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How To Keep Rabbits Warm in Winter?

How To Keep Rabbits Warm in Winter

As you’re coming in here to read this article, you were probably wondering stuff like, do rabbits feel the cold temperature? Do they need the help of humans to be kept warm? How would they survive in the wilderness, once winter arrives? Do they hibernate? And, many more.

Well, those are actually great questions, because we as humans, know very little about animals. Besides, rabbits are one of the cutest and most adorable creatures alive. So it’s great to figure out about them and how to keep them warm when needed.

Before we get started in answering all the questions above, one should know first what type of rabbits these questions are referring to. According to the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), there are currently 49 breeds of rabbits and 106 breeds. According to the British Rabbit Council (BRC), more breeds in other regions of the world are yet to be discovered.

Since there are too many species to discuss in order to help you comprehend the only needed answers, we would simplify the breeds into only 2 categories, domestic rabbits and wild rabbits. Here, we answer your question on how to keep rabbits warm in winter.

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How To Keep Rabbits Warm in Winter?

The simplification into 2 categories will help you understand as to how this rabbit creatures keep warm in the winter since they’re both so different in the way of raising, their conditions, and their environment. Therefore, these rabbits have different methods of staying warm.

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1.) Domestic Rabbits

Domestic Rabbits

First of all, domestic rabbits are also known as house rabbits or pet rabbits which essentially means they live and grow up in a household as a pet to a human being. Meaning, they were raised under the influence of humans.

That doesn’t mean anything bad though. It just means they are used to being within a house perimeter, being feed by their owners, cleansed by their owners, and trained by their owners. They get a great life, basically. In addition to that, since they always live inside a household, when winter starts, it’s of no problem for them.

Since houses in regions that have snowy cold weather will be equipped with a heater, hence they’re kept warm and cozy. Some domestic rabbits do have fur that could keep them warm, but some don’t have such thick coatings.

Therefore, the best way to keep them warm is to let them stay inside your home. Just focus on keeping your home at a temperature of 32 F because that’s ideal for them. Plus, they don’t hibernate at all during winter.

2.) Wild Rabbits

Wild Rabbits

On the other hand, wild rabbits are rabbits found in the wilderness, in the forests and jungles. They are born and raised by their own mother in the wild. Simple means, they learn to hunt for their own food and protect themselves from predators in the process as well.

This obviously makes them totally opposites from domestic rabbits. Furthermore, since they were born in the jungle, they adapted themselves to their environment as time goes on.

Just like we’ve all heard of evolution. That’s how wild rabbits have such thick fur in the winter and they will start shedding during the fall. When winter comes back again, their thick coats will regrow.

On that note, they do build underground hutches for themselves to stay warm too if the cold gets too unbearable. Also, there’s one thing wild rabbits and domestic rabbits have in common. All rabbits in general, they don’t hibernate at all.

After all, didn’t this information answered your curious questions above? Pretty sure it did, and now that you’ve known that some rabbits do need the support of humans and some don’t. You know what needs to be done to aid them in any way possible.

Don’t worry about those wild rabbits, they know how to survive on their own. Worry about keeping your domestic pet rabbits warm would be the whole lesson of this article, basically.

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