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Homemade Toy For Rabbits | Your Rabbits Will Love This

Homemade Toy For Rabbits

Keeping pets is an expensive hobby. You not only have to care for your pets, feed them, clothe them, take care of their medical problems, but you also have to keep them entertained. This article is about how to entertain your pet rabbit with homemade toys which are not a strain on your wallet!

You can make toys for your pet rabbit from items found in your home that you overlook all the time. For example, you know that rabbits like to chew on anything, so just make them a toy from unused sticks, toilet paper rolls, pinecones, wooden blocks, junk mail paper, bath towels, and even rag dolls.

A well thought out homemade toy will not only keep your pet rabbit entertained but will also stimulate its mind and improve its spirits!

Homemade Toy For Rabbits

1. Stick and Toilet Paper Roll Homemade Chew Toy

Stick and Toilet Paper Roll Homemade Chew Toy | Homemade Toy For Rabbits

A stick and toilet paper roll chew toy are a great way to stimulate natural behaviors such as chewing on bushes or trees that your rabbit would have exhibited if it were in its natural environment outdoors. Rabbits are naturally inclined towards gnawing on sticks so they will love this simple homemade toy.

Just take a toilet paper roll and make holes in it. Then put sticks in the holes that you have made. Only make sure to space out the sticks so that the rabbit can comfortably chew on the sticks.

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2. Pine Cone Homemade Chew Toy

Pine Cone Homemade Chew Toy | Homemade Toy For Rabbits

Rabbits in the wild often play with pinecones that have dropped from pine trees. Indoor pet rabbits will also love chewing on pine cones provided you make them safe for your rabbits. Let us start with making sure that the pinecones are absolutely dry and that there aren’t any residual oils or tree sap inside the cones.

These substances can be toxic for your pet rabbit. You should take a pinecone and fill it with warm water and white vinegar to clean out any insects, dirt, oils, or sap. Next, after completely drying out the pinecones, it’s now ready to be presented to your pet rabbit for playing.

3. Wood Block Homemade Chew Toy

Wood Block Homemade Chew Toy | Homemade Toy For Rabbits

Wooden blocks are great homemade toys for your rabbit to chew on. Like every other homemade toy, it’s necessary to make sure that the wood is safe for the rabbit. It’s best to use an untreated, unfurnished piece of wooden panel or block which you can buy at any departmental store.

4. Junk Mail Homemade Chew Toy

Junk Mail Homemade Chew Toy | Homemade Toy For Rabbits

We all get tons of junk mail in our mailboxes every year. Usually, these papers are thrown into the garbage pile. Why not make some exciting homemade toy from this junk mail for our pet rabbits?

It’s as easy as taking some regular papers, crumpling them in your palm, and then rolling them into paper balls which the rabbits can chew on and play with them like a ball. Just beware that the junk mail paper is not glossy, it does not have too much ink or colors, and has no glue, adhesives, or plastic in them.

5. Paper Bag Hiding Homemade Toy

Paper Bag Hiding Homemade Toy | Homemade Toy For Rabbits

A paper bag hiding toy is really literal! You do not have to do anything to the paper bag. Just leave it in your pets living area and the rabbits will play with the paper bags on their own. If the paper bag is large enough, they can even play hide and seek!

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6. Bath Towels

Bath Towels | Homemade Toy For Rabbits

Bath towels are an extremely simple toy for your pet rabbits. Rabbits take great joy in playing with bath towels because the fabric allows them to chew, tug, drag them around, and dig within it.

However, rabbits will excrete to their heart’s desire on the immensely comfortable bath towels, so only use those towels that you never plan on using yourself!

7. Rag Doll

Rag Doll | Homemade Toy For Rabbits

Making a doll might sound a little too complicated for you but remember that the rabbit is not as intelligent as a human being is. Therefore, a rag doll for a rabbit is just a bath towel or piece of rag cloth that you can tie a few knots in and voila, it’s a rag doll made exclusively for a rabbit!

Your pet rabbit will have a fabulous time playing and throwing around the “rag doll” and even have fun chewing on it. In fact, rabbits’ favorite play act is to chomp down on stuff!

8. Foraging toys

Foraging toys Homemade Toy For Rabbits

Rabbits in the wild are natural foragers. Even rabbits who have been bred for captivity such as your pet rabbit have some natural foraging urges, which if ignored could lead to underdevelopment. So here is where foraging toys come into action.

Stuffing a tube of wicker, downspout, or even toilet paper with tasty food that the rabbit prefers is a great way to stimulate your rabbit’s mental growth and physical wellbeing. Just stuff a tube with a mixture of pellets or vegetables or herbs combined with timothy hay.

Only remember not to pack the tube too tightly since the rabbit might have a hard time reaching the food. If the rabbit looks uninterested, then try putting some treats on either mouth of the tube to coax the rabbit into playing.

9. Things to Look Out for

Things to Look Out for | Homemade Toy For Rabbits

As mentioned above, there are some things which you must make safe for your rabbits before they get to play with them. Rabbits are such delicate creatures that many things might be fatal to them, such as wood lacquer, staples and glue in papers, and plastic bits from certain toys that could make your rabbit choke to death.

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Rabbits are very playful pets that love to play on their own and socialize with humans in playful bonding time. Just locate some toys that your rabbit particularly likes and spend some time in close proximity.

Rabbits that do not get enough physical exercise can become lethargic, obese, and feel unloved by their humans. In such scenarios, rabbits might fall sick due to depression and die.

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