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Top 10 Best Hedgehog Cleaning Supplies In 2022

Hedgehog Cleaning Supplies

Hedgehog Cleaning Supplies! You ought to do a thorough cleaning of your hedgehog cage once a week. When you would regularly clean out the cage to keep it spotless, it should be easy to do a thorough cleaning session once a week or so. But not all pets are the same. All hedgehogs don’t make the same kind of a mess. The frequency of cleaning the hedgehog habitat depends on the cleanliness of your pet itself.

Whatever the case, keeping some cleaning supplies nearby is a smart thing to do. There are tons of cleaning products available in the market. To make the choice easier for you, we have listed 10 of the best hedgehog cleaning supplies below. Feel free to check them out and choose your preferred bottle!

Best Hedgehog Cleaning Supplies  Review

10. Bioda Stain and Odor Eliminator

Bioda Stain and Odor Eliminator | Hedgehog Cleaning Supplies

[amazon box=”B07JPFP4PM”]

Bioda Stain and Odor Eliminator can help maintain your pet’s hygiene. The enzyme-powered solution completely eliminates blotches and pollutants, so it would be like such a mess never existed in the first place. Strong enzymes target pollutants that remain far from the carpet. The solution does not contain any harsh chemicals.

  •  Can be used on various surfaces
  •  Helps remove stains
  •  Eliminates odors

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9. Kaytee Clean Cage Deodorizer

Kaytee Clean Cage Deodorizer | Hedgehog Cleaning Supplies

[amazon box=”B0010OSW2I”]

Kaytee Clean Cage is a toxic-free cage cleaner that provides a special mixture of biologically friendly cleaning agents and pleasant odor prevention agents to disinfect your pet’s cage and belongings efficiently. Keeping cages tidy is an important part of your dedication to the good treatment of your hedgehog.

  •  Leaves behind a fresh smell
  •  Easy trigger spraying
  • Long-term effect

8. Natural Chemistry Cleaner

Natural Chemistry Cleaner | Hedgehog Cleaning Supplies

[amazon box=”B00YL3L5E2″]

Natural Chemistry Healthy Habitat is precisely developed to easily remove bad smells and sullying induced by sustainable waste material from pets by using just clean, organic enzymes and zero harmful chemicals. It’s perfect for rodents, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, cats, hamsters, etc. You can apply the cleaner while the animal is still in the cage.

  •  100% natural formula
  •  Coming in direct contact with the pet is totally safe
  •  Prevents unwanted odors

7. Kaytee Smellin Good Spray

Kaytee Smellin Good Spray | Hedgehog Cleaning Supplies

[amazon box=”B003WRHRSG”]

Smellin’ Good is a wonderfully scented and quite healthy spray solution that regulates odors in enclosures, on the hedgehog, and all around the house. Now you can indulge your furry friend with this lovely fragrance and replenish your household with the smell of baby powder whenever you try Smellin’ Good.

  •  Does not contain any toxic formula
  •  Can be applied between bath times
  •  Controls unwanted odors
  •  Suitable for spraying on bedding as well

6. Absolutely Clean Cage Cleaner

Absolutely Clean Cage Cleaner | Hedgehog Cleaning Supplies

[amazon box=”B07HVZ518T”]

Whenever you decide to scrub the floors of your hedgehog’s cage, eliminate skunk residues, or just clean cages in general, Absolutely Clean provides natural cleaners for it all. Their exclusive formula is more efficient than many conventional products in eliminating pollutants and smudges without leaving any toxic chemicals fumes. You can easily use the cleaner with your pets and even children in the house. Also, they’re fully recyclable.

  •  Ready-to-use spray
  •  Environmentally safe formulas
  •  Suitable for different pet habitats

5. Kaytee Odor Control

Kaytee Odor Control | Hedgehog Cleaning Supplies

[amazon box=”B000HHLSAW”]

Odor Control is another cleaner from Kaytee. With the organic combination of formulas, the Odor Control can fight off bad scents from the air and leave a clean feel. One bottle of Odor Control should last a good few months if you use it only for cleaning your hedgehog cage.

  • Comfortable trigger pump mechanism
  • Safe for use on any small animal habitats
  •  Leaves behind a clean and fresh smell

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4. Citrus Magic Pet Cleaner

Citrus Magic Pet Cleaner | Hedgehog Cleaning Supplies

[amazon box=”B008JVUDBS”]

Citrus Magic is among the best cleaning products for animals that are difficult to wash. The product comes with a mild, natural enzyme formulation. The enzymes disinfect and disinfect the pet’s fur efficiently.  The Citrus Magic is an effective way to help extract bad scents throughout standard washes from the hedgehog’s body.

  •  No water needed to rinse off
  •  Odorless
  •  Made from healthy vegetable enzymes

3. Zero Odor

Zero Odor | Hedgehog Cleaning Supplies

[amazon box=”B0049PBWEA”]

Zero Odor ensures that the scent that most substances cannot handle is fully and effectively gone. It is a biological chemical innovation. Each Zero Odor molecule is aimed at binding and diffusing odor molecules of all kinds so that they never trigger odor anymore.

  •  Permanent effect on bad smells
  •  No toxic elements
  •  Can be used on multiple surfaces

2. Rocco and Roxie Stain and Odor Eliminator

Rocco and Roxie Stain and Odor Eliminator | Hedgehog Cleaning Supplies

[amazon box=”B00CKFL93K”]

Rocco and Roxie Stain and Odor Eliminator is the one to aim for if you encounter challenging stains and fragrances. Its bio-enzyme solution is competent and active in the area of organic matters. It releases active bacteria, which feed the remainder of the ammonia left. Rocco and Roxie remove the stain and also extract the smell deeper within the tapestry at its root that deters sullying.

  •  Helps remove stubborn stains
  •  Multipurpose
  •  Can be sprayed on carpets and rugs

1. Simple Solution Cleaner

Simple Solution Cleaner | Hedgehog Cleaning Supplies

[amazon box=”B0002I9OA2″]

The Simple Solution Cleaner is an all-in-one deal. It comes with strong enzyme formula and is completely safe to be used around pets and children. The cleaner can be applied in different forms as well. Mist spraying is best for cleaning surface stains. And the stream option is mostly used for odor control.

  • Works great on organic pollutants
  • Prevents odor from spreading
  •  Multiple uses
  • Quick trigger spray

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No matter which cleaning supplies you pick for your hedgehog, it’s better to keep the small animal in a separate enclosure as you clean its regular habitat.

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