martin bird house

Top 10 Best Martin Bird House In 2021

Martin birdhouse is literally a house made for purple martin or the species of martin birds to form their nests, stay and lay eggs, in it. Homes that have insect problems should really consider getting a martin birdhouse for their backyard or front yard. Because, with a martin birdhouse, purple martins would come and build […]

Acrylic Bird Cage

Top 10 Best Acrylic Bird Cage In 2021

The Acrylic bird cage is a durable and attractive house for birds. The cages contain bird rest stands thas t make it comfortable for the birds to move with the cage. Mos t of the cage includes a removable base that makes it easy to remove the waste and clean it. The best cage should […]

Why Do Parrots Sleep Upside Down?

Why Do Parrots Sleep Upside Down?

There are various species of parrots in the world. Some sleep while standing and others sleep upside down. Hanging parrots are the species that sleep upside down, while the African grey parrot-like to play while facing upside down. In many cases, the African grey when it is relaxing its position itself upside down, and people […]

Stainless Steel Bird Cage

Top 10 Best Stainless Steel Bird Cage In 2021

Having a bird as a pet is amazing. They are lovely and gorgeous to pet. And we have to take care of them just like other pets. They need love, food, medical and they necessarily need a cage. They would live happily when you provide them a great living environment and spacing. So, make sure […]

Lightweight Bird Carrier

Top 10 Best Lightweight Bird Carrier In 2021

Have you ever thought about leaving your bird at home to go on a trip? We won’t be surprised if the answer is YES! It’s definitely hard to maintain pet birds on the journey. It’s not because birds are chaotic but carrying a bird in a heavy backpack or a cage everywhere might make you […]

Do owls make a good pet

Do Owls Make a Good Pet?

The main factor is because the majority of the people associate owls with bad relations, especially in significant Africa. Owls are highly adaptive compared to other birds; in consideration, they survive well in any condition provided there is food. Unlike many other pets, owls are wild predatory birds, and rearing them is challenging. The question […]

Top 10 Best Parrot Tabletops In 2021

Top 10 Best Parrot Tabletops In 2021

Do you want your Parrot tabletops to remain free of the cage and stay with you to play around? Then a tabletop may be the correct parrot toy you are looking for. Also, to train your parrot or keep it mentally and physically active, a parrot tabletop might get the everyday work done very well. […]

Parakeet cages

Top 10 Best Parakeet Cages in 2021

Having a domesticated bird in your home is a wonderful gift you may have, especially Parakeet Cages. It is such a lovely creature that can be your buddy and make you feel relaxed. You may play around with them you want to soothe your mood and soul. To get such a return, we need to […]

Top 10 Best Parrot Food in 2021

Top 10 Best Parrot Food in 2021

Parrots are considered as one of the most beautiful and smart pets that have mimicking ability. There’s hardly anybody around who wouldn’t love parrots as pets. However, has it ever occurred to you, what does a parrot eat? Sure, it digests fruits, vegetables, and all the other natural ingredients around, but do they ensure proper […]

Top 10 Best Parrot Perch In 2021

Top 10 Best Parrot Perch In 2021

Pet parrots are adorable. The beautiful feathers with mocking capability will definitely draw your attention. However, there’s a common misconception that pet birds should only be kept in cages; otherwise, it will fly away. If you train your bird well, it’ll be loyal to you. Especially, parrots tend to show more loyalty than any other […]