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Top 10 Best Reptile Bowl In 2022 | Perfect For Your Reptile

Reptile Bowl

Every reptile needs a bowl that is easily accessible and gives a sense of natural surroundings. Stinky plastic food dishes, sharp edges, and sticky inner surface can disrupt the well-being of your pet. So, here are some of the best-suited reptile bowls for your favorite pet.

Best Reptile Bowl Review

10. Orchid Valley Reptile Water Bowl or Food Dish

Orchid Valley Reptile Water Bowl or Food Dish | Reptile Bowl

[amazon box=”B08CVG6PF2″]

This is a natural wood log looking dish for bearded dragon, tortoise, and snakes to build a natural habitat and let them feel a closeness to nature. The edges are smoothened to protect pets from hurting themselves.

This log bowl is built with polyresin that is non-toxic and durable. It comes in a medium and small size which measures 7 ½ X 6” and 5 x 4 inches respectively.

  • Safe for health
  • High-quality

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9. LEE’S Mealworm Dish

LEE’S Mealworm Dish | Reptile Bowl

[amazon box=”B00BUFVURG”]

To keep control of small to medium-sized mealworms this is an unbeatable reptile bowl. The tall built restricts the mealworms from crawling out. The curved walls make dine easy for pets like geckos and other small herbs.

Lees Mealworm dish is made of plastic. This dish has a great combination of width and height and doesn’t take up too much space.

  • Compact
  • Easy to clean

8. ZOO Med Rock Food Dish 

ZOO Med Rock Food Dish | Reptile Bowl

[amazon box=”B0009YHRLW”]

A realistic natural looking food dish can provide a jungle-like habitat to your reptiles. ZOO Med rock food bowl is an unbreakable and convenient feeder for the pets. The bowl is spacious inside to provide more room for food. The perfect dimensions and sturdiness of this rock food dish is appreciated.

The size of this bowl is 7.25” l X 6” w X 0.75” h. It is made of polystyrene and is available in natural friendly colors. The design is light-weight and small enough to stick to any corner.

  • Realistic
  • Easy to clean
  • Unbreakable

7. Leaf Reptile Food Water Bowl Plate Dish

Leaf Reptile Food Water Bowl Plate Dish | Reptile Bowl

[amazon box=”B089CLR93M”]

If an approachable natural-looking plate dish is what you are looking for, then this is an excellent choice for reptiles. The bowl features a perfect depthless bottom which prevents pets from bending in too much.

The striped textures on the leaf is easy to clean. The bowls are made up of quality plastics and are available in two sizes. The package includes two leaf dishes; a large and a small one.

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Safe, sturdy

6. EXO TERRA Water Dish 

EXO TERRA Water Dish | Reptile Bowl

[amazon box=”B0002AR4AW”]

Exo Terra water dish is a natural-looking rock design that is suitable for smaller reptiles, insects, and amphibians. The safety steps of this water dish prevent animals from drowning, which is an added benefit of this reptile bowl.

This water dish is made up of good quality food-grade resin. The inner surface is non-pitter and the outer possess a desert, tropical finish.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Compact

5. SLSON Reptile Feeder Terrarium Bowl

SLSON Reptile Feeder Terrarium Bowl | Reptile Bowl

[amazon box=”B07S2WWXV9″]

A green jungle style feeder bowl to create a natural habitat for your favorite reptiles. The dish is shallow enough to let in small reptiles comfortably, like lizards. The bowl is wipeable with a rag or can be simply cleaned with water.

The reptile bowls come in 4.9” X5.5” size and are constructed with premium quality ABS plastic materials. The natural river stone color blends in with any décor.

  • Attractive design
  • Budget-friendly

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4. TDPET Ceramic Mini Reptile Worm Dish

TDPET Ceramic Mini Reptile Worm Dish | Reptile Bowl

[amazon box=”B07SQ6T2FM”]

A perfect feeder dish for small reptiles including centipedes, snake, lizards, chameleon, gecko, etc. TPDET dish comes with a non-slip coaster so the bowl doesn’t slip around the tank.

This compact reptile worm dish incorporates a smooth, matte, finish restricting insects and other worms to climb out from the dish. It is also applicable for small crickets, because of the inward-curved rim and smooth surface.

  • Sturdy design
  • Easy disinfecting

3. HELIME reptile food bowl dish 

HELIME reptile food bowl dish | Reptile Bowl

[amazon box=”B07YYL2TKB”]

Feeding can be a headache if the mealworms keep escaping the food bowl. HELIME food bowl ensures your reptile can have a good dinner before the mealworms find a way out.

The white color of this bowl dish makes it easy for reptiles to spot its food. The depthless of 0.78 inches keeps the smallest bugs inside. The wide inward-curved walls and solid ceramic built is incomparable.

  • Suitable for crawling insects
  • Easy to clean

2. FLUKERS Corner Rock Food and Water Bowl

FLUKERS Corner Rock Food and Water | Reptile Bowl

[amazon box=”B00NG0GMAI”]

Get a perfect hold of water and food with FLUKERS corner rock bowl. The bowl is spacious enough to let small reptiles swim and stay hydrated. The aesthetic design compliments the other decors of the tank.

The dish is constructed with solid rocks that are non-toxic and durable. This bowl also features a non-porous design eliminating bacteria buildups and providing a safer feeding.

  • Compact size
  • Dishwasher safe

1. Fluker’s Food/ Water Reptile Bowl

Fluker’s Food/ Water | Reptile Bowl

[amazon box=”B00DDZ9S0W”]

A beautiful natural looking water bowl to feed reptiles and other crawlers like crab, spiders, lizards, tortoise, Iguanas, and more. The bowl features a good depth to hold a reasonable quantity of water. What’s mostly preferable about this bowl is its heavyweight, allowing it to stand against knock overs and the sticky bottom grips help it to remain in position.

The bowl is made up of stainless-steel material and weighs 0.02 pounds. Fluker’s food, water bowl is dishwasher safe, which makes it easy to clean. The bowl is available in natural color tones and fits easily in any corner.

  • Sturdy built
  • Compact size

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Hopefully this article has helped you choose the best reptile bowl, that you pet will adore and enjoy, regardless of other factors.

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