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How To Take Care Of Your Dog During Summer And Winter?

Being the owner of a pet leads you to wear many hats. All the work, including taking care of the pet’s activity, safety, food habit, and overall well-being, falls on your shoulders. Again, with the season change, the care measures change as well.

Hence, you ought to train yourself how to take care of a pet before getting one. If you are planning to get a pet dog down the line, this article is going to be a great help to you. It covers everything that you need to know regarding how to take care of your dog during summer and winter both. So, quickly skim through the next sections to learn all about it right away.

How To Take Care Of Your Dog During Summer And Winter?

1. Summer Care

Summer Care | How To Take Care Of Your Dog During Summer And Winter

  • Prolonged exposure to direct sun induces a discomfort feeling to your dog, in fact, it can cause minor or severe heatstroke even. Because dogs don’t sweat, they pant to cool off instead, for which they instinctively rummage for a cooler surface. When they don’t get such an ambiance to cool down for a long time, they can fall sick at any time.
  • So, try not to leave your pet dog open for longer than an hour under the blazing sunlight. In the circumstances, when you can’t avoid it, make sure to provide shade through an umbrella or similar other alternatives. Limiting direct sun exposure is vital to keep you doggo happy and healthy during scorching summer.
  • Perhaps you already know, the body temperatures of dogs are relatively higher than ours, which makes it vital for you to keep your home temperature and humidity level on a certain level. To ensure that your dog stays comfortable, make sure your home has a temperature below 70 degrees F along with a humidity level between 30 to 60 percent.
  • Like humans, dogs, too, feel enervated by agonizing summer heat. What makes it worse is dehydration. So, make sure you are supplying your dog with plenty of water during the summer season. Also, if possible, consider providing cool water once or twice a day as well.
  • Try bringing organic and natural foods to your dog’s plate during the summer instead of providing processed foods. Try to pick items with higher water content, such as meat, carrots, watermelon, pumpkin, basil, and more.
  • On another note, as you know, dogs pant in an attempt to release body heat, which consumes a great deal of energy. Therefore, to ensure the health and vitality of your dog, make sure you are providing it with adequate food.
  • In summer, cushiony bedding can cause discomfort to your dog, so take out cushion covers from your dog’s bed. Also, don’t shut the doghouse door so that the air can pass through easily. Furthermore, during extreme temperatures, let your dog sleep on the tiled floor as that would be a more comfortable lying surface for them.

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2. Winter Care

Winter Care | | How To Take Care Of Your Dog During Summer And Winter

  • Dog care during the winter is almost the opposite of the summertime. Due to heavy fog and snow, the sun barely becomes visible. But, whenever it does, try to go out to sunbathe your dog as it’s very vital for your dog’s well-being.
  • For outdoor activities, choose only the warmer time of the day. Make sure to wrap up its body with a leather coat or any kind of sweater. However, if dews or snow flecks fall on its body by any chance, wipe it off right away with a damp cloth, otherwise, your dog will catch a cold.
  • Like human skin, dog’s skins too become cracky and flaky during cold months—especially their paws, tail, and ears’ skin. And, to prevent this, you got to apply a special dog moisturizer to those areas. You can purchase dog moisturizer from any pet store, but as a natural moisturizer, coconut oil works wonders.
  • The home temperature and humidity level should be the same as we recommend for the summertime. However, if you are lighting a fire or using a room heater to raise the room temperature, make sure to keep them away from your dog’s reach.
  • Dogs tend to eat more during cold months, on the other hand, their physical activities significantly decreased due to the cold. Eventually, this will end up making your furry pal fatty and inactive. To get rid of this, feed your dog, maintaining a diet plan which includes less food yet proper nutrition.
  • Insulate your dog’s house to impede the winter breeze from penetrating. Also, provide comfy cushiony bedding and blankets to create a cozy ambiance to keep your pet sound and warm while sleeping.

3. General Care for All Seasons

General Care for All Seasons | How To Take Care Of Your Dog During Summer And Winter

  • Grooming is crucial for dogs to be hale and hearty. You don’t have to groom your dog on a daily basis, rather give it professional grooming once a month. However, to keep it clean and dirt-free, give it a bath once a week.
  • Leaving your dog unattended in a car can bring deadly consequences. It can lead to suffocation, heatstroke, hyperthermia/hypothermia, and even death.
  • If you notice that your dog is shivering, panting or drooling excessively, or has trouble breathing or vomiting, contact your local vet immediately. Apart from this, if you see them quickly being tried, whining, whimpering, or resting most of the day, keep a close eye and take them to a vet if these symptoms do not omit within 2/3 days.

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How to take care of your dog during summer and winter is deliberately delineated throughout this article. The care measures change drastically as the season changes! So, point out the differences and make sure to apply each of them to your lovely furry pet.

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