Reptile Incubator

Top 10 Best Reptile Incubator in 2021

Reptile incubator is used to help your reptile pets’ eggs stay warm and hatch healthily. Somehow, reptile incubator does really work in helping the eggs stay warm and hatch faster. If you’re one who owns a reptile species as pets, therefore it would be a great help to them if you got them a reptile […]

Amphibians Food

Top 10 Best Amphibians Food In 2021

Amphibians will eat any live Amphibians Food they can find. They will catch and swallow all kinds of insects, earthworms, bugs, slugs, and snails. But it’s not always possible if you are rearing them in an apartment. We need to rely on store-bought foods that are prepared especially for them. They will get proper nutrition […]

Reptile Heat Lamp

Best Reptile Heat Lamps In 2021

UVB is essential to a reptile in order to be healthy. They need UVB to absorb and metabolize calcium for healthy bone growth. Plus, it also keeps them safe from metabolic diseases as well. So if you have a reptile pet having a reptile heat lamp is a must. There is a lot that you […]

Frozen Reptile Food

Top 10 Best Frozen Reptile Foods In 2021

Feeding your reptile pet can be quite challenging. So it is really important that you find the right food for them. One of the best and easiest way to feed your pet is with frozen reptile food. It is long lasting, easy to prepare and it doesn’t create a mess. Moreover, since it is frozen […]

Best Turtle Filter

Best Turtle Filter In 2021

A turtle filter ensures that water is clear because aquatic turtles are messy. Turtles pee and poop more than fish do, and this makes water dirtier. Dirty water can lead to harmful bacteria, which can cause your turtle filter to be smelly; due to this, your turtle may fall sick. That is why there are […]

Tortoise food

Top 10 Best Tortoise Food In 2021

Are you looking for the best tortoise food that is available in the market? Feeding a tortoise requires the mixing of different substances, with each of them having specific contributions to their growth and health. Close to 80% of foods and products consumed by these animals comprise of vegetables. In the course of their feeding, […]

Bearded Dragon Leashes

Top 10 Best Bearded Dragon Leashes in 2021

Bearded dragons are one of the most adorable reptiles as pets. If you have one or more of these bearded friends, you might be thinking about roaming around with it. Your beardy will love to explore the outdoors. With leashes, it will be like roaming around his terrarium but with much bigger space. However, you […]

Bearded Dragon Sand

Best Bearded Dragon Sand in 2021

There is a wide variety of bearded dragon sand that is available in the market. Sand is a great friend of the bearded dragons as it facilitates most of their activities considering they spend a considerable part of their life under the sand. Adding sand into their living place stimulates an environment similar to that […]

Bearded Dragon Hammock

Top 10 Bearded Dragon Hammock In 2021

In the market, we have witnessed an increase in the best bearded dragon hammock that is available in the market. Play and rest are essential things for the health of your beardie. Using a hammock keeps them busy and tends to create a natural-like habitat for the animals. Most of those offered in the market […]

Amphibian Hideouts

Top 10 Best Amphibian Hideouts In 2021

Many of us have a desire for nurturing and collecting rare and valuable things. Exotic pets such as amphibians are not an exception to that list. Amphibians are wonderful creatures with amazing features and unique abilities. However, finding Amphibian Hideouts for these little creatures is difficult to find and manage. Building an amphibian’s hideout for […]