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Top 10 Best Cat Wall Perches in 2022

Cat wall perches

Cats love to climb and scratch things. Normally, they are great climbers. As an owner, you would normally want your cats to have the best hygiene and for them to have the best playtime possible. But if you are busy all the time and you also don’t want your cat to mix with the outside world, then it will be justified if you invest in some sort of furniture or shelf for your cats to climb on.

These shelves help to sharpen the climbing skills of your cats. If you put a wall perch high in the walls then it would actually mimic an activity that the cat would perform in the outside world. So, you’re technically allowing your cat to do activities of the outside world by keeping it indoors. This also helps it to maintain its hygiene. Here, are the best cat wall perches in 2022.

Best Cat Wall Perches of 2022

10. Pinnacle Wooden Cat Perch

Pinnacle Woodcraft Oak Floating Cat Shelf - Cat wall perches

[amazon box=”B00O99ZPI0″]

The perch has an elegant design that looks great to the eye. This means you can use it as a piece of modern-day furniture to complement your décor. It has a clean look that is easy to maintain throughout. The screws make sure that this is secured tightly on the wall and it doesn’t fall off easily.

  • The design is elegant yet simple.
  • The shelves have a carpet which provides a grip for your cats.
  • It comes with three shelves.

9. CatastrophiCreations Hammocks Raceway

CatastrophiCreations Fabric Raceway - Cat wall perches

[amazon box=”B07PZXXRQV”]

The perch is not only seen as a floating shelf but also used as a playtime experience for your cats. It also has a bed where your cats can rest for a while. The cats can slide from the shelf to get down.

  • The design of the perch is modern and you can match it up with your home décor.
  • There is a raceway for the cats to slide down.
  • It also has a bed where the cats can lie down.
  • You can choose between different colors.

8. CatastrophiCreations Cat Bridge Wall

CatastrophiCreations Cat Bridge Wall - Cat wall perches

[amazon box=”B0776YJK4N”]

The lounge is great if you want your cats to relax. The design is simple and space is a lot so you can accommodate two cats if you want to. You can easily mount this in a wall. It gets tightly secured on the walls and doesn’t fall off easily.

  • Material is solid wood.
  • It is handcrafted in the US and it uses canvas made of cotton.
  • There are two color options.

7. The Refined Feline Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf

The Refined Feline Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf - Cat wall perches

[amazon box=”B07DFYQMSW”]

This perch is also known as a Branch Perch. It has a carpet so that your cat can grip and don’t fall off by any means.

  • It doesn’t require any additional parts.
  • Uses fur as the cover material
  • It doesn’t have freestanding.

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6. On2Pets Cat Furniture Canopy Shelves

On2Pets Cat Furniture Canopy Shelves - Cat wall perches

[amazon box=”B06Y1B26BR”]

This product has a unique design. The built quality is excellent as it made of high-quality materials. It will allow your cat to have the best experience in climbing, hiding, and simply having a nap.

  • High-quality wood
  • The cover material is carpet.
  • You can put multiple cats in the perch.

5. K&H Pet Products Kitty Sill Cat Window Hammock Perch

K&H Pet Products Kitty Sill Cat Window Hammock Perch

[amazon box=”B000795XJC”]

This perch from Kitty Sill can be used as a playtime experience and even as a bed. It has a cover made of carpet. You can easily maintain this and you can wash the cover in a machine.

  • It has a warranty of 12 months.
  • The bottom has a foam that provides extra comfort.
  • You can turn it into a bed.
  • The cover material is carpet.

4. Nova Microdermabrasion

Nova Microdermabrasion - Cat wall perches

[amazon box=”B082H8QSZH”]

The perch is durable only because of the built quality. It is built from premium materials which enables it to last long. The interior and the design easily allows it to blend with the home décor of any house.

  • Made from Eco-friendly products.
  • Made from high-quality materials that can be recycled.
  • The built-quality is pretty solid.
  • It can accommodate two cats at once.

3. Vesper Cat Furniture, Cat Trees

Vesper Cat Furniture, Cat Trees - Cat wall perches

[amazon box=”B00SOTG05S”]

The best thing about this product is that manufacturer uses recycled materials. The perch is simple yet the design makes it look modern. You can assemble it within a matter of minutes. The cleaning of this product is also simple.

  • You can easily maintain and clean it.
  • Environment-Friendly
  • You can assemble it easily.

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2. New Cat Condos Premier Triple Cat Perch

New Cat Condos Premier Triple Cat Perch

[amazon box=”B00VBBPKEI”]

The cat perch is the product of the US. The triple layer allows your cat to enjoy and rest at the same time in this perch. It is made of wood and the built-quality is solid which means the product is durable and long-lasting. You can easily put it in one corner of the room and it will still match the décor of the room.

  • It has four resting areas.
  • It comes assembled so you won’t have to spend time behind it.
  • The texture of the carpet is premium-like.
  • You can put four cats together in the perch.
  • It has a lot of space.
  • The tunnels are attached securely due to the tightened screws.

1. Trixie Wall Mounted Cat wall perches

Trixie Pet Products Wall-Mounted Cat Lounging Set - Cat wall perches

[amazon box=”B01IK50RLI”]

The shelf/perch from Trixie is a comfortable product. It is one of the most beautiful products on the market. The design makes it look modern and classy. It will always complement the room due to its design.

There is a lot of space and you can accommodate multiple cats in it. You will get it in two different colors. You can match it with the color of your room.

  • It is made of MDF wood that is durable.
  • The mounts are secured tightly with the walls.
  • The beautiful design makes it look like modern furniture.
  • You can accommodate multiple cats in it.

Cat wall perches are great if you want your cat to climb and have a playtime experience. Cats love to climb and this will make them sharpen their skills of climbing. So get the one that best suits you and your house. You can’t go wrong with either of these purchases.

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