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Fruits That Dogs Can Eat

Fruits That Dogs Can Eat

Even though we all know the extremely nutritional benefits varieties of fruits have to offer, we need to understand that it’s not the same for dogs. We, as humans, could likely consume various amounts of fruits and in it, they offer minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants for our body.

On the flip side, some fruits do provide those nutritious values to dog’s bodies as well but some are to be avoided at all causes. Since we’re trying to keep it positive and as a nutritional information source of you, to figure out what fruits your dogs can eat then that’s what we’re going to provide you with.

Fruits That Dogs Can Eat

Here are fruits which dogs could consume:


Fruits That Dogs Can Eat- Apples

This specific fruit is jam-packed with nutrients. It possesses vitamins A and C, which these two helps for a healthy immune system, a great vision, and help with growth and development as well. Apples are also great sources of fiber and obviously is a digestion aiding agent. You only have to avoid having them eat the seeds though.


Fruits That Dogs Can Eat- Bananas

Do bear in mind that, bananas are loaded with potassium, which is efficient to support your dog’s circulatory functions and kidneys functions as well. Too much of which could also be harmful though which might lead to obesity, so feed them in moderation.


Fruits That Dogs Can Eat- Berries

Any form of berries would be extremely beneficial for dogs, from blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries to strawberries. Blackberries contain vitamins A and C that support a healthier immune system functioning. Blueberries possess phytonutrients, fibers, and antioxidants, which then aids and repairs the damaged cells and fight off cancer as well.

Moving along to cranberries, this fruit contains a prominent amount of vitamin C mostly and the uniqueness of it is that it nurtures a healthy urinary tract for your dogs. Isn’t that wonderful? For raspberries, they comes with manganese, fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin C, which all of those works together to promote strong healthy joints.

Please do remember to not let your dogs have too much of raspberries because they do have a slight amount of xylitol. Hence, it’s better to be careful. As for strawberries, this bad boy is stuffed with vitamins C, E and K, manganese, potassium, magnesium, copper, iron, and phosphorus.

All these properties combine would be strong fighting support against cancer. It lowers cholesterol and does the body another favor, by keeping the blood pressure steady.


Fruits That Dogs Can Eat- Coconuts

From coconut as in the fruit to coconut oil and coconut milk, all of these are find for dogs’ consumptions. This fruit contains lauric acid, which helps fight off diseases, bacteria, and viruses from invading the body. In addition to that, clear up irritable and bad skin conditions your dog has, as well as getting rid of bad breath.


Fruits That Dogs Can Eat- Kiwi

This specific fruit does plenty for your dog’s bodies. It contains potassium, fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants. With the consumption of this, the body’s cell would rejuvenate better, digestive tract functions smoother, a healthy skin complexion and also promotes circulation and a stronger immune system.


Fruits That Dogs Can Eat- Mangoes

One of the sweet delicious fruit treats for your dogs is mangoes. For it is loaded with minerals, vitamins, potassium, and carotenoids. As have mentioned, do beware of the large seed in the middle and make sure your dogs do not eat it.


Fruits That Dogs Can Eat- Melons

Melons such as Cantaloupe melons, Honeydew melons and watermelons are great sources of sweets and nutritional values for your dogs’ internal functions as well. Cantaloupe melons are sources of vitamins A, B, and C which then help the body combats viruses and bacteria, plus supports the digestive system as well.

For honeydew melons, they are rich in potassium, vitamins B and C with slightly small amounts of iron and copper in there too. Due to all these properties coming together, the body then creates loads of healthier red blood cells.

On the other hand, we still have watermelon, which is a tremendous source of water (92%) and vitamin A, B6 and C that helps promoting an amazing nerve functioning system and build a stronger and muscular physique.

Other Fruits

Fruits That Dogs Can Eat- Other Fruits

There are definitely many more fruits that are eatable by dogs, which include oranges, tangerines, pears, and pineapples which all have very high nutritional qualities and benefits to it. Therefore, it’s fine to feed your dogs those as well.

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This is a wrap for the fruits dogs could eat. The list above is the best types of fruit available in the market that could give your dogs maximum amounts of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. However, other fruits, do your research on them first before trying to feed it to your dogs.

Since, it might be toxic for your dogs, but fine for you. Make sure to do your research and remember to refer back to this article for the fruits dogs can consume, when needed.

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