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Top 10 Best Cheap Rabbit Cages in 2022 | You’ll Love It

Cheap Rabbit Cages

Cheap rabbit cages act as shelter for your rabbits. If you need a temporary cage for your pet rabbit to stay in for just a while, then cheap rabbit cages would do. Why would you need to spend so much, when your pet rabbit needs it temporarily only? Moreover, if you think cages are way more sustainable in the long run then carrier, then you might consider getting cheap rabbit cages to just transport your rabbit friends around with you. It’s really up to your preferences, and before judging it for being “cheap”, let’s just check the cheap rabbit cages down below out first.

Best Cheap Rabbit Cages Review

10. AmazonBasics Single-Door & Double-Door Folding Metal Dog 

AmazonBasics Single-Door & Double-Door Folding Metal Dog | Cheap Rabbit Cages

[amazon box=”B018YCTH7W”]

Starting us off extremely strong, this particular cage puts all cheap rabbit cages to shame, for it’s of Amazon’s Choice, with over 30 thousands of positive feedback for its clients. What more to say, aside from “Get it”.

  • Mini divider
  • Single access door
  • Metal wire mesh
  • Folds flat to store easily
  • Removable plastic pan
  • Safety latch at door
  • Measurements – 22’’ x 13’’ x 16’’

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9. Midwest Wabbitat Folding Cheap Rabbit Cages

Midwest Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage | Cheap Rabbit Cages

[amazon box=”B0002AT3K6″]

Spending more sometimes doesn’t really mean you’ll get the high quality that the price projects it to possess. Cheap rabbit cages, such as this, works miracle more than some expensive ones out there.

  • Iron wired mesh
  • Leak proof plastic pan
  • Folds flat for storage
  • Front and top accessible
  • Measurements – 37” x 18” x 20”

8. Cavie Guinea Pig Cage & Cheap Rabbit Cages

Cavie Guinea Pig Cage & Rabbit Cage  | Cheap Rabbit Cages

[amazon box=”B0133LNCJS”]

You know a product is confidence in the quality they offer, when there’s a warranty service provided. Most cheap rabbit cages or even some pricier ones, don’t even offer any type of warranty services.

  • Side doors
  • Deep base for litters
  • Wired mesh frame
  • Plastic base – Durable
  • Includes – water bottle, food bowl, hide-out & hay feeder
  • Measurements – 30.3’’ x 18.5’’ x 16.5’’
  • Warranty – 1 year

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7. AmazonBasics Indoor-Outdoor Small Pet Habitat Cage 

AmazonBasics Indoor-Outdoor Small Pet Habitat Cage  | Cheap Rabbit Cages


[amazon box=”B07KB1RTFF”]

2 for the price of 1, you’re buying a single rabbit cage but it comes with 2 compartments. Which then makes this cheap rabbit cage plural. Moreover, it’s designed to be leak—proof and easy to clean and assemble as well.

  • 2 Large compartments
  • Canvas base
  • Wired mesh upper frame
  • Front & top access door
  • Easily assembled or remove to clean
  • Leak proof design
  • Measurements – 14’’ x 24.2’’ x 47.6’’

6. Kennel-Aire “A Frame Bunny House

Kennel-Aire "A Frame Bunny House | Cheap Rabbit Cages

[amazon box=”B0009YE3MI”]

Moving your pet cages by lifting is so old-fashion, when you could get cheap rabbit cages, like this, with caster wheels so you could just roll them from one location to other. In addition, keeping cleaning it isn’t that hard, for the pan could easily be slid out through the sides.

  • Metal wired mesh
  • Plastic pan that slides out to clean
  • Heavy duty caster wheels
  • Top and front access doors
  • Easily assembled
  • Measurements – 29.5’’ x 16.5’’ x 24’’

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5. MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluze Rabbit Home Kit

. MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home Kit | Cheap Rabbit Cages

[amazon box=”B01E0RWMDG”]

Another Amazon’s Choice for one of the best and cheap rabbit cages out there. Plus, this also comes with a year warranty. Constructed of durable plastic as base and iron wired mesh as the upper frame.

  • Full sliding access door
  • Iron wired mesh upper frame
  • Durable plastic base
  • Includes – elevated feeding area, hay feeder, food dish & water bottle
  • Measurements – 39.5’’ x 23.75’’ x 19.75’’
  • Warranty – 1 year

4. Kaytee My First Home 2-level Pet Habitat Cheap Rabbit Cages

Kaytee My First Home 2-level Pet Habitat | Cheap Rabbit Cages

[amazon box=”B016OFZVZI”]

A cheap rabbit cage that comes with chew proof latches, a food dish, a water bottle, a ramp, a hay buffet and attached at the bottom are caster wheels. Seems like an extremely great deal, for a 2-level rabbit habitat.

  • Large door accessible
  • 2 level
  • Includes ramp, food dish, hay buffet, water bottle, comfort shelf & caster wheels
  • Chew-proof latches
  • Wired mesh upper frame
  • Measurements – 30’’ x 18’’ x 19’’

3. CO-Z Topnotch Weatherproof Indoor Outdoor Wooden Bunny 

CO-Z Topnotch Weatherproof Indoor Outdoor Wooden Bunny  | Cheap Rabbit Cages

[amazon box=”B07DW3QHHX”]

The aesthetics, design and materials used to make this is out of this world. First of all it looks more like an expensive mini house, rather than cheap rabbit cages. Secondly, it’s made weatherproof and with 3 layers, wood, asphalt and gravel. Freaking incredible, highly recommended.

  • Wooden made
  • Weatherproof (water and UV resistant) made with 3 layers (wood, asphalt & gravel)
  • Metal stand to hold roof open
  • Top and Front access with ramp
  • Non-skid feet
  • Measurements – 15.8’’ x 16.5’’ x 20’’

2. AmazonBasics Small Animal Cage Habitat With Accessories

AmazonBasics Small Animal Cage Habitat With Accessories | Cheap Rabbit Cages

[amazon box=”B0756FRVGK”]

Your little furry bunny friend would love this cage for it comes with loads of accessories, such as, water bottle, balcony, food dish, hay guard and a ramp. Also, has a front and top opening for easy access as well.

  • PP plastic material at base
  • Iron wired mesh upper frames
  • Hide away space
  • Front & top openings
  • Includes – water bottle, hay guard, balcony, food dish & ramp
  • Measurements – 48.6’’ x 26.6’’ x 20.6’’
  • Warranty – 1 year

1. Kaytee Critterhome Habitats for Small Animals

Kaytee Critterhome Habitats for Small Animals | Cheap Rabbit Cages

[amazon box=”B06XS18KCC”]

An extra-large rabbit cage is what your bunny needs. Only seeing small and medium-sized cheap rabbit cages advertising on the internet, you rarely come across a spacious one. You want something this long, so your little friend would have room to roam and move around comfortable.

  • Easy to assemble (needs no tool)
  • Removable base with release clip, for cleaning purposes
  • Includes – Food dish, water bottle, safety ramp & comfort shelf
  • Top and Front Z-lock doors
  • Wired mesh
  • Measurements – 42’’ x 18’’

To sum it up, cheap rabbit cages aren’t that bad. You probably had the same thought in mind as I at first, about the fact that it won’t be as comfortable for your pet rabbits, right. But, I’ve proven both of us wrong. For cheap rabbit cages doesn’t really mean zero quality.

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