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Top 10 Best Guinea Pig Costumes In 2022

Festivals are not just about holidays but the collective happiness that we all share. However, costumes add extra fun and excitement to these happy weeks. Does this only apply to humans? What about your lovely pets? They are also a part of your happiness and need funny and adorable Guinea Pig Costumes too.

It is easy to find eye-catching costumes for dogs and cats. However, when it comes to guinea pigs, there are not many options to choose from. That is why we are here to help you in choosing the right costume for your small furry ball of happiness. Here is our list of the top 10 best guinea pig costumes of 2022.

Best Guinea Pig Costumes Review

10. Graduation Caps Costume

Graduation Caps Costume | Guinea Pig Costumes

[amazon box=”B089D7M65H”]

This adorable graduation cap inspired costume is a genuine costume for any occasion specially in graduation seasons. With elastic under chin strap, this is an amazing outfit for effortless wearing and removing. Made with soft polycotton and non-woven fabric, this costume is fully handmade in every stitch.

  • Long-lasting materials
  • Pet friendly
  • Best for any small animal

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9. Stock Show Bunny Ear Hat

 Stock Show Bunny Ear Hat | Guinea Pig Costumes

[amazon box=”B07HVQVTSX”]

 With shiny colors and charming designs, this guinea pig headwear costume gives your pet the comfort it needs by resisting cold and keeping it warm. Made with comfortable plush and cotton texture, this headwear can be used regularly. The magic sticker technology helps you to easily make your pet wear and remove it.

  • Comes with an elastic band
  • Suitable for guinea pigs of 1 to 3 lbs
  • Easily adjustable

8. Vehomy Harness Leash Costume

Vehomy Harness Leash Costume | Guinea Pig Costumes

[amazon box=”B07WCPFR3W”]

 Your pet will look no less then a superhero in this Bat inspired harness leash guinea pig costume. Also, it is conveniently adjustable. Made with fully black felt cloth, it has a pet-friendly design that makes your pet stand out in any event, especially Halloween.

  • Suitable for smaller sized animals
  • Smooth lines
  • Bat wings are much spread

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7. RYPET Guinea Pig Costumes

 RYPET Guinea Pig Costumes | Guinea Pig Costumes

[amazon box=”B08GYKJK1R”]

This wizard inspired guinea pig costume can turn your pet into a real-life wizard in seconds. Suitable for any occasion, this costume is pet-friendly with flexibility in the head, neck, and back. Manufactured with delicate felt and satin fabric, this costume is irritation-free and is free of any hassle in wearing or taking it off.

  • Cold resistance
  • Cleans effortlessly and long-lasting
  • Best for small-sized pets

6. QBLEEV School Uniform Costume 

QBLEEV School Uniform Costume | Guinea Pig Costumes

[amazon box=”B084KR7H12″]

 This school uniform like guinea pig costume is not only best for daily wear but also for any occasion or holidays. Made with highly tender cotton fabric, this costume is pet friendly and does not give any discomfort on the pet’s skin.

  • Washable in machines
  • Best to wash with hands
  • Comes in 11 sizes

5. Mummumi Santa Hat Costume 

Mummumi Santa Hat Costume  | Guinea Pig Costumes

[amazon box=”B074MY5XJ6″]

 This cute little red hat guinea pig costume is perfect for any festival or occasion. With a comfortable and flexible elastic strap, there is no hassle to wear this and can be easily removed. Made with short soft plush, it does not irritate your pet’s skin. However, it does keep guinea pigs warm with trendy fashion.

  • Washing machine compatibility
  • Comes with free size
  • Suitable for any small pet

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4. ANIAC Pet Costume Soft Vest

ANIAC Pet Costume Soft Vest | Guinea Pig Costumes

[amazon box=”B085W2DYYT”]

 Best for small pets, this strawberry inspired guinea pig costume vest can match any festival or event. It can also be used as an everyday wear T-shirt for guinea pigs as well. Designed in an elastic form, this costume is easy to put on and also to remove. Besides, the smooth and delicate fabric does not bother the skin.

  • Can be washed in machines
  • Made with fluffy fleece
  • Fabric is 100% breathable

3. ASOCEA Elastic Headwear Costume

ASOCEA Elastic Headwear Costume | Guinea Pig Costumes

[amazon box=”B07JVT3BFP”]

 Best for cosplay or festivals or events, this guinea pig costume hat is a must-have. With malleable under chin elastic strap, guinea pigs can wear and remove it effortlessly. Manufactured with soft short plush, the fabric here does not make your pet uncomfortable. Also, this hat is cold resistant and keeps the pet warm.

  • Suitable for everyday wear
  • Designed as a stereo Santa hat
  • Best for small animals

2. FLAdorepet Ferret Costume

FLAdorepet Ferret Costume | Guinea Pig Costumes

[amazon box=”B07GYPNPKG”]

 This strawberry inspired guinea pig costume is best for everyday wear, especially in the winter season. Also, it is suitable for any event, holiday, or occasion. Made with fleece fabric, this costume prevents cold and keeps your pets warm and healthy with style. However, it is stretch resistant.

  • Machine wash compatible but in cold water
  • Best for hand washing
  • Comes in 2 different sizes of pets under 1lbs and 2lbs

1. Alfie Dragon Costume

Alfie Dragon Costume | Guinea Pig Costumes

[amazon box=”B01A8JNDCY”]

 Make your pet guinea pig a living dragon with this Night Fury dragon inspired costume. Very soft, satisfying, and fluffy, this costume has a hood that is perfect for your pet’s head.

  • Comes in different sizes
  • Wearing and removing is painless
  • Best for festivals

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Not only you, but your guinea pigs also need happiness of their own on holidays or occasions. When buying costumes for them, taking a close look at the fabric is a must. Luckily, all these costumes listed here are comfortable, soft, and super pet-friendly. Try one of these top 10 best guinea pig costumes of 2022 to help your pet create their own stylish fashion statements.

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