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Do Owls Make a Good Pet?

Do owls make a good pet

The main factor is because the majority of the people associate owls with bad relations, especially in significant Africa. Owls are highly adaptive compared to other birds; in consideration, they survive well in any condition provided there is food. Unlike many other pets, owls are wild predatory birds, and rearing them is challenging. The question is “Do owls make a good pet?”. Here are some of the reasons that you should not build the owl at home as a pet.

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Do Owls Make a Good Pet?

1. Owls are carnivorous

Owls are carnivorous

It is dangerous to keep a predatory bird at home. If you keep the owl, you must budget for fresh meat daily, or it will feed on other pets at home. Owl does not feed on a streak. It needs full animals such as rats, which you must purchase each day. When you buy the rodent, do not kill, or store in the fridge because it does not feed on frozen food.

The feeding style of the owl is messy; they tear the rodent in different parts, and they start eating one by one until it is over. The bad eating habit and the hunting style will make the owl violent at home when reared domestic.

2. Large space

Large space

Before you even think of rearing an owl, think of the available space in your house and compound at large. Small gages are not enough to keep the owl. You need to make a large house because the owl will destroy the small gage.

The house should be of hard material or the owl will destroy the house for an escape. Owls have a sharp beak that acts as a tearing tool in case of danger. Also, the owl bathes with dust and needs a daily wash to ensure it survives in that environment.

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3. Owl requires a permit

Owl requires a permit

Rearing wild animals in any nation, you need to have a license. The permission varies from one country, and before you have the license, you must attend the stipulate training upon passing the required test is when you can keep the owl. These permits are renewable every year and may add the cost of rearing the owl.

The US Wildlife and Fish Service do not allow anyone to turn the owl to a domestic pet unless it has an injury, and you assure the authority you will protect it. Keeping the injured owl is not advisable; you are required to do the treatment through the consultation of the wildlife service.

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4. Owls are nocturnal

Owls are nocturnal

Keeping a nocturnal animal is not easy. You won’t enjoy it. Owl hunt during the night; this ensures maximum food capture. Most people do not love parrots because they are noisy throughout the days, but owls make noise the whole night, giving you a sleepless moment.

They mate with a lot of noise or even when socializing. The above means even if the owls are in the gage, they will make a lot of noise during mating, and thus it will affect your sleeping.

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Now, we can finally answer the above question “Do owls make a good pet?”. Rearing an owl is not easy; it requires a lot of care to ensure it is safe. All pets require attention, but the concentration of the owl is more considerable. Most caretakers will not be comfortable to keep the owl at home, and they will be leaving the work daily unless you take care of it yourself.

These birds are generally messy and can destroy a lot of goods in the house. They move from one place to the other, and this makes them very destructive. When the light is on, the owl can’t see, and this makes them hit most of the equipment in the house.

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