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How To Deal With Smelly Water In Your Aquarium?

How To Deal With Smelly Water In Your Aquarium?

Keeping the conditions of an aquarium optimal is essential to ensure that the fish stay healthy and eliminate strong odors. Smelly water is not only a disastrous thing to the fish but also makes the entire house almost uninhabitable. Getting rid of smelly water is an essential process that must be done immediately.

These guidelines will be of importance when it comes to dealing with smelly water in your aquarium.

Tips on How to Deal with Smelly Water Aquarium

1. Prepare all the supplies needed for the task

Prepare all the supplies needed for the tas

Have all the times that will be required for the task ready and in perfect condition. These supplies will include water testing kit, clean cloth or towel, large bucket, scrubbing equipment, among others. While at this, ensure that any of these items are precleaned to ensure that there is no contamination.

2. Empty the water

Empty the water

After setting up the fish in a different place, it is time to get rid of the smelly water. The most effective way to do this is through the use of a siphon. Direct the siphon into the tank and let it sip all the water available. Hold the end to avoid its huge sucking amounts of the substrate. During this process, there is not only the removal of water but also any other substance that could be causing the foul smell.

3. Remove the algae and any other alien substance

Remove the algae and any other alien substance

In most cases, the water turns smelly out of the growth of algae and the falling of foreign substances into the aquarium. Using a magnetic algae cleaner, drag the algae that have been picked out of the tank. You can also use other items that will deliver the same function without contamination.

Note that there should never be the use of detergents or any soap as these cause fatal damages. Handpick any other item that should not be in the aquarium, such as peels and which contribute to the odor.

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4. Filter cleaning

Filter cleaning

Depending on the type used and the extent of damage it could have sustained, there might be the need to replace the filter entirely. However, if it only requires simple cleaning, use fresh and pretreated water. Do not run the filter through tap water, so it will get rid of any available beneficial bacteria.

If you observe that the filter or the sponge has high concentrations of carbon, ion exchange resins, it is advisable to replace them with a new piece. Cleaning will also help to remove substances that could be contributing to the water being smelly.

5. Water replacement

Water replacement

The aquarium has to be tested for any other substances that add to water being smelly in the future even after this process. If there is no component to add to this state, it is time to make a refill. Always ensure that the water being put into the tank is treated with an appropriate conditioner.

It is advisable to ensure that the water is treated in a clean bucket before being powered into the aquarium. This process is essential as it will also require that there is checking and balancing of temperatures. Imbalances must be avoided at all costs as they could cause fatal consequences to the fish.

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6. Replace power connections, filter, and the fish

Replace power connections, filter, and the fish

After having undertaken all the cleaning functions, it is time to put back the fish. Note that there will be the need first to connect the power so that they find conducive conditions to avoid stress. Additionally, the temperatures they were at must be maintained as it would also cause them stress if it bears a huge difference.


This task must not be difficult or done haphazardly as small mistakes could cause extreme damage to the loss of your fish. Be keen when it comes to crucial aspects such as the temperatures of water and the use of pretreated water. Make partial changes if you do not intend to have an entire suitable bacteria replacements. Nothing is stopping you now, its time to get rid of that smelly water in your aquarium with ease.

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