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Aquarium Test Strips

Best Aquarium Test Strips in 2020

If you want to prevent invisible water problems in your aquariums, getting an aquarium test strip is a must. Having an aquarium test strip allows you to prevent problems that can be harmful to your fish. It allows you to monitor the pH level, nitrite level, and such easily. Plus, an aquarium test strip is […]

Fruits That Dogs Can Eat

Fruits That Dogs Can Eat

Even though we all know the extremely nutritional benefits varieties of fruits have to offer, we need to understand that it’s not the same for dogs. We, as humans, could likely consume various amounts of fruits and in it, they offer minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants for our body. On the flip side, some fruits do […]

Steps To Gain Weight on Skinny Dog

Steps To Gain Weight on Skinny Dog

Some dogs are just basically skinny naturally from birth, which doesn’t necessarily indicate an unhealthy weight or body. And some dogs are skinny for apparent reasons such as the lack of nutrients, unbalanced food portions, unhealthy ingredients, too many physical activities, and the list goes on. Hence, to figure out how to put some weight […]

Bearded Dragon Terrarium

Best Bearded Dragon Terrarium in 2020

Bearded dragon can live up to a decade and many more years. And for this long time, they can give you joy if you can take care of them properly. You will need to establish a certain temperature within their habitat. You’ll need a 20 gallon to 40-gallon tank depending on the size of the […]

Bearded dragons accessories

Top 10 Best Bearded Dragon Accessories in 2020

If you want a reptile for a pet, you could always rely on bearded dragons. They are one of the most popular and sought-after reptile pets around the globe. These animals are quite renowned for their friendly behavior and appearance. They eat a variety of foods and do not need complicated lifestyles like turtles. So, […]

Bearded Dragon Food

Top 10 Best Bearded Dragon Food in 2020

If you know well about reptiles, you must be familiar with bearded dragons. Bearded dragons come with less complexity in living compared to turtles or chameleon. They are friendly and easy to pet. From fruit to small insects, they eat a variety type of foods. So, there are a lot of options when it comes […]

Frog Habitats

Best Frog Habitats in 2020

Frogs are relatively inexpensive when compare to many other pets such as dogs and cats. While the starting costs may be between $100 and $300, the basic maintenance cost is quite easily affordable and foods are quite cheap. With an average life span of 5-10 years, some of them can live up to 15-25 years […]

Reptile Tanks

Top 10 Best Reptile Tanks in 2020

Domesticating reptiles is becoming increasingly popular. Though daunting at first sight, but once they grow on you, these cold-blooded hard-backed creatures are extremely endearing! A lot of lizard and amphibian lovers take their pet lizard to the park or let their ball pythons bask in the sun in their gardens. Snakes swim in some people’s […]

Bearded Dragon Leashes

Top 10 Best Bearded Dragon Leashes in 2020

Bearded dragons are one of the most adorable reptiles as pets. If you have one or more of these bearded friends, you might be thinking about roaming around with it. Your beardy will love to explore the outdoors. With leashes, it will be like roaming around his terrarium but with much bigger space. However, you […]

Plastic Dog Bowls

Best Plastic Dog Bowls of 2020

Who doesn’t love dogs? They are the best pets to have around! They are cute and cuddly and they fool around in the house giving you a laugh or two. It is very precious animals and they should be treated right. Like humans, dogs also deserve balanced diets and healthy meal plans. So you have […]