sand | Reptile Sand

[amazon box=”B005J1ORIQ”]

If you are looking for some quality, soft, good-looking sand, Reptile Sciences Terrarium Sand is the one you can rely on. This is 100% digestible, so there is nothing to worry about if your reptiles swallow it.

This sand contains all-natural essential minerals like potassium, magnesium, and strontium. It is also capable of eliminating odors from the tank. The pack weighs 10 pounds and is white.

  • Absorbs quickly
  • Digestible
  • Removes bad odor

1. Zoo Med Repti Sand 

Zoo Med Repti Sand | Reptile Sand

[amazon box=”B0002DIZKC”]

A perfect sand for desert reptiles that creates a realistic desert environment. The sand is soft and comes in two distinct colors. Potty training of your pets is a lot easier with Zoo Med Repti Sand.

The sand is an amazing heat conductor and is available in lightly tanned sand color. It is 100% safe with no added dyes or chemicals.

  • Easy rinsing
  • Stimulates digging

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Get your pets closer to you by creating an environment they would love to dwell in. Most reptile sands are easy to clean and most importantly your pets get a place to bath and play in.

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