Pug Shoes

Top 10 Best Pug Shoes in 2021

Pug shoes are footwear for your pugs to keep it simple. Sometimes, as dog owners, we know that it could be hard for your pug friend to be walking around the park in the heat, bare-footed. Obviously, most people without a pet, won’t understand and think it’s unnecessary to get the shoes. But, as a […]

dog shower head

Top 10 Best Dog Shower Head in 2021

Dog shower head is a showerhead made mainly to comfort the owner and the dog while giving your dog a good bath or shower. The reason why a dog shower head is beneficial to both, as stated, is because it is constructed in such a way that it would make the showering experience for your […]

Short Hair Dog Brush

Top 10 Best Short Hair Dog Brush in 2021

Short hair dog brush, is a brush made with stainless steel blade/teeth, which is then used to remove undercoat and shedding hair from your dog. Most of these short hair dog brush is made to ensure the comfort of your pet while you stroking it down their backs. Mind you, your comfort will also be […]

Dog Grooming Shears

Best Dog Grooming Shears in 2021

Dog grooming shears are essentially scissors, which are used to cut and groom dog’s hair. Even dogs would appreciate it, if you kept them neatly groomed, you know. Sometimes, their hair grows outrageously and starts blocking their eyes and whatnot. So, it’s not in the sense of beauty or looks, dog grooming shears are needed […]

How To Raise The Puppy Correctly?

How To Raise The Puppy Correctly?

Raising a puppy requires attention like any other pet. Puppies have various challenges that make them unique, for those who have never have a puppy before it is a nightmare to raise it to maturity. Puppies are playful and to notice if they are sick is hard because they get tired quickly. Here are some […]

Dog drying coats

Top 10 Best Dog Drying Coats in 2021

Getting from dog drying coats whenever you need to make your dog get dry first might be a good idea, especially during cold weather. Sometimes, we like having beach sessions or go swimming with our dogs. Such sessions can give you good moments that have to end with you bathing your dog. When the climate […]

Non Slip Booties For Dogs

Top 10 Best Non Slip Booties For Dogs In 2021

Because of the centuries long relationship between human and dog, many people agree that dogs are human’s best friend. Seeing their dogs growing and start getting weaker and weaker and slip when walking just break their heart. That is why they need to buy non-slip booties for their dogs. However, it is hard to choose […]

Holistic dog foods

Top 10 Best Holistic Dog Foods of 2021

Dogs are the best. They fool around in your house and give you a few laugh here and there. Everyone appreciates the company of dogs. Their tantrums are the cutest and they can easily live up the gloomy moments. They are cute and cuddly and they come in all sizes. Your dog is the only […]

Plastic Dog Bowls

Best Plastic Dog Bowls of 2021

Who doesn’t love dogs? They are the best pets to have around! They are cute and cuddly and they fool around in the house giving you a laugh or two. It is very precious animals and they should be treated right. Like humans, dogs also deserve balanced diets and healthy meal plans. So you have […]

Steps To Gain Weight on Skinny Dog

Steps To Gain Weight on Skinny Dog

Some dogs are just basically skinny naturally from birth, which doesn’t necessarily indicate an unhealthy weight or body. And some dogs are skinny for apparent reasons such as the lack of nutrients, unbalanced food portions, unhealthy ingredients, too many physical activities, and the list goes on. Hence, to figure out how to put some weight […]