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Top 10 Best Hamster Warm Beds In 2022

Hamster Warm Beds

If you have hamsters as pets, you must be well aware of the fact that they don’t do great in cold temperatures. Cool temperatures can lead them into a fatal hibernation and make them feel lethargic.

So, if you don’t want anything bad to happen to your hamsters, you have to make sure they stay warm when it’s cold. There are so many fool-proof ways to do that but it all starts with getting a warm bed. To help you make the best choice, below is the list of ten best Hamster Warm Beds !

Best Hamster Warm Beds Review

10. Petall Hamster Warm Bed House

Petall Hamster Warm Bed House | Hamster Warm Beds

[amazon box=”B01MA1KWMY”]

 Want to turn your hamster’s cage into a tiny round hammock? Then this one is for you. This comfy bed house is made of soft flannelette materials to help the hamster feel warm and at ease. A durable stainless-steel mounted hook on top firmly holds the house in the cage and keeps it in place.

  •  Five colors to choose from.
  •  Machine washable material.
  •  Built-in mounted hook.

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9. RYPET Hamster Warm Small Bed

RYPET Hamster Warm Small Bed | Hamster Warm Beds

[amazon box=”B08GLPW4DR”]

 Want something subtle yet effective without breaking the budget? RYPET warm bed is here to pack the punch. This bed is available in tons of different colors with a unique design printed all over it. The plush fleece and PP cotton construction make it the perfect place to sleep on and be warm.

  •  Available in two sizes.
  •  Heat preservation system.
  • Backed by a quality guarantee.

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8. JanYoo Warm Bed Swing Bag

 JanYoo Warm Bed Swing Bag | Hamster Warm Beds

[amazon box=”B07X91Z3TL”]

 Looking for a bag that keeps hamsters warm while swinging them back to sleep? This one is here to pack the punch. It features a unique jungle house design with two small holes on it so the hamster can poke his head through. With two durable cotton clips hanging on each side of the house, it can be placed firmly in any pet cage.

  •  Comes with a tiny cushion.
  •  Cotton filling construction.
  • Two hanging clips.

7. Petall Soft Hamster Bed

Petall Soft Hamster Bed | Hamster Warm Beds

[amazon box=”B075F4RXDF”]

 No matter what time of year it is, this bed from Petall will provide your hamster with the ultimate warmth and comfort. Being crafted with soft fleece material, this bed is super comfortable. The round shape of it also helps tiny hamsters to hop and sleep on it.

  •  Two sizes and five colors to choose from.
  •  Includes a soft cushion.
  •  One-year replacement warranty.

6. Amakunft Hamster Bed

Amakunft Hamster Bed | Hamster Warm Beds

[amazon box=”B07DW15TK1″]

 This pineapple-shaped bed specially designed for hamsters so they can sleep or play here in warmth and comfort. It is the adorable design that stands out for this bed.

Designed with a lifelike pineapple pattern, your hamster will surely love living in it. Apart from the cute design, it features plush fabric with sponge padding to provide a cozy and warm feeling.

  •  Soft lining construction.
  • Sponge padded construction.
  •  Solid Metal Clasp.

5. ISMARTEN Banana Hamster Warm Bed

ISMARTEN Banana Hamster Warm Bed | Hamster Warm Beds

[amazon box=”B07FMFN9DW”]

If fun and cute design is the first thing you look for in a hamster bed, then this banana-shaped warm bed will seal the deal. Crafted with sponge filled premium Flannelette, it feels super soft and warm on the skin. To keep your hamster away from cold it also has heat preservation shed in the shape of a banana peel.

  •  Bright and energetic design.
  •  Hand-sewn chain hammock.
  •  Heat preservation system.

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4. Hollypet Shark Warm Mini House

Hollypet Shark Warm Mini House | Hamster Warm Beds

[amazon box=”B07MH4KJ3P”]

This warm bed is perfect for hamsters who like to cover themselves up and feel safe while sleeping. Durable high precision cotton construction and enclosed space design make it a cozy place to make your hamster feel warm and relaxed. It comes in the shape of a shark’s jaw which is fun to look at too.

  •  Zipper cushion pad.
  •  Compatible to use in all seasons.
  •  Short plush shell.

3. PIXNOR Hamster Warm Beds

PIXNOR Warm Bed House | Hamster Warm Beds

[amazon box=”B01NCI1S27″]

Here’s another adorable warm bed for people who don’t mind going an extra mile for their hamsters. This bear-shaped plush hut works great as a comfy and fuzzy place for hamsters to sleep on. Given it’s a plush bed, it’s relatively easy to clean and wash.

  •  Includes a replaceable pad.
  •  Metal chain mounting hook.
  •  Precision cotton lining.

2. JanYoo Hamster Warm Beds Dragon House

JanYoo Hamster Dragon House | Hamster Warm Beds

[amazon box=”B07B3TJTM5″]

 Be it curled up like a ball or sprawled on the back, this bed is flexible enough to fit your hamster in any sleeping position. The breathable fleece construction makes it a snuggle-worthy bed.

The curved sides are intended to provide a sense of protection as well as encourage your hamsters to lay down in the bed so they can make themselves at ease.

  •  Four colors to choose from.
  • Hand sewn cotton pad.
  •  Lightweight portable design.

1. JanYoo Hamster Warm Beds

JanYoo Hamster Bed | Hamster Warm Beds


[amazon box=”B07B3W7W6N”]

If your hamster likes to snuggle up in smaller spaces, then no other beds can beat this one. A lightweight breathable mesh top will keep them warm, while a dragon mouth shaped cotton wall will help prevent the bed from sliding around. It’s machine washable as well and comes in a number of sizes, so you wouldn’t have to worry about finding the right match to fit in the cage.

  • Removable mat with zipper.
  • Striped velvet plush construction.
  •  Non-slip bottom.

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Now that you are done with this article, we hope you have found a warm bed for your hamster to keep him feel relaxed and cozy.

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