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Top 10 Best Rabbit Collars in 2022

Rabbit Collars

A fashionista rabbit look isn’t complete without a rabbit collar. It can add more spices to the look, as well as acting as an ID for a rabbit. There are millions of rabbit collars in the market but not all of them are suitable for your rabbit, or meet the safety guidelines. Some can be torn up easier and the others can cause serious harm to rabbit skin. This is why we have to choose it wisely or else, our lovely fur baby can be in pain.

We want the best for your rabbit just like you do. That’s why we picked out 10 best rabbit collars than you should get in 2022.

Best Rabbit Collars Reviews

10. Lanyar Fashion Leather Pet Collar

Fashion Leather Pet Collars - Rabbit Collars

[amazon box=”B00WAQ1KXI”]

Lanyar is a classic leather rabbit collar that thousands of rabbit owners have owned. It’s great if you just want a simple-looking collar.

It is made from PU leather which is soft and doesn’t irritate your rabbit’s skin. There is a buckle for you to tighten or loosen. It comes with a bell as well.

  • Adjustable
  • Available in many colors
  • Neck size: 8-10.5-inch

9. KUDES Bling Collars 

KUDES Bling Collars - Rabbit Collars

[amazon box=”B07WG9ZT28″]

KUDES bling rabbit collar in a popular product on the internet. It is cute and always come in bright colors.

The collar is made from soft nylon and it features a snap buckle for easy on and off. It comes with a bell and a D-ring for a name tag. When the collar gets caught, the buckle will break and release the pet as a safety breakaway.

  • Bell
  • Adjustable from 7.5 to 12.5inches
  • Come in a pack of 8pcs

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8. BRONZEDOG Leather Collar

BRONZEDOG Leather Collar - Rabbit Collars

[amazon box=”B07DFM5GNT”]

This is another leather rabbit collar from BRONZEDOG. It is made with durable leather that won’t cause any uncomfortable feeling to your pet.

The collar is carefully constructed with a strong metal buckle. It is adjustable and good for everyday use. It is crafted by hands using traditional methods to ensure your pet’s comfort.

  • Come in many colors
  • Neck size: 7-11inches
  • Handmade

7. Petall Colorful ID Collar

Colorful Cat ID Collar with Bell - Rabbit Collars

[amazon box=”B075FX5LMY”]

Dressing your rabbit up colorful every day with Petall rabbit collar. It comes in a set of a dozen collars at a time.

This item is made from nylon and each collar has its own bell. It features a snap buckle to make it easier and quicker to wear, as well as taking off. It is lightweight and durable.

  • A pack of 12
  • Neck size: 8-12inches
  • Suitable for small animals

6. Blueberry Pet Collars

Blueberry Pet Collars - Rabbit Collars

[amazon box=”B00HRQAUN2″]

Blueberry Pet rabbit collar is a simple but stylish accessory for all bunnies. It offers a variety of designs and colors and you can even customize them.

It is made from nylon fabric with high density webbing. The buckles are made with eco-friendly plastic. On the other hand, it also has a D-ring that is coated with chrome.

  • Come in every size
  • Available in 20+ colors
  • Neck size: 12-16inches

5. JPB Breakaway Collar

JPB Breakaway Collar - Rabbit Collars

[amazon box=”B07MJXPCXL”]

JPB rabbit collar is the most Easter looking collar you can find in 2022. The collar strap is carefully made with Easter prints on it.

It comes from nylon fabric but it is durable and soft. It comes with a breakaway buckle and a safety elastic strap. The size is adjustable.

  • Neck size: 7-11inches
  • A set of 2pcs
  • Metal bell

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4. Mtliepte Collars

Mtliepte Collars - Rabbit Collars

[amazon box=”B07P7C7R2B”]

Mtliepte rabbit collar is a fabulous accessory for female rabbits. It has a girly design that would make your pet the cutest thing alive.

This item is from long-lasting nylon material that is not rough to the skin. It has a breakaway feature, making it very easy to open. The best part about it is the sparkling heart that is attached to the collar.

  • Come in many colors
  • Metal bell
  • Feminine design

3. Segzwlor Collar 

Segzwlor Collar - Rabbit Collars

[amazon box=”B086GV43S3″]

Turn your rabbit into an attention grabber everywhere it goes with this rabbit collar from Segzwlor.

Its material is durable nylon that is resistant to biting and abrasion. It comes with a breakaway safety buckle and a ringing bell. Also, it features a big flower in a bright color as well which will make the rabbit even more attractive.

  • Metal bell
  • Available in 6 colors
  • Neck size: 7.8 “-12.2”

2. Blueberry Pet Floral Collars

Blueberry Pet Floral Collars - Rabbit Collars

[amazon box=”B073W7FN2N”]

This rabbit collar from Blueberry Pet floral collection will turn your pet into a flower girl/boy.

Its material is durable polyester and it will not harm your pet. It features eco-friendly plastic buckles and nickel-free coated D-ring. There are many types of floral designs on the collar.

  • Strong & durable
  • Neck size: 18″-26″
  • Adjustable

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1. Up Country Garden Rabbit Collar

Up Country Garden Rabbit Collar - Rabbit Collars

[amazon box=”B01MZB7NA6″]

Up Country garden rabbit collar is a product that will surely last for a lifetime. It is also adorable.

This collar is finely made with a structural webbing core being sewn over by fabric that has rabbit imprints. It has metal D-ring and a snap buckle closure.  You can easily handwash it.

  • Come in several sizes
  • Handmade
  • Coast guard approved

In conclusion, we want to inform you that everything we have chosen is completely safe to use. Moreover, these rabbit collars are also durable and long-lasting which means they are worth spending your money on. We hope one item in our list catches your eyes and become the best match for your rabbit.

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