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Best Parrot Speech Training In 2022

Parrot Speech Training

Before you start stressing about whether your parrot would start speaking or not, you need to consider a few factors first. You need to have basic knowledge about the species and their general characteristics. Most parrots start talking in a few months’ but few have been reported to take years. You need to be consistent in your approach if you wish to see the face of success.

Cockatiels, cockatoos, African grey parrots, etc. are known for being very talkative. Before you get a parrot, do a little research if you can to know which parrots are most likely to start talking sooner. Also, your parrot’s personality can play a big card in speech training as well. Make sure you get a curious and jolly parrot since it would be eager to learn. You need a parrot that isn’t lazy and won’t sulkily turn its head away when you approach it intending to teach some phrases.

Now, let’s talk about a product that can make things a lot easier for you. With this, you can train your bird to pick up the words and phrases faster than usual.

Best Parrot Speech Training Review

Prevue Hendryx Parrot Speech Training

Prevue Hendryx 62900 Mimic Me Voice-Recording Unit | Parrot Speech Training

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The Mimic Me is not actually a toy that you can leave in the birdcage so your bird can play around with it. It’s a recording unit that should be placed just outside the cage so it’s within the hearing range of your parrot. The machine is quite small and easy to handle. You can use your own voice to record words and phrases that you would like your bird to learn. You can also do some reading on which words are easier for parrots to pick up on and start with that.

The device comes with 2 playback modes that you can use to set up. One mode plays the recorded message 12 times every 15 minutes until the unit is off and the other mode can play the message 12 times every 10 minutes for 2 hours. So you can choose any mode of your liking and leave the device on whenever you step outside the house so your parrot wouldn’t feel your absence that heavily and continue listening to your voice.

  • High-quality sound output
  • 2 playback modes
  • Suitable for all species and sizes of parrots
  •  Easy to set up and use
  •  Requires 3 AAA batteries to run
  • Manual off mode
  •  Only 3 inches high

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How to Use

Parrot Speech | Parrot Speech Training


You can record as many phrases or words as you like. The device can pick up every word and play them very clearly so your bird can comprehend each of them properly. Every new recording you make would erase the previous one. You can design a step-by-step approach in which your bird can learn to speak.

You can start with some basic words first and when your parrot can pick them up properly, you can make a new recording of more complicated words. Then you can move onto small phrases like ‘how are you’, ‘good morning’, ‘nice to meet you’ and such.

Hit the record button to record your selected words and then play the recording. We already explained the 2 modes the device has. You can choose any one of them as you press play. In one mode, the device would play for 2 hours and in the other one, the device has to be turned off manually or it will continue playing for as long as the batteries last or until you turn it off.

Why Use It

Parrots are quite intelligent and social creatures. They love interacting with people and there are many parrots that require extra affection to lead a healthy life. Birds are very interactive, especially parrots. The talking parrots try to mimic any sound they hear, whether it’s a song, a whistle, or a car horn. The more you interact with it, the better chances are of you getting a response.

With this device, you can help rush the speech training. The device is designed to record every phrase and the word you throw its way and play them back in high-quality. The device can continue your training sessions in your absence. Your parrot would continue listening to your voice even when you’re not in the room. It’s not just an effective speech training method but can also help strengthen the bond between you and your parrot

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Training Tips and Tricks

Teaching a parrot to talk is not an easy task. It requires a lot of patience and effort. You need to be dedicated in your approach if you wish to see any result. We already mentioned how different species and personalities of the bird that can affect the speaking time.

When you use the device to start training your parrot to speak, you need to take some tips into consideration.

  •  Enunciate: Make sure you pronounce each word slowly and clearly. Jumbled words would be hard for the device to pick up and then play back
  •  Start Slow: Start out with small and easy to pronounce words like ‘hi’, ‘hello’, ‘goodnight’, etc. When you learn a language, you need to start with alphabets before you learn how to form a word and then construct sentences. Similarly, use small words that your parrot can understand easily before you try something difficult
  •  Repeat: Practice makes perfect. You need to repeat the words and phrases over and over again. Use Mimic Me to play your recorded words back to your parrot continuously so it can start mimicking it
  •  Breathe: Keep your training sessions simple and short. Your parrot needs time to relax and breathe or it will tire out soon. Don’t set the device for hours on repeat in hopes of hearing your bird speak sooner. Stick to 10-15 minutes session at first.

Mimic Me has proven to show impressive results in speech training for parrots. It’s not a toy but a training device that can help your bird speak in a short time with its repetition method. You can also take help from books on speech training for parrots to assist in the training sessions.

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