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How To Train Your Dog To Walk On A Leash?

How To Train Your Dog To Walk on A Leash ?

A leash is a kind of specialized rope that is used to control by attaching it to a particular object. Most of them are tied around the neck. Dog leashes are ideal for walking in public places. They help to protect your dog from escaping as well as protecting other persons from dog bites. The length of a leash for your dog will depend on the size of the dog you want to control. A better rope should be of medium size. Long ropes may cause accidents with aggressive dogs, and short leashes may not be comfortable to the dog as well as the person controlling the pet.

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How To Train Your Dog To Walk on A Leash ?

The most effective way to treat your dog to walk on the leash is to let him walk by your side. If it walks ahead of you, pull it and likewise. Then, reward your dog if he walks by your side. By doing so many times, your dog will eventually learn how to walk on a leash. The following steps will help you learn how to train your pet walk on a leash.

1. Choose leash for your dog with a harness

leash for your dog

  • Choose an appropriate leash for your dog. A light rope is ideal to begin the training, especially if you have a small dog.
  • Attach your dog to the leash of the medium size with a harness, and let him get used to. This is because some dogs go crazy when they are attached to a rope. Stop holding the leash and allow your dog to run around the yard. Then play with him for a while.

2. Reward your dogs

reward for your dogs

  • Have a reward for your dogs like a piece of meat, slices of cheese, or a small chunk of a hot dog. Then walk with your pet.
  • Let your dog walk on your right or left side. If your pet walks by your side, reward your dog right away. Continue doing so, and after sometimes, you will realize that your dog will stay on that side since that is where the treat reward appears. It would help you if you were patient and supportive of your dog as he learns how to walk on a leash. It would be best if you stopped terrible behavior as they occur without getting angry.
  • Walk randomly around your backyard, and every time your dog decides to walk beside you, make sure you reward him with praise. If your dog continues walking beside you the way you want, treat him each time. In case you see he is becoming better off, reduce how often you reward him.

3. Know Their Limit

Know their Limit

  • If your dog stops coming to you, you may apply a gentle leash pressure. A leash pressure is for reminding him of your presence. It is not meant to force the dog towards you or as a form of punishment. If he starts following you, release the pressure to make him feel comfortable.
  • If it reaches a time where you see that your dog is entirely interested in you, stop and take him inside the house. Try again later in the day.
  • Repeat the same procedure until you realize that your dog is staying beside you most of the time. Be consistent in your training and communicate appropriately to your dog on what you need. This will help him develop good behavior as well as following instructions.

Training your dog to walk on a leash is essential. Dog leashes protect to your dog, especially when going to public places. They help to reduce the chances of accidents such as been hit by a car or attacked by other dogs. It is beneficial not to use a retractable leash. This is because you may have a hard time controlling your dog.

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