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Best Hedgehog Wooden House In 2022

Hedgehog Wooden House

Hedgehog wooden houses are a secure place for them to take shelter, breed, and stay protected from other animals. If are an animal lover, and you want hedgehogs to hibernate in your backyard or want them to live in your garden, you can put a wooden hedgehog house at any corner. Very soon you will see a hedgehog dwelling there in peace.

Besides, if you have children at your home it will be an exciting and educational time for them. Just like every other animal, hedgehog too prefers a nice safe wooden house to keep them warm, protect them from cold, and allow them to breed and give birth.

A wooden house will help them have an independent home and allow them to hide whenever they feel threatened. Hedgehog wooden houses do not take much space in your garden but will help them to overcome the dilemma of finding a good place to rest. Since they do not find wooden houses in the wild many hedgehogs tend to live in the bonfire, which a very risky place is given that it can catch fire anytime.

In this article, we have discussed the product ‘hedgehog wooden house for a garden as summer winter dormitory’ that you can get at an affordable price.

Best Hedgehog Wooden House Review

1. Hedgehog Wooden House 

Hedgehog Wooden House | Hedgehog Wooden House

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This house is ideal for hedgehogs who are planning to hibernate throughout winter or take shelter from extreme heat during the summer months. Besides the wooden house is weather-resistant. This wooden house can be placed anywhere, starting from your garden to the backyard and even inside your house or on your balcony. This hedgehog wooden house is made of hardwood and is small enough to accommodate one single hedgehog.

Unlike guinea pigs hedgehogs do not live in groups, so keeping this in mind this wooden hedgehog house was built to keep hedgehogs separately and also hedgehogs also do not need extra space to feed. Although it is spacious enough to hold 1 -2 hedgehogs inside. This wooden house is pre-treated with natural oils. This oil prevents moisture from buildup up inside the walls during summer.

One of the best features of this wooden house is that it is very easy to clean. You can wash it with soap and water, and rinse it using your hand. You can also pour boiling water inside and the wood shall still be as new. This is partly because of the natural oil coating too. You can lay a soft bedding side the wooden house, where it can rest, stay warm, and sleep.

It has a comfortable design that makes the hedgehogs feel secured. The house can be filled with straw, hay, or foliage to make it look naturalistic. Moreover, it has a big entrance, hedgehogs will have little or no trouble entering and leaving. The house is, square-shaped, with windows and a door.

The windows allow air to pass in and out of the house, allowing proper ventilation. It has a plain roof, rather than a curved or tilted one. Your hedgehogs can climb over it and sunbathe during chilly days. Its door is big enough for adult hedgehogs to pass, however, the entrance is not big enough for other animals to enter the house and hurt the hedgehogs. Wooden houses like this last for a long time. The house is durable and strong enough to protect the tiny creatures during adverse weather conditions.

  • The wooden walls are pre-treated with oil
  • Has a door and a window
  • Made using natural pine wood
  • Safer than heap compost habitats
  • Has a natural color and can blend in with the environment
  • Lightweight and can be easily transported
  • Has internal division boards
  • Allows hedgehogs to hibernate, mate, and give birth
  • Resistant against odor
  • Easy to clean
  • Long-lasting and highly durable
  • Easy to set up, does not require assembly
  • If you have 3-4 hedgehogs you need to get two houses, as more than two hedgehogs would not fit inside.

Hedgehogs are innocent creatures that need proper housing. Housing that will not easily catch fire, can keep them protected from wind, hailstorm, scorching sun, and rain. Plastic hedgehog houses may be light, but they not wear and tear-resistant.

Debris accumulates there easily, and scratches from the hedgehog’s clay nails leave marks all around its wall. Steel houses are heavy, durable but not resistant to odor. They also accumulate gases and may cause hedgehogs to be suffocated. The best choice would be a wooden house, the hedgehog wooden house reviewed here has all the necessary features that will keep your pet hedgehogs safe and secured.

If we consider its price, it is very reasonable. You will get this wooden hedgehog house within $16 to $25. If you order from the official amazon site, extra shipping charges will be added if you are residing outside the USA. Considering its style, pattern, and quality it has a very good price deal. You might also get this wooden house within $14 – $15 if you buy it from your nearby store if they allow a bargain. We would recommend you this wooden house for your hedgehog.

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Now that you have read this article, you should know about all the features this hedgehog wooden house possesses. Considering the pleasant and positive reviews it has received from other customers you should give it a try and check it out for yourself.

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