Having an aquarium in your house is exciting and adds to its décor and helps to give peace of mind watching the fish every day. However, the thought of adding water is sometimes frightening as many fear to make mistakes, especially those new to this function. Fortunately, this process is simple and, when done right, keeps the fish tank in perfect condition.

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How To Add Water To An Aquarium?

This guide will be an instrument to help you in adding water to an aquarium and delivers excellent results when correctly done.

1. Pretreat water in a bucket

Pretreat water in a bucket

The buckets to be used must be clean and have no relationship of contact with soap or chemicals. Fill them with fresh water and treat it with the conditioner that has been selected. Note that filling the tank with water directly from the tap is a great risk as it may have harmful chemicals.

2. Unplug the aquarium from its power source

Unplug the aquarium from its power source

Minimize the presence of electricity as you will be working with water, which could pose a huge risk. Reach deep into the tank and disconnect any exposed heating element as a safety precaution.

3. Unplug the filter and have it cleaned

Unplug the filter and have it cleaned

Have the filter disconnected and clean it with clean water. This will ensure that any element other than the good bacteria have been used. Always keep in mind never to use detergents, soaps, and other chemicals as they could affect the life of the fish.

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4. Get rid of dirty plants and artificial devorations

Get rid of dirty plants and artificial devorations

Over time, the artificial decorations alongside the plants present get into contact with dirt, which poses a risk to the fish. It is advisable to remove them and clean them to ensure hygiene. In some cases, it might even require complete elimination if they are way too spoilt or dirty beyond cleaning.

5. Scrab the walls of the tank

Scrab the walls of the tank

Look out for green and brown films that could have formed on the sides and have them scrubbed. Always remember to use water that is pretreated with a conditioner and no soap or detergent. Have this done on both the inside and outside while being keen not to hurt the fish.

6. Add water into the aquarium

Add water into the aquarium

After cleaning the aquarium and replacing the old and dirty decorations and plants, it is time to have a refill. Note the temperature of the remaining amount of water and compare it with that to be added into the aquarium.

Having great differences in temperatures is not advisable as it could have negative effects on the fish.

Add the fresh and clean water into the tank up to the desired level. Ensure that the bucket being used does not come into contact with the water inside to prevent the entry of germs and other harmful elements.

7. Replace the plants and artificial decorations and reconnect power and filters

Replace the plants and artificial decorations and reconnect power and filters

Once the aquarium has been cleaned and water added, it is time to move back the plants and decorations. In some cases, it may require the addition of new once if they have suffered extreme damage.

After all the above has been done to the letter, replace the filters, and reconnect the power. As a precautionary measure, always connect with dry hands to avoid electrocution.


This is a task that requires being attentive to details as any mistake is likely to cause huge losses. It is an opportunity to clean and make the habitat conducive for your fish. Where expertise to carry out the function is missing, it is advisable to ask for help from professionals.

Having carried out this process successfully, there will be no chance of errors while safeguarding the life of your fish.

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