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Top 10 Best Crested Gecko Food In 2022

Crested Gecko Food

In this article, we have compiled the best crested gecko food that is available in the market. Finding food for your crested gecko at your nearest shop could at times prove hectic and impossible.

However, you need to understand those that deliver high value on consumption and sturdy their constitutions before purchasing. Just like any other animal, crested gecko needs vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients. In the market, it is expected to find thousands of different foods and supplements to feed your pet.

When going out for such a purchase look for these top ten crested gecko food and see the amazing results they produce.

Best Crested Gecko Food Review

10. Zoo Med Crested Gecko Food

Zoo Med Crested Gecko Food

[amazon box=”B0771RX4F8″]

Treat your crested gecko to a great meal of this product enriched with nutrients enabling its growth and development from a very early stage.

It has a watermelon flavor to create an appetite to your pet. The probiotics present help in their digestion and also aiding in maintaining growth consistency. It works best to improve their weight and assist in the improvement of their skin.

  • Combines natural ingredients such as bananas, papayas, and insects
  • Mimics their natural eating diet through inclusion of insects and larvae extracts
  • Sweet and attractive melon flavor

9. Pangea Papaya Fruit Mix Complete Crested Gecko Food

Pangea Papaya Fruit Mix Complete Crested Gecko Food

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This pack comes with food rich in nutrients and vitamins that the gecko needs for their healthy growth.

It is composed of natural and nutrients enriched ingredients that aid in their development bettering their health and immunity. They have different minerals and vitamins that assist in the addition of weight, skin development and assist in vision.

  • Uses natural fruits as the ingredients
  • Lovely taste to entice the geckos to eat
  • Stays fresh even without refrigeration

8. Zoo Med Crested Gecko Food

Zoo Med Crested Gecko Food

[amazon box=”B0771PLM2X”]

This food is ideal for geckos at all stages adding them with much needed nutrients and vitamins.

Its main ingredients are probiotics, insects, and fruits.  Adding nutrients that help in weight increment, reproduction, egg development. The product is safe and the results of its use appear quickly.

  • Easy to use as it comes in powdered form.
  • The flavor used helps in appetite development.
  • It uses natural ingredients to deliver healthy crested geckos.

7. Pangea Gecko Diet Growth and Breeding Formula

Pangea Gecko Diet Growth and Breeding Formula

[amazon box=”B06XBSXT3Z”]

Light them up with this product that mixes fruits and insects to create tasty, healthy and appetizing food for your pet.

The base of this food is fruits with an addition of their favorite insects to deliver a healthy meal. It has no toxins making it safe for the young ones as well as the old ones adding their body with a variety of nutrients.

  • Mixes with water easily to enable feeding
  • Uses natural fruits and insects as the base ingredients
  • Stays for long without using artificial preservatives

6. Repashy Crested Gecko MRP Diet 

Repashy Crested Gecko MRP Diet 

[amazon box=”B06XSLZFHW”]

Replace your heavy and less nutritious gecko meal with this all-inclusive product and see tangible results within a very short time.

It is a fruit meal that loads nutrients into the gecko for healthy development and growth. The food helps in their skin and general body development. Small ones can also feed as it is 100% natural. It adds proteins, fats, fiber, and calcium.

  • It has no additions of preservatives.
  • Easy to prepare that require the addition of water to create a light paste
  • Whole meal supplying them with almost all the nutrients they need

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5. Repashy Banana Cream Pie 

Repashy Banana Cream Pie

[amazon box=”B06X9XHX89″]

Crested geckos love fruits and especially bananas which you could avail them through the use of this awesome product.

The product comes from natural banana extracts giving them vital nutrients and vitamins with additions of minerals. These help in the immunity while also creating an attractive skin on top of adding to their weight.

  • Sweet flavor to encourage them to eat
  • You can feed them in any form including as a smoothie, paste or gel.
  • Perfectly works with other foods as it mostly works as a topper

4. Exo Terra Crested Gecko Food Cups 

Exo Terra Crested Gecko Food Cups 

[amazon box=”B01KQXSFK2″]

Match your usual feeding with this incredible and highly nutritious product that supplies them with lots of nutrients.

The food uses natural ingredients to ensure that the gecko feeds on safe, healthy and benefiting food. This one utilizes natural ingredients with no addition of any preservative or artificial flavor. It offers them a nutritious even though it is not a tasty meal. On feeding daily through a schedule positive changes are noted on the pet.

  • Highly nutritious with multiple vitamins and minerals
  • It comes already prepared in a thick paste form.
  • Highly durable even away from a refrigerator

3. Hagen Exo Terra Day Gecko Food

Hagen Exo Terra Day Gecko Food

[amazon box=”B01N4Q9NK5″]

Overcome the challenge of feeding young geckos into maturity using this product with surprising results.

They are attracted to eat from the aroma that this product has before they get to taste of its nutritious taste. From an early stage, their bones develop rampantly with the consumption of this food. When used for the mothers, it supports egg laying and hatching.

  • Premixed and comes ready to serve
  • Sweet taste accompanied by a sweet aroma.
  • High calcium and magnesium levels for bone development

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2. T-Rex Day Gecko Diet Super Food

T-Rex Day Gecko Diet Super Food

[amazon box=”B0006L2WZE”]

The product is ideal for young and old crested geckos giving those nutrients required for growth and for healthy development.

It is a food type with a balanced diet that serves more than just a simple supplement by supplying the gecko with a blend of minerals and vitamins required from day one. Preparation is simple as it requires addition of water to make a thick paste for easy consumption.

  • Highly nutritious supplying them with vitamins and nutrients for growth
  • Supports immunity of the young ones
  • Its taste mimics that of insects and fruits mixed together as a daily normal meal.

1. Nature Zone Bites For Fruit Eating Geckos

Nature Zone Bites For Fruit Eating Geckos

[amazon box=”B0009YL2XQ”]

Specifically formulated to provide a dose of daily consumption of fruits and which promote their growth and health.

This product unpacks a mix of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals such as calcium and vitamins on consumption by your pet. It is soluble for quick consumption and digestion with positive results quickly noticed.

  • Its whole-meal unpacking numerous nutrients with every intake.
  • Sweet and tasty to increase their appetite
  • Its results are quickly noticed in health improvement and growth of your pet.

Feeding your gecko on food directly from the garden or grocery is a bit hard especially when you’re always busy. Instead of having to struggle to make calculations on those which will work best, migrate to these premade and balanced foods in the market. They are specifically made with considerations made on things like age, nutrients consumption, and tastes.

Upon consumption, your crested gecko improves health-wise while also having other benefits such as immunity improvement with every meal.

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