Dog Booties for Summer

Top 10 Best Dog Booties for Summer in 2020

Dog booties for summer have been trending in the past few years. This is because they save a lot of dogs from getting injured when hiking and walking on the burning floor in the summer. Just like us, our dogs also want soft and comfortable shoes to wear. Durability is also important. But it will […]

Orthopedic Dog Bed

Top 10 Best Orthopedic Dog Bed In 2020

As your pet god gets older, it is very common for them to have joint/ bone problems or arthritis. One of the easiest ways to make it better for them is to probably get an orthopedic dog bed. An orthopedic dog bed offers good support and it evenly distributes the body weights. It can relieve […]

Collapsible Dog Bowl

Top 10 Best Collapsible Dog Bowl In 2020

Suppose you love to travel, and you want your canine friend to accompany you. You would love that, wouldn’t you? But you certainly do not appreciate the number of things you have to carry as extras if you want to bring your dog to go with you. For instance, the large dog bowl he has […]

plastic dog beds

Top 10 Best Plastic Dog Beds in 2020

Plastic dog beds are beds made of hard, heavy-duty plastic for dogs to sleep in. Plastic dog beds, often take on the oval shape, with high sides, rubber feet, ventilation bottom and a dip in front for easy access. That’s mainly the format of plastic dog beds in general. You might wonder as to why […]

Burrow Dog Bed

Top 10 Best Burrow Dog Bed In 2020

If your pet dogs are often scared, there’s no better option than to get them a burrow dog bed. Having a burrow dog bed gives them a very comfortable place to sleep in. The hood of a burrow dog bed is very soft and warm. This gives them a sense of comfort and security. It […]

Dog hunting vest

Top 10 Best Dog Hunting Vest in 2020

Dog hunting vest is a vest worn by dogs that are going on hunts because it’s normally easy to spot your dogs from a distance in those. Say, for example, you shot a bird and it fell somewhere, your dog is going to be the one who helps you find it. What if he starts […]

Wicker Dog Bed

Best Wicker Dog Bed In 2020

If you’re looking for a more natural and ecofriendly bed option for your pet, a wicker dog bed is the best option. It is mostly weaved by hand so it is super durable and long lasting. It is also long lasting as well. Plus, a wicker dog bed looks very good in your house. It […]

Dog Grooming Comb

Top 10 Best Dog Grooming Comb In 2020

It is no secret that there are many models of dog grooming comb. After all, needs vary from one buyer to the other. Some are looking for an ideal detangler, glove, slicker, bristle, or combo. Others need those suitable for baths, small dogs, or extra-long fur just but to mention a few. That’s where we […]

Dog Skeleton Costume

Top 10 Best Dog Skeleton Costume In 2020

For dog owners during Halloween, a dog skeleton costume is as important as their own Halloween costumes. As the Halloween celebrations take center stage in America, everyone is all excited about taking part. Many who already own dogs are also pleased to include them in the party as this ceremony is inclusive. Therefore, as you […]

canvas dog bed

Top 10 Best Canvas Dog Bed In 2020

If you’re looking for a bed that gives your pet a very good neck and body support, a canvas dog bed is a way to go. The bolsters or the rims on the sides offer very good support and it can straighten their spines as well. Plus, it prevents them from falling off the bed […]