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Best Hedgehog Playpen In 2022

playpen cage for hedgehogs

If you bring them out of their enclosure, you might need to get a playpen for your hedgehog. They can help you make sure your hedgehog doesn’t run away and disappear in the corners of your house. Having a playpen would also make it easy for your hedgehog to get some extra space while you keep a close eye on him. Make sure you pick one that doesn’t have wide bars that the hedgehog might get entangled in.

When it comes to choosing a hedgehog playpen, you have a range of choices based on the proportion of room you need to put the playpen in your house, and also the budget you set. Check out this list of the 10 best hedgehog playpens we picked out below and take your pick!

Best Hedgehog Playpen Review

10. JYYG Playpen

JYYG Playpen | Hedgehog Playpen

[amazon box=”B07SKP1LPP”]

JYYG Playpen is ideal for small animals including puppies, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, kittens, etc. The playpen can be quickly built and removed with the DIY style. The playpen can withstand bites and scratches from your little furry friend.

All the panels are made from high-quality metal. You can attach each of them with very little effort. The detachable panels make it easier for you to alter the size of the playpen as needed.

  •  Easy to set up
  •  Suitable for multiple animals
  •  Robust parts

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9. SONGMICS Playpen

SONGMICS Playpen | Hedgehog Playpen

[amazon box=”B07FQ411ZH”]

The playpen comes with a durable frame to help you to carry it without breaking apart in your hands. The fencing can be arranged into various configurations for various areas. You can explore DIY ideas and build a cozy environment for your little furry friends.

The panels are made from high-quality plastic sheets which makes the playpen resistant to water and dust. ABS connectors make it easy to set up the playpen without breaking a sweat.

  •  Comes with a bottom panel
  •  Transparent
  •  Easy to clean up

8. Kathson Playpen

Kathson Playpen | Hedgehog Playpen

[amazon box=”B07YFCWHY2″]

Kathson has a perfect playpen made just for small animals like hedgehogs. The strong steel frame holds the structure together and helps you to snap it open in a few seconds.

The pen is made from durable polyester and has a net material surrounding it from all sides. Your hedgehog would stay cool and you would be able to see them all the time.

  •  Lightweight and portable
  •  Instant setup
  •  Breathable

7. Tfwadmx Playpen

Tfwadmx Playpen | Hedgehog Playpen

[amazon box=”B07R9MRY34″]

Available in 3 different sizes, this playpen would be a great choice for setting up a safe playing area anywhere in the house. The transparent panels allow you to easily interact with the pet inside.

The fabric used in this playpen is very soft and absolutely safe for your hedgehog to be in contact with. The breathable material can keep your pet cool and dry.

  •  Waterproof
  •  Allows easy storage
  • Transparent

6. Befx Playpen

Befx Playpen | Hedgehog Playpen

[amazon box=”B08D3R2T5W”]

The Befx playpen is extremely lightweight so you can carry it around to find the perfect spot for your hedgehog. With the mesh design, you can see your dear pet as they jump around inside the pen.

With the high-quality fabric material, the playpen can be washed easily. The mesh covering on the sides increases ventilation.

  •  Breathable mesh fabric
  •  Portable
  •  Suitable for both indoor and outdoor setup

5. Rypet Playpen

Rypet Playpen | Hedgehog Playpen

[amazon box=”B07VP2QQDF”]

Rypet is offering a playpen that is affordable, compact, and efficient. You can set up a perfect play area for your hedgehog no matter where you are.

With excellent polyester fabric and steel frame construction, the playpen is made to withstand extensive use. The colorful design makes it look more fun and lively.

  •  Strong build
  •  In-built frame pops open instantly
  • Lightweight

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4. Tespo Pet Playpen

Tespo Pet Playpen | Hedgehog Playpen

[amazon box=”B06XTG94TH”]

You can create the ideal playing environment for your favorite hedgehog with the help of this playpen from Tespo. It provides adequate space and lets you interact with your pet.

With the cable ties, the playpen can be altered into different shapes and angles. The transparent panels allow you to keep an eye on your pets as they play inside.

  •  Easy to expand
  •  Anti-slip parts
  •  Transparent panels

3. Casifor Playpen

Casifor Playpen | Hedgehog Playpen

[amazon box=”B07VNM4BZ2″]

Casifor is offering you a playpen that can make your life more convenient while keeping your hedgehog happy. You can fold it together to store it away after using it.

The playpen is made from durable polyester material which makes it a long-lasting option for your hedgehog. And since the base material is fabric instead of metal, the pen is very lightweight.

  •  Lightweight
  •  Easy to carry around
  • Can be folded easily

2. Amakunft Portable Playpen

Amakunft Portable Playpen | Hedgehog Playpen

[amazon box=”B07P6PVLB7″]

Since the playpen doesn’t weigh more than an apple, you can carry it around easily. You can quickly set it up to create a fun playing area for your hedgehog.

The colorful design of the playpen can make this a great addition to lighten up your household. The polyester fabric and flexible steel frame make the playpen robust as well as lightweight.

  •  Different sizes available
  •  Good for transportation
  •  Durable steel frame

1. Amazon Basics Foldable Playpen

Amazon Basics Foldable Playpen | Hedgehog Playpen

[amazon box=”B0758FX7MT”]

With this simple but excellent playpen from Amazon Basics, you would have to invest only once. The build quality is top-notch. Just simply unfold the panels to get your desired playpen.

The playpen is made from premium quality metal and has a black finish. You get a spacious area for your hedgehog to play in.

  •  Robust metal construction
  •  Easy and quick setup
  •  Can be folded to save storage space

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We always want the best for our pets since they are nothing less than a family member. We tried highlighting the key aspects of each of the listed products above. One of the playpens may end up being a residence for your hedgehog.

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