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Best Hedgehog House In 2022

Hedgehog houses! Hedgehogs are precious animals who need shelter as much as any other independent animal does. Especially during the winter months, hedgehogs need a safe and secured place to hibernate and breed. Hedgehog houses also provide them a home and a resting place, where they can live, eat and grow peacefully without any discomfort. On the other hand, hedgehogs are also small nocturnal animals, so it would be difficult for most owners to keep an eye on them at odd times at night.

Hedgehog houses prevent them from running around, climbing onto furniture and curtains, and certainly keeps them in check. You can have proper sleep at night knowing your little furry animals are safe, secured, and are not causing havoc at home.

Hedgehog houses are common nowadays, people tend to clear a portion of their backyard or garden and place hedgehog houses there. If you are looking for hedgehog houses there are plenty of different styles and designs to choose from. To make it easy for you, we have reviewed ‘Litty hedgehog house for the garden’, check it out and you can decide whether you want it for your pet.

Best Hedgehog House Review

1. Litty Hedgehog Houses for Garden

Litty Hedgehog Houses for Garden | Hedgehog House

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Litty Hedgehog House for the garden is a wooden hedgehog house that keeps hedgehogs secured and sheltered. It is a modern house built for hedgehogs for hibernation and breeding. The house is very cozy, warm, and smooth. It is spacious enough for a mother hedgehog and her family to spend the winter months. The house is not too light nor too heavy, but is quite durable and can withstand strong cold winds. You can keep the house both indoors and outdoors. During the winter months, it protects hedgehogs from strong winds, while in summer it allows air to pass in and out and prevents the accumulation of moisture inside.

It does not allow the buildup of any pungent smell of waste products or debris, the ventilation system takes of the odor problem. Owners do not need to worry about their hedgehogs if a storm or a fierce wind is raging outside, this house is durable enough to shelter their hedgehogs and protect them.

You can simply keep this hedgehog house in any corner of your garden or backyard, fill it with straw, hay, grass, and other materials that can act as soft bedding for your pet hedgehogs and you are all good. Your pet hedgehogs will absolutely love this house and enjoy their time there.

The roof of the house is made of tree bark and is designed to make it look polished. The entire house is waterproof and protected against all sorts of weather conditions. It also a smooth wooden floor to make sure your hedgehogs are comfortable inside. It has a long u-shaped door where the hedgehog can sunbathe during winter.

The door is large enough for them to pass through. The house also has a window which is made of wood. The front door is big enough for your hedgehogs to freely move in and out. Its roof has a unique and attractive design. It has small wooden logs styled over it in a wavy manner.

The house is spacious enough to accommodate 2 to 3 hedgehogs together. If your hedgehog has a small family, they too can fit in easily. Moreover, the hedgehog house has been designed using lightweight materials to make it easy for it to be carried and set up from one place to another. The house also has a little window, you can check on your pets from time to time without having to interrupt them. The house can also be cleaned easily with water and soap, which makes it reusable.

  • Weatherproof house
  • Waterproof
  • Has durable wooden walls
  • Allows owners to check on their pet without interruption
  • Does not allow odor buildup
  • Can protect your pets from the UV rays
  • It will prevent them from predators
  • them to breed and give birth
  • lightweight and weighs about 500 grams
  • Affordable
  • Encourages hedgehogs to adapt to a permanent living lifestyle
  • Starts to wear out after few years

Most of the hedgehog houses are available at an affordable price. Even though the price depends on the quality, materials used to make the hedgehog house, and also the company which makes it, wooden hedgehog houses are by far the most cost-effective ones.

While buying a hedgehog house make sure you can keep it both indoors and outdoors. As your hedgehogs would need free air and a change of atmosphere too. Considering all options and all its features, Litty hedgehog House for the garden is one of the best hedgehog houses to get for your pet hedgehog. It is wooden, fresh, will give your hedgehogs a lovely warm ambiance.

It will not irritate your hedgehogs and bring them any type of allergies from its material. You can easily get this hedgehog house for $33 to $35. Many of you may think there are other hedgehog houses available in the market for half this price but are you sure they are worth your money? Litty hedgehog house has been highly praised by people who previously used it and have stated how delighted they are with its features. Hence, we would recommend you buy it and see it for yourself.

Now that you have read our article, you should have a clear idea about all the types of garden houses available for hedgehogs. Litty hedgehog house for a garden is available on Amazon and you can easily order it online. Get yourself a Litty hedgehog house for your pet hedgehog or to provide a resting place for the ones living in your neighborhood.

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