heavy duty Dog Bed

Top 10 Best Heavy Duty Dog Beds In 2021

A heavy-duty dog bed stands out from other dog beds due to its capability to withstand weight, tear, water, dust, mites, and other challenges. However, choosing the best one can be daunting for you. We have, therefore, compiled a list of the top 10 best heavy duty dog beds. They are in multiple sizes, colors, […]

Dog Teeth Cleaning Treats

Top 10 Best Dog Teeth Cleaning Treats In 2021

Dog teeth cleaning treats are snacks for your beloved buddies (your pet dogs) that are not only tasty but also supports the cleanliness of their gums and teeth. Very rare that treats for dogs are made prioritizing oral health the way these dog teeth cleaning treats are made which makes these dog cleaning teeth treats […]

Strong Dog Toys

Top 10 Best Strong Dog Toys In 2021

Strong dog toys are toys made to withstand the powerful grip and aggressive chewing and biting abilities of most dogs. Since dogs are often feasting on your shoes and other items you have to lay around the house freely, the solution to this complication would be strong dog toys. Because they do this mostly just […]

Funny Dog Toys

Top 10 Best Funny Dog Toys In 2021

Funny dog toys, one word to describe it “Hilarious”. These are toys made out of amusement and wanting the consumers to feel the sense of fun that has gone into the making of all these funny dog toys. Also, a great marketing strategy as well. Because, when we see something extraordinary, we stop, examine it […]

Tuffy Dog Toys

Top 10 Best Tuffy Dog Toys In 2021

Tuffy dog toys are honestly very well known to be tough and stupendously durable. Meaning that Tuffy dog toys are made to last almost forever, basically speaking. Apparently, it’s very affordable, or cheap even, and the quality of the making and materials are definitely up to par or even above. Therefore, your dogs can play […]

large dog water dispenser

Top 10 Best Large Dog Water Dispenser In 2021

As we all know, for animals and human beings to survive, they require water. Large dog water dispensers are necessary when it comes to providing dogs with water. Also, with the invention of technology, there have been inventions of elegant and useful water dispensers. hey keep the water cooler and maintain a constant flow of […]

Glucosamine For Dog Dosage

Best Glucosamine For Dog Dosage

Glucosamine for dogs’ dosage is basically glucosamine in forms of tablets or chewable tablets for dogs. Dogs also do suffer from joint pain and arthritis problems. They too, do lack cartilages and joint fluid and stuff. Glucosamine for dogs’ dosage is meant to help those pain and lack-age issues. Most of this glucosamine for dogs’ […]

Get To Know About Behavior Changes of Your Puppy

Get To Know About Behavior Changes of Your Puppy

A puppy doesn’t speak, but we still communicate with them. Their actions talk a lot. Many factors may cause behavior change in your puppy. For instance, when your puppy is becoming an adult, she/he may be changed in behavior. The differences will mostly depend on the breed’s characteristics and the way you are socializing with […]

Ways To Keep Dog Warm During Winter

Ways To Keep Dog Warm During Winter

All mammals are just like human beings, and they feel cold during winter. Dogs tolerate cold up to a certain level whereby if the cold exceed the standard, it starts to affect it and may cause illness or death. Various factors determine the tolerance of the dog to colds such as age, nutritious status, and […]

Dog Drinking Fountain

Best Dog Drinking Fountain In 2021

Dog fountains are suitable for dogs, and they are small ensures a constant supply of filtered water. This streamflow of water will surely increase the drinking habit of your dog. Dog drinking fountains are available in different sizes, and some are mostly blue, dogs’ favorite color, thus giving your pet an enjoyable drinking experience. Best […]