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Best Reptile Lights In 2022

reptile pet lights

Before you bring your little reptile friend home for taming, you ought to purchase some essentials to ensure its safekeeping. You must be thinking a terrarium is all you need, but there’s another equally important thing. Yes, we’re focusing on reptile lights.

Since you know, be it a reptile or mammal, a certain amount of sunlight exposure is pivotal for all living beings. But, as we can’t guarantee the right amount of sunshine to reach inside the terrarium, the best substitute is to getting reptile lights.

For your convenience, we’ve piled an exclusive list of the top 10 reptile light options of 2022 and enlisted them in turn below. Browse down to know more.

Best Reptile Lights​​ Review

10. ReptiSun Zoo Med 10.0 UVB Mini Fluorescent

ReptiSun Zoo Med 10.0 UVB Mini Fluorescent | Reptile Lights

[amazon box=”B00A8RHTYU”]

Our first entry is from the leading pet products brand Zoo Med. When all you seek is a standard lightning option for your small-sized terrarium, this model is like a go-to option.

Featuring a compact fluorescent lamp shape, this model equips 13watt power within it. Also, nearly 6-inch long this model can be oriented both horizontally and vertically.

  • Lighting power: 13 watt
  • Light shape: Compact fluorescent
  • Creates 10% UVB and 30% UVA light

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9. Repti-Glo 2.0 Exo Terra Natural Reptile Light

Repti-Glo 2.0 Exo Terra Natural Reptile Light | Reptile Lights

[amazon box=”B00101JIA6″]

This Reptile Lights model is from the trusted brand Exo Terra and, in addition to benefitting your little pets, this light has also been proven to stimulate plant growth.

This twisted shape model promises to deliver natural light along with high color-rendering.

  • Lighting power: 13 watt
  • Light shape: Twisted fluorescent
  • Also beneficial for plant’s growth

8. Zilla UVB Fluorescent Tube Light

Zilla UVB Fluorescent Tube Light | Reptile Lights

[amazon box=”B000QFROMQ”]

If you happen to have a flattened terrarium, then this model from the hailed brand Zilla is a perfect fit for you.

Designed in a tube shape, this model is almost 19-inch stretched whereas only 1.4-inch wide. A perfect addition to your flattened terrarium.

  • Lighting power: 15 watt
  • Light shape: Tube fluorescent
  • Alongside UVA and UVB light, it also provides full-spectrum lighting

7. Reptisun Zoo Med 26061 Fluorescent Light

Reptisun Zoo Med 26061 Fluorescent Light | Reptile Lights

[amazon box=”B00AQU8HAO”]

To have a better power source along with a few additional benefits in your tube-shaped reptile light, opt for this model.

 Although, the shape of this model is the same as our previous entry, yet they are different in terms of quality. Its UVA wavelength is specialized to improve the activity, appetite, and overall growth of your favorite pet.

  • Lighting power: 24 watt
  • Light shape: Tube fluorescent
  • UVA wavelengths improve the inhabitants’ overall growth
  • Full-spectrum reinforces synthesis & calcium absorption

6. Fluker’s 22800 Red Bulb for Reptiles

Fluker's 22800 Red Bulb for Reptiles | Reptile Lights

[amazon box=”B0006L2UEM”]

This model is pretty unique. Unlike the previous ones, this model is made of red glass.

This led bulb is a true reptile-friendly option. It illuminates a mere reddish shade while ensuring the necessary basking environment for your little buddy.

  • Lighting power: 40 watt
  • Light shape: Led bulb
  • Produces reddish shade
  • Creates proper temperature and ambiance for reptiles

5. Fluker’s Reptile Daylight Bulb Incandescent Light

Fluker's Reptile Daylight Bulb Incandescent Light | Reptile Lights

[amazon box=”B001ORVSX6″]

 Here’s another one-of-a-kind option from the brand Fluker’s. It will ensure optimum radiation for your pet’s basking by illuminating sheer bluish light.

 Featuring a pretty bluish glass-made mold, this model promises to make up the right ambiance and temperature range inside the terrarium.

  • Lighting power: 60 watt
  • Light shape: Led bulb
  • Illuminates blue light
  • Ensures a perfect range of infrared light

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4. Zoo Med Daylight Double Blue Reptile Bulb

Zoo Med Daylight Double Blue Reptile Bulb | Reptile Lights

[amazon box=”B07R6ZK3G6″]

This model offers pretty much the same amenities as our previous entry. What’s more, is, it comes in pair along with a durability certificate.

These blue lights are a bit thicker than the previous one, hence less likely to break.

  • Lighting power: 60 watt+60 watt
  • Light shape: Led bulb
  • Illuminates blue light
  • Comes with a durability certificate

3. Fluker’s Spotlight Bulb Reptile Lights

Fluker's Spotlight Bulb Reptile Lights | Reptile Lights

[amazon box=”B0006L2UBU”]

This is the latest addition of Fluker’s, they made this option equipping all the advanced facilities to ensure the best outcome.

This model comes in a reflector bulb shape and is modified to change its radiation according to the environment inside. Thus, it manages to retain a consistent temperature inside, which is very beneficial for your pet.

  • Lighting power: 75 watt
  • Light shape: Reflector bulb
  • Specialized to change its radiation range automatically

2. Zoo Med Day-Night Reptile Light

Zoo Med Day-Night Reptile Light | Reptile Lights

[amazon box=”B00361KX4I”]

This package includes two lights- one blue light for fetching daylight and a red one for nighttime.

Both red and blue light is proven to be beneficial for reptile’s overall growth, and this godsend model gets you both in one purchase. If you’re ready to splurge, this model is highly recommended.

  • Lighting power: 60 watt+60 watt
  • Light shape: Led bulb
  • Ensures supreme comfort 24/7
  • Improves reptile’s food digestion

1. Reptile Heat Basking Soft Sun Lamp

Reptile Heat Basking Soft Sun Lamp | Reptile Lights

[amazon box=”B08LVHJPVC”]

Our number one pick is a true standout, we’ve genuinely found it superior in all functional conscience. The light it generates has all the components that reptiles can ever need.

This model is designed in a halogen bulb shape and packs all futuristic functions that anyone may look for in a reptile light. Also, it comes in a pair to fill your huge terrarium with perfect radiation.

  • Lighting power: 100 watt+100 watt
  • Light shape: Halogen bulb
  • Produces light similar to soft sunrays
  • Confirms optimum comfort and overall wellbeing
  • Preserves from the possibility of disease

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We keenly prepared this article to enlighten you with the most efficient, top 10 reptile light alternatives of 2022. For your attention, we’ve tried to bring all the major qualities of these models to the fore. We hope this helps you in choosing the right light for your pet.

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