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Top 10 Best Hedgehog Food in 2022

hedgehog food

Have you decided to keep this spiky, adorable, and little creature as your pet? If you are nodding, then you better ensure that you take home the best hedgehog food. After all, it is your responsibility, and you must live up to it and do right by it.

It is obvious that they love things like caterpillars, millipedes, worms, snails, slugs, and crickets. However, it is also obvious that they are hard to find naturally. That’s why you can rely on these hedgehogs for all its nutrition needs. Check it!

Top 10 Best Hedgehog Food in 2022

10. Vitakraft Nutrition Hedgehog Food

Vitakraft Nutrition Hedgehog Food

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Do you want your hedgehog to have a shiny coat as well as healthy skin? If you are nodding, then it is high time that you considered this hedgehog food. It contains all it takes to achieve that.

If you are wondering about how it achieves that, here is your answer. The hedgehog food contains flax seed, omega fatty acids, natural oils, and proteins.

  • High protein
  • A balanced and healthy diet
  • Tasty
  • Fortified

9. 8 In 1 Ultra-Blend Select Hedgehog Diet

8 In 1 Ultra-Blend Select Hedgehog Diet

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This hedgehog food is among the best in the market today hence worth consideration if you intend to buy food for your pet. That’s regardless of the age of your hedgehog.

That’s because it has all the ingredients necessary for a balanced diet. They are nutrient-rich and wholesome with high fiber content. Some of the nutrients that it contains in high levels are amino acids and animal proteins.

  • The capacity of 22 ounces
  • Fortified with vitamins as well as minerals
  • Great taste
  • Celery free

8. Spikes World Ltd Spikes Semi-moist Hedgehog Food 

Spikes World Ltd Spikes Semi-moist Hedgehog Food

[amazon box=”B005IF7DCA”]

Regardless of the age of your hedgehog, this is a product that remains relevant. After all, the hedgehog food has all the nutrients that your pet needs to grow, reproduce, or simply stay healthy.

The fact that its main ingredient is chicken means that it is hard to resist. It also means that in addition to being tasty, it will also be nutritious. What more would a pet owner wish for?

  • The package has a capacity of 550 grams.
  • 20 grams of this hedgehog food is enough for an adult hedgehog in a night.
  • You can choose to feed your hedgehog with this only or mix with other food.

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7. Suncoast Sugar Gliders Spike’s Delite Hedgehog Premium

Suncoast Sugar Gliders Spike's Delite Hedgehog Premium

[amazon box=”B01MSN0U4M”]

If you happen to keep hedgehog as a pet, you need not worry about what to feed them. Here, we have hedgehog food ideal for them, whether they are adults, reproducing, or young ones that are growing.

It has great ingredients, among them fish proteins, whole soy, and chicken. Therefore, you can feed your pet only that without worrying about whether they are enough as well as healthy.

  • Comes in a package that has a capacity of 1.5 pounds
  • Also comes in a resealable bag
  • It is a combination of proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

6. Tasty Worms 1 Lb Freeze-Dried Mealworms 

Tasty Worms 1 Lb Freeze-Dried Mealworms


[amazon box=”B00L5PAZEA”]

As the name suggests, this is a package of tasty worms. That’s makes it one of the best hedgehog food that your pet deserves. It will absolutely enjoy the freeze-dried mealworms.

The ingredient is natural mealworms. The nutritional composition is moisture, fiber, fat, and protein. It is important to note that protein constitutes more than half of that composition.

  • It complies with FDA.
  • A capacity of 1 lb
  • Expect about 16,000 worms in one package
  • No mold spore or bacterial contamination

5. Fluker’s Gourmet Canned Food

Fluker's Gourmet Canned Food


[amazon box=”B000YFNMVU”]

Sometimes, managing live food for your pet can be tough, if not impossible. Fortunately, you can buy such hedgehog food. It will ensure that you don’t struggle with that, and at the same time, your pet eats nice and most food.

Its nutritional value is amazing. The ingredients include grasshoppers, shrimp, mealworms, and crickets. That’s enough to keep your hedgehog healthy and happy. It is also ideal for birds, fish, turtles, amphibians, and reptiles, among other small animals.

  • It comes in a resealable jar.
  • A delicate palate
  • The capacity is 1.2 oz.

4. Sun Seed Company Vita Exotics Hedgehog Formula

Sun Seed Company Vita Exotics Hedgehog Formula 

[amazon box=”B010W0LKOC”]

As you enjoy keeping a hedgehog as a pet, it is also important to ensure that it feeds appropriately. That’s when you look for the best hedgehog food. This particular one will serve the purpose.

The hedgehog food has a lot of protein. It contains calcium, vitamins, probiotics, minerals, and omega 3. After all, the ingredients include freeze-dried mealworms, tuna, shrimp, and crab.

  • Expect a package of 3 packs
  • The capacity is 25 oz.
  • It meets all the nutritional requirements that hedgehog needs.
  • Fortified

3. Pretty Pets Premium Hedgehog Food 

Pretty Pets Premium Hedgehog Food

[amazon box=”B0006G5M4W”]

You definitely don’t want to inconvenience your hedgehog when it comes to feeding. That’s why you can’t let it rely on insect feeding because it is inconvenient. Fortunately, the Pretty Bird brand has these amazing hedgehog food.

They have great ingredients, including ground corn, poultry meal, corn gluten meal, beet pulp fiber, ground oats potato protein, wheat isolate, dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, and corn oil. It also has vitamins E, C, B12, and vitamin K.

  • A high content of proteins
  • Enough nutrients for the survival of your hedgehog
  • Package of 3 lbs

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2. Sunseed Vita Prima Wholesome Nutrition Hedgehog Food

Sunseed Vita Prima Wholesome Nutrition Hedgehog Food 

[amazon box=”B000YJ0PLQ”]

This hedgehog food is capable of ensuring that your pet always stays happy, satisfied, and healthy. I am almost sure that it is what every owner is looking for. If you are one of them, this is a must-have.

The ingredients have high proteins. This is a combination of mealworms, seafood, and poultry. Since the pellets are uniform, the hedgehog gets to feed on everything. Its crunchy texture encourages chewing. That is a great thing for the dental health of your pet.

  • All its ingredients and flavors are natural.
  • No artificial additives
  • The manufacturer does not add extra sugars.

1. Sunseed 36035 Vita Prima Hedgehog Treat

Sunseed 36035 Vita Prima Hedgehog Treat

[amazon box=”B00O1YISGO”]

If you are in need of great hedgehog food, Sunseed got you covered. This particular package is all that you need to feed your pet with all the necessary nutrients.

It has some of the best ingredients possible. They include vegetable oil, ground steamed-rolled oats, mealworms, dehydrated celery, ground corn, puffed millet, freeze-dried strawberries, dried red bell peppers, dried egg as well as wheat middlings.

  • A capacity of 2.5 oz
  • All the necessary nutrients
  • Ideal for encouraging natural foraging instincts
  • High-protein

There is great hedgehog food, and we have taken our time to not only highlight them but also listen to them. Since hedgehogs are omnivorous, we have discussed all the possible combinations. We have a vegan diet constituting vegetables and fruits.

We also have insects that are frozen, dried, or canned, the nutritional requirements, flavor, package, and brand. So, grab one of these hedgehog foods and see your spiky friend happy and healthy.

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