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Top 10 Best Chinchilla Wheels In 2022

Chinchilla wheels

Your chinchilla needs to occasionally exercise in order to keep fit. Entertainment is equally important to keep your little pet from boredom. Chinchilla wheels help you kill two birds with the same stone. Apart from exercising and entertaining, some wheels are also chewable to help exercise the pet’s jaws.

Use them for other animals, including but not limited to rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, and mice. We analyzed the multiple wheels in the market and came up with a top ten list of chinchilla wheels of 2022.

Best Chinchilla Wheels in 2022

10. Quality Cage Crafters 15″ Chin Spin Chinchilla Wheel

Quality Cage Crafters 15" Chin Spin Chinchilla Wheel - Chinchilla wheels

[amazon box=”B01GJ6SDBQ”]

The Quality Cage Chinchilla Wheel is a wooden and metallic chinchilla wheel. It has no plastic or exposed wood parts, making it safe for your chin or another small animal. The wheel is not chewable, and so it will last a very long time. Use it to exercise multiple pets including, but not limited to, hamster, gerbil, mouse, rat, guinea pig, ferret, and rabbit.

Felix & Fido Spin Safe features a large exercise wheel, which spins on a ball bearing system. Use the silent spinner to exercise and entertain your pet. Every mounting hardware you need is included so that the wheel fits cage firmly.

  • 15″ in diameter
  • Suitable for multiple pets

9. Ware Manufacturing Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel 

Ware Manufacturing Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel - Chinchilla wheels

[amazon box=”B001AT62G6″]

Promote a fun and active lifestyle for your pet with Ware Manufacturing’s Large Sized Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel. It is an affordable option as well. The wheel has a solid running surface, which is safe for your chinchilla’s feet, and tail.

Ware Manufacturing Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel provides a silent environment for your pet during play. It is fun to play on and promotes exercise keeping your chinchilla happy and healthy.

  • 12″ W X 12″ D X 7.5″ H
  • Basic color

8. JEMPET Hamster Silent Running Exercise Wheels

JEMPET Hamster Silent Running Exercise Wheels - Chinchilla wheels

[amazon box=”B07Y9Q1RNP”]

What is more annoying than a chinchilla wheel that makes unnecessary noise when exercising your pet? JEMPET Hamster Wheel fixes that and comes with much more. It is wooden, which is safe and comfortable for your pets. The wheel features a widened and thickened wood-base, which provides a reliable, and stable mount avoiding reversal.

It is also chewable to massage your pet’s gum, enhance dental health, and offer excellent teeth grinding effects. Your chinchilla will develop balance ability, and agility by playing for hours on the JEMPET Hamster Wheel.

  • A safety stand and a closed-back prevents your pet from getting stuck
  • Small and medium-size

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7. DERCLIVE Small pet Mute Running Sport Wheel Toy

DERCLIVE Small pet Mute Running Sport Wheel Toy - Chinchilla wheels

[amazon box=”B0814RKHGP”]

Guarantee the safety of your chinchilla using the DERCLIVE Running Sport Wheel, which is based on environmentally-friendly material. It is non-toxic, wear, and bite-resistant. The chinchilla wheel is a quiet-spinner, which will encourage your pet to go for hours having healthy exercise, and fun.

DERCLIVE Running Sport Wheel is easily-attachable to the side of the cage and is alternatively placed inside using a provided stand. You are not limited to chinchillas, as it is ideal for pet rats and other small animals.

  • A safety stand and a closed rear wall ensure the pet does not get caught
  • Plastic and iron material

6. HEEPDD Hamster Wheel

HEEPDD Hamster Wheel - Chinchilla wheels


[amazon box=”B07Q73H16W”]

HEEPDD Hamster Wheel comes in quality wood material, which is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and safe to your chinchilla. The wheel features a widened and thickened wood base, which helps avoid reversal.

HEEPDD Hamster Toy is multifunctional and is also chewed by pets to massage their gum, and promote dental health. The noiseless-wheel will not disturb you, or your chinchilla is providing a fun place to play and rest. Use it with hamsters, mice rats, and other small furry animals.

