Best Turtle Filter

Best Turtle Filter In 2020

A turtle filter ensures that water is clear because aquatic turtles are messy. Turtles pee and poop more than fish do, and this makes water dirtier. Dirty water can lead to harmful bacteria, which can cause your turtle filter to be smelly; due to this, your turtle may fall sick. That is why there are […]

Bearded Dragon Hammock

Top 10 Bearded Dragon Hammock In 2020

In the market, we have witnessed an increase in the best bearded dragon hammock that is available in the market. Play and rest are essential things for the health of your beardie. Using a hammock keeps them busy and tends to create a natural-like habitat for the animals. Most of those offered in the market […]

Tortoise food

Top 10 Best Tortoise Food In 2020

Are you looking for the best tortoise food that is available in the market? Feeding a tortoise requires the mixing of different substances, with each of them having specific contributions to their growth and health. Close to 80% of foods and products consumed by these animals comprise of vegetables. In the course of their feeding, […]

Reptile Heat Lamp

Best Reptile Heat Lamps In 2020

UVB is essential to a reptile in order to be healthy. They need UVB to absorb and metabolize calcium for healthy bone growth. Plus, it also keeps them safe from metabolic diseases as well. So if you have a reptile pet having a reptile heat lamp is a must. There is a lot that you […]

Top 10 Best Snake Cages In 2020

Top 10 Best Snake Cages In 2020

Finding the right snake cages for your pet snake can be really difficult. There’s a lot to take into accounts when choosing a snake cage. You need to make sure that the snake cage is secure, healthy for your pet, etc. So if you struggle to find the right snake cages, you’ve come to the […]

Frozen Reptile Food

Top 10 Best Frozen Reptile Foods In 2020

Feeding your reptile pet can be quite challenging. So it is really important that you find the right food for them. One of the best and easiest way to feed your pet is with frozen reptile food. It is long lasting, easy to prepare and it doesn’t create a mess. Moreover, since it is frozen […]

snake hooks

Top 10 Best Snake Hooks In 2020

When handling a snake, you have to be really careful. Some snakes are venomous and very dangerous. So when you’re not being careful, things can go terribly wrong. If you have a snake pet, having a snake hook is very essential. It allows you to catch them, move them and feed them easier. So if […]

Snake Tongs

Top 10 Best Snake Tongs In 2020

Snake tongs are a form of long handled aluminum or stainless steel made tongs, that are used to scope the snakes or reptiles up and possibly placed it in a bag, then throw it out into the wilderness. Snake tongs are made without the intention of bringing harm to the snakes. Even if most of […]

Tortoise Terrarium

Top 10 Best Tortoise Terrarium In 2020

Tortoise terrarium is basically like the desert terrarium. Tortoises are the terrestrial reptiles that are examples of the turtle family. Tortoises cannot swim; they have claws for digging. Tortoises need warmth; hence it is suitable for getting accessed to heat sources such as heat lamps. Any outdoor field should be enclosed well; this happens when […]

Reptile Carpets

Top 10 Best Reptile Carpets In 2020

All pets deserve a comfortable and cozy habitat or space to live in. To keep them happy and healthy, you need to provide them with a safe and comfortable habitat. With it comes to reptile pets, choosing a good quality reptile carpet is very important. Having a good quality reptile carpet ensures that they are […]