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Top 10 Best Lightweight Bird Carrier In 2022

Lightweight Bird Carrier

Have you ever thought about leaving your bird at home to go on a trip? We won’t be surprised if the answer is YES! It’s definitely hard to maintain pet birds on the journey. It’s not because birds are chaotic but carrying a bird in a heavy backpack or a cage everywhere might make you exhausted. Well, we can give you a solution.

Just don’t carry heavy cages anymore! Try choosing lightweight bird carriers while traveling. Numerous companies make lightweight carriers just for birds. These carriers are easy to handle and also comfortable for pet birds. So, to make your next journey perfect, we picked the ten best lightweight bird carriers from the market along with some description. Choose carriers from this list and see if it satisfies both you and your bird.

Best Lightweight Bird Carrier Review

10. AK KYC Bird Carrier Bag Portable Travel Bird Cage

AK KYC Bird Carrier Bag Portable Travel Bird Cage | Lightweight Bird Carrier

[amazon box=”B08BZ5C7G5″]

AK KYC’s Bird carrier is one of the best lightweight bird carriers with a proper ventilation system. It provides enough space for birds to be comfortable on trips. This bird carrier has a shoulder strap design that aids the owner to carry the bird without any hassle.

  • Contains a solid wood perch
  • Has a double zipper design
  • Provides effortless cleaning opportunity

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9. Colorday Lightweight Bird Carrier

Colorday Lightweight Bird Carrier | Lightweight Bird Carrier

[amazon box=”B07G748NQF”]

If you love to be in style always, this bird carrier would be the perfect choice for you! The bag will increase your pet bird’s mental health and act as a charm for you. It comes with dual zippers and four-sided ventilation slots. Your bird can feel the fresh air quickly without getting stressed of long journeys.

  • Offers a panoramic sunroof design
  • Takes less time in assembling/disassembling
  • Contains a perfect wood perch for footing

8. QBLEEV Bird Travel Carrier

QBLEEV Bird Travel Carrier | Lightweight Bird Carrier

[amazon box=”B084RF19LW”]

You can consider QBLEEV’s this fashionable bird carrier as the best product for taking your bird to the vet, walking, hiking, traveling, camping, and whatever you like to do on vacation. The carrier comes with a panoramic sunroof design. It is highly recommended if your bird loves to vision at a 360-degree angle.

  • Available in different sizes
  • Made of high-quality PVC
  • Light in weight and portable

7. Bird Backpack Carrier with Portable Bird Feeder Cups

Bird Backpack Carrier with Portable Bird Feeder Cups | Lightweight Bird Carrier

[amazon box=”B083Q7W54H”]

Are you always worried about how your bird’s doing inside the backpack? Well, Juniqute’s backpack is a complete see-through carrier by which you can monitor how your birdie is doing throughout the whole journey.

This bird carrier has a portable perch, which you can also remove while carrying any other pet. It is a uniquely designed backpack where you’ll also find portable bird feeder cups, bird food containers, treat box, etc. You can call this bag a perfect fit for a long term vacation!

  • Doesn’t need carrying in hands
  • Has a portable rope perch
  • Offers accessories related to bird feeding

6. Prevue Pet Products Soft Sided Bird Travel Carrier

Prevue Pet Products Soft Sided Bird Travel Carrier | Lightweight Bird Carrier

[amazon box=”B0748JBMXP”]

This lightweight, portable bird carrier offers extinguishable features in both the bag’s exterior and interior. It has a detachable shoulder strap for easy carrying while a removable interior floor covering helps keep the bag neat and tidy.

The bag has a vibrant look with a standard design. There is also a breathable wire mesh window on both sides so that the bird inside can have swift airflow.

  • Best for short trips
  • Comes with a detachable shoulder strap with pad
  • Provides proper ventilation

5. TeemorShop Pet Parrot Carrier

TeemorShop Pet Parrot Carrier | Lightweight Bird Carrier

[amazon box=”B07T42B3LN”]

TeemorShop’s bird carrier has a couple of breathing holes on both sides of the bag. If you are worried about your bird being stressed, consider this bag a savior on trips.

The backpack comes in a standard design where the perch can be used separately. It also comes in a beautiful color that’ll immediately light up your mood.

  • Contains breathing holes on both sides
  • Provides a 360-degrees panoramic view
  • Light in weight and easily portable

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4. N/C Pet Carrier Backpack, Bird Travel Cage

N/C Pet Carrier Backpack, Bird Travel Cage | Lightweight Bird Carrier

[amazon box=”B08D3PX7JW”]

N/C bird carrier is super easy to handle with the perfect ventilation system. This backpack is not only convenient for carrying birds only but also comfortable in carrying other pets. It has a transparent design that allows birds or other pets to enjoy a wide-angle view.

  • Comes in double zipper design
  • Gives a stylish appearance
  • Can be carried on the shoulder


3. Halinfer Bird Carrier Backpack

Halinfer Bird Carrier Backpack | Lightweight Bird Carrier

[amazon box=”B07W7H7VYR”]

Halinfer’s bird carrier is by far the most unique backpack on our list. It has a stainless-steel tray along with a velvet-lined soft mat. The backpack is designed like a space capsule, providing your bird with a maximum air circulation.

  • Contains several holes for ventilation on both sides and in the front
  • Has adjustable shoulder straps
  • See-through in design

2. Perfitel Bird Travel Cage

Perfitel Bird Travel Cage | Lightweight Bird Carrier

[amazon box=”B089K6PYZC”]

This travel bird carrier provides the perfect air circulation that will make your pet bird cheerful while traveling. The design contains portable features. You can use the bag carrying in your hands or on your shoulder, whichever is comfortable for you.

  • Easy to carry
  • Provides proper ventilation and transparency
  • Suitable for all-sized birds

1. Prevue Pet Products Travel Carrier for Birds

Prevue Pet Products Travel Carrier for Birds | Lightweight Bird Carrier

[amazon box=”B074FCFG7K”]

Prevue Pet Products are always sustainable than other companies. They focus mainly on sturdiness while keeping the cage light in weight. The carrier is designed, so that pet birds are safely locked up inside during trips.

  • Contains welded bracket seat belt collars
  • Consists of solid cup doors
  • Sturdy and lighter than other cages

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While traveling, pet birds need proper safety precautions as well as comfort in their carriers. The owners need comfort, too, while carrying these backpacks. Hence, our recommendations are entirely based on the pleasant journey that both the bird and bird owner requires. So, go choose the perfect lightweight carrier for your birdie and start planning your next trip right now!

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