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Top 10 Best Parrot Shower Stands In 2022

Sometimes installing a shower box inside or outside the cage might not work because the shower tub does not fully rinse the feathers of parrots. As a result, this might not save your lovely parrot from feather infection completely. Also, if you like to keep your parrot outside of the cage most of the time, then it would be a better idea to consider purchasing a parrot shower stand. Shower stands make the showering experience more interesting and stress-free for the birds. However, to check some of the best ones, take a look in the next sections.

Best Parrot Shower Stands Review

10. Keersi Shower Perch

Keersi Shower Perch | Parrot Shower Stands

[amazon box=”B07HMQ297H”]

When it comes to shower stand, every parrot owner has the fear that their lovely bird might slip from it and get injured. However, this perch is sanded. So, no chance of slipping. Besides, it is extremely easy to install in the shower room. The perch is excellently designed for small birds and parrots and it is built with proper care.

  • Stable on the wall
  • Usable on window
  • Foldable & portable

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9. Wontee Bird Perch Shower

Wontee Bird Perch Shower | Parrot Shower Stands

[amazon box=”B07QQ9MTGK”]

If you want a more secured parrot showering stand with suction cups, then this is for you. This shower perch will give your parrot a stable and enjoyable shower experience. Also, it is highly portable. It features a smooth design and is built strongly with durable plastic.

  • Safe and secured
  • Standing rack
  • Good price range

8. Gozier Bird Bath Perch Suction Cup

Gozier Bird Bath Perch Suction Cup | Parrot Shower Stands

[amazon box=”B071V4DC6V”]

You can provide your parrot proper sunlight and excellent good bathing experience with this bar. It has 3 triangular suctions to securely attach on the wall or window. This double-colored perch looks more standard and it is built with heavy-duty suction.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Numerous birds’ suitability
  • Easy to transport.

7. Super Bird Creations SB126 Perch

Super Bird Creations SB126 Perch | Parrot Shower Stands

[amazon box=”B0002HBO6K”]

If you want a parrot shower stand which can be used for other purposes as well, then this perch is for you. It has enough strength to support your medium and large-sized parrot for hours in the sunlight. The bar has a regular design but it is lifted a bit from the suctions and built with safety craftsmanship.

  • Enjoyable bath
  • Foldable design
  • Relieves from stress

6. Keersi Bird Wood Shower Perch

Keersi Bird Wood Shower Perch | Parrot Shower Stands

[amazon box=”B07RWVWCBM”]

When the parrot shower stand companies are all busy making plastic bars at that time Keersi has made this wooden bar with a suction cup to increase the security and attractiveness. The bar does not look like a typical shower bar, rather it is more unique, and also, it is built with strong suctions.

  • Bite-resistant
  • Non-slip grip
  • 2 sizes available

5. Hypeety Shower Perch

Hypeety Shower Perch | Parrot Shower Stands

[amazon box=”B075677D13″]

It almost looks like the other shower bars, but it has an uplifted perch and a colorful outlook which makes it attractive for the parrots. Because no matter where is attached, it will increase the beauty of that place. The perch has suction in a triangular style for a firm and strong grip on the wall.

  • Non-slippery design.
  • Regular bathing toy
  • Perfect dimension

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4. Peety Parrot Stand Perch

Peety Parrot Stand Perch | Parrot Shower Stands

[amazon box=”B071LPFLWH”]

 This particular model of parrot bathing bar allows you to choose a bar with different suctions; 2, 3, 4 suctions are available. So, you can choose one according to your feathered baby’s size. The 2 suctioned bar looks more attractive as it is colorful. Also, it is strong with heavy-duty suction.


3. mkki Folding Parrot Bath Shower

mkki Folding Parrot Bath Shower | Parrot Shower Stands

[amazon box=”B01MXMPF7I”]

This perch might not be a popular one, but mkki has good credibility for creating sturdy products. The stand is simple snd not overwhelmed with extra appealing aspects, but it is exceptionally safe for parrots of all sizes. The bar has a vibrant blue color and the suction cups are built strongly to hold on walls.

  • Foldable design
  • Excellent dimension
  • Bathing toy included

2. Polly’s Parrot Shower Stands Bird Perch

Polly’s Shower Bird Perch | Parrot Shower Stands

[amazon box=”B002JARBYM”]

Now, this bird’s perch can support even your large feathered baby for hours. If you want your parrot to spend time in sunlight then the good news, this will give the parrot a stable and comfortable bathing experience. The perch is specially and strongly designed with big suctions cups for large-sized birds.

  • Multipurpose perch
  • Folds flat
  • 1.2lbs only

1. FeatherSmart Parrot Shower Stands Perch

FeatherSmart Parrot Shower Perch | Parrot Shower Stands

[amazon box=”B004HQGZ6Q”]

It is okay to find the straight parrot shower stand offbeat. So, you can go for this round perch instead. It may not seem strong because it is round but it is sturdy enough to be attached to any smooth surface. It features an excellent round shaped design and it includes wood grain PVC for a comfortable grip.

  • Proper support to birds
  • 4 sizes available
  • Made in the US

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When it comes to a parrot shower stand, you may not have plenty of options to choose from. In the article, we tried to accumulate the most reliable stands that can ensure your parrot to remain stress-free during the shower and enjoy the sunlight with utmost stability. However, you need to purchase one that matches your birds’ size. If you have a large parrot, then go for the stand with more powerful suctions.

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