  • Small and medium-size
  • A safety stand and closed back prevent the risk of injury

5. Keersi Hamster Flying Saucer Wheel 

Keersi Hamster Flying Saucer Wheel - Chinchilla wheels


[amazon box=”B06X9FWRKK”]

Keersi Hamster Flying Saucer Wheel is an affordable option, and yet a quality product. It has a silent-design with a bracket and will provide your chinchilla with a safe environment to exercise and play.

Keersi Hamster Flying Saucer Wheel features a solid non-slip running surface, which is safe for your chinchilla’s feet. The surface is easy to clean and is also resistant to odors.

  • Blue and red
  • 7″ wheel diameter, and 4.3″ height

4. Awtang Hamster Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel

Awtang Hamster Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel - Chinchilla wheels

[amazon box=”B073WV41PX”]

Relieve the boredom, and increase the activity level of your mouse, chinchilla, rat, gerbil, and dwarf hamster using Alfie Pet Rudy Exercise Running Wheel. It is fun to exercise your pets, which will be entertained for hours.

Alfie Pet Rudy Exercise Running Wheel has a solid plastic running surface, which is safe for your chinchilla’s feet. It is incredibly easy to clean and is additionally resistant to odors.

  • 6.5″Length x 7″Width x 4.5″Height
  • Blue and pink

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3. Treadmill Wheel 14″ Green

Treadmill Wheel 14" Green - Chinchilla wheels

[amazon box=”B07MZBXFWC”]

Treadmill Wheel is worth it. It is 100% all-metal, which cleans easily. The chinchilla wheel has no wood or plastic, so it does not absorb odors or crack splinter, and will not be chewed on. It is suitable for chinchillas, rats, degus, squirrels, and prairie dogs.

This Treadmill Wheel 14″ Green utilizes two ball bearings, which allow the wheel to spin both smooth and fast. The ball bearings roll within the wheel and eliminate the friction that is common with a rotating/sliding axle.

  • 15-inch diameter helps prevent curvature of the spin
  • Hemmed-smooth edges with powder coating for safety powder coating
  • Running surface- 6″ across
  • Green, and black

2. Galapara Silent Spinner 8.3″ 

Galapara Silent Spinner 8.3" - Chinchilla wheels

[amazon box=”B07PMKG1SF”]

Keep your hamster, gerbil, chinchilla, and mouse healthy with the Galapara Silent Spinner Pet Comfort Exercise Wheel. It utilizes a strong steel-shaft, and premium grade PP material to guarantee quality. The chinchilla wheel has a thick wall and a round edge.

Galapara Silent Spinner Pet Comfort Exercise Wheel has a silent structure so your animal will run at night without distracting others. It has wide suitability and easily mounts on to various pet cages.

  • Non-slip convex lines enlarge friction while enhancing stability to reduce false step
  • It has a maximum diameter of 22cm.
  • Sky blue, and pink

1. OMEM Hamster Exercise Wheel

OMEM Hamster Exercise Wheel - Chinchilla wheels


[amazon box=”B07KLXCVTH”]

OMEM Hamster Exercise Wheel is one of the best chinchilla wheels in the market. It is ideal for rats, guinea pigs, chinchilla, gerbil, and other small animals. The wheel is quite expensive, but the price tag should not scare you.

OMEM Hamster Exercise Wheel is handmade using pine and has zero formaldehyde. It has no pungent taste of plastic running wheels, so you won’t have to deal with the unwanted smell.

  • Wooden bearings
  • Large size

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Perfect chinchilla wheels should serve multiple purposes. It should also not limit you to only specific species of pets. Large wheels are great as they give your animals more room and freedom. Material is also a big factor when choosing the ideal product.

Wooden wheels are comfortable, but some tend to absorb odors. Ensure the bearings are smooth to give your chinchilla a smooth ride. The list above captures the ideal products for your pet.

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