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Reasons Why Your Dog Should Wear Clothes

Reasons Why Your Dog Should Wear Clothes

There are a few dog owners who burst out laughing when they hear talk of dressing up their dogs. These people balk at the idea of putting clothes on dogs who naturally have fur coats and fat-padded skin that are naturally resistant to cold weathers. However, there are some breeds of dogs, which do not have a thick fat lined skin or fur coats.

Some dogs are short-haired while others like puppies and senior dogs have thin skins that are deficient of the required amount of natural body fat. For this category of dogs, it’s essential to clothe them during those winter months when temperatures drop close to the freezing point.

Nature has a way to make sure that everything is taken care of. Dogs are naturally predisposed to surviving the cold because of their fur coats. However, there are some dogs, which due to human interference in their breeding have lost this ability (fur coat).

To name a few, dogs such as the Chihuahua, Labrador, Greyhound, and Norfolk Terriers do not have the thick fat lined skin or long haired fur coats and they require an artificial dog coat or sweater to withstand the harsh winters.

Other dogs who do not fall in this category are the senior dogs and puppies who are already vulnerable and have weakened or underdeveloped immune systems and need dog clothes to stay warm in winter months.

Reasons Why Your Dog Should Wear Clothes

1. Which Dogs are Genetically Predisposed to Surviving Winters or the Cold?

Which Dogs are Genetically Predisposed to Surviving Winters or the Cold? | Reasons Why Your Dog Should Wear Clothes

There are some dogs which are genetically engineered to withstand the worst of the winters or the cold. These dogs have a fatty undercoat underneath their skin, in addition to a thick long or medium haired fur coat on the exterior.

Dogs such as the Husky, Akita, Newfoundland, and Samoyed are prominent examples of dogs, which do not need clothes. In fact, clothing these dogs might have a detrimental effect on their health. That is why in-depth research is required into the type and breed of your dog before deciding on purchasing and clothing your dog.

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2. Some Useful Tips Before Clothing Your Dog

Some Useful Tips Before Clothing Your Dog | Reasons Why Your Dog Should Wear Clothes

  • Some dog breeds are less easy to train than others. These breeds will have a tougher time of getting used to their new artificial dog coats or sweaters. If you find out that your dog is not taking to its new dog coat with much enthusiasm, then try to get it to wear the coat a few minutes at a time in order to get used to the garment and develop a liking to it in the process, gradually.
  • For small-sized dogs, dog coats can be a health hazard. So, make sure to take proper measurements of your dog before making the purchase. Also, since a dog can chew off and swallow things like zippers, buttons, or hooks, make sure that the dog coat does not have any of these appendages. These measurements can also help in buying the best fit dog coat for your canine pet so that its mobility is not hindered.

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3. Reasons Why You Should Buy A Coat for Your Dog 

Reasons Why You Should Buy A Coat for Your Dog | Reasons Why Your Dog Should Wear Clothes


Dogs that have been bred for their short coats, short haired, and shaved dogs such as poodles are particularly in danger during cold weather. Smaller dogs, due to the less surface area of their coats, lose body heat faster than other larger dogs.

Especially dogs that have only a single coat or a coat lined with less body fats find it nigh impossible to cope with the harsh winters and often fall sick, and sometimes even die. In these circumstances and for these types of dogs, an artificially made dog coat or dog sweater is a must have for your canine pets!

Health Concerns

Dogs are particularly susceptible to complex diseases which are sometimes fatal because of their predisposition due to their breeding methods, which often focus on show dog factors rather than on the good health and long life.

Illnesses such as Cushing’s Disease adversely affects a dog’s natural coat and leaves the dog vulnerable to the cold weather. Light dog coats are fine for being indoors, but a tougher, warmer coat is required for walks outside during winters.


Dog coats are also beneficial in upgrading your dog’s personal hygiene by preventing dirt and debris from being stuck to the dog’s own natural fur coat. Consequently, getting less dirty will translate into fewer baths.

These artificial dog coats are also great when your dog decides to go for a roll in the grass where who knows what was deposited, or even in something much grosser!


Dogs who have passed their prime are distinctly predisposed to acquiring diseases. Their canine bodies trying to fight off these diseases will inadvertently reduce their internal body heat.

So, clothing your senior dog in winter will keep it warm and snuggly. Diseases such as arthritis usually flare up in the cold weather, so dogs wearing doggy coats, socks, or sweaters will find it easier to survive the winter months.

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4. Which is the Best Winter Dog Coat You Can Buy?

Which is the Best Winter Dog Coat You Can Buy? | Reasons Why Your Dog Should Wear Clothes

If you are not worried about the price, then the best coat for your dog in winter is the Hurtta Extreme Warmer Dog Winter Jacket, which can be found on Amazon. It has the best rating of 4.6 out of 5; there are nine sizes to choose from, as well as three great colors, which can be chosen according to your dog’s gender.

The Hurtta dog jacket is the best cold protection for your dog. It’s densely insulated with durable and breathable polyester lining that reflects your dog’s body heat back. It’s also laminated with a waterproof film which helps keep your dog dry while playing in snow or icy conditions.

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Getting your dog to wear clothes, dog coats, socks, or sweaters is highly beneficial and essential to surviving the harsh winters. However, if you notice the dog getting thirstier or drinking too much water than usual, or hanging out its tongue more often, then the dog is exhibiting signs of being overheated and it’s high time to take off the clothes and let the dog cool off for a while.

